FOR SALE --continued



DELAHAYE, 6-CYL., x952. Good condition. New tyres and battery. too plus. £175. Hill, S’ileby 574, Leicestershire.

DELLOW FOR SALE. 1950. Si i4°4 Six good tyres, new hood. Reconditioned engine. Body perfect. k.iso. Apply : 8, Rowan Road, Batchiey Estate.

Redditels. [4508 B.M.W. 328 sports 2-seater. L125. some surplus spares for M.G. J’2, PA, SA; Alfa Romeo 1750: old Sunbeams, Talbot, Alvin: front suspension, Mini Minor, and 1961 A40. Granville Jones, 47, Edmondstown, Tonypandy, Glans. ALVIS 12170, 1939. Breaking crash victim. (M.15o0s9t parts and tyres good. 5, Kirkstall Road, Southport,

Tel.; 6838). (4510 FORD 933, F.B.50 glass-fibre body, B.R.G.. several extras. Recently completed, photograph available.

Walker, 81, Sidney Road, Southport. [4511 190/2 ALVIS TC2x Conversion. ‘Iwo turners. genuine 57,000. Radio, heater. Taxed December.

Excellent order. £225. Tel.; SYD 5698. [45 t 2 1929 MORGAN THREE-WHEELER, o.h.v. Angani, concours condition. Price. details. A. J. Perry-Keene. 23, Lion Street, Stourbridge, Wto4r5ers3. Tel.: Stourbrid4e 6423. 2 C.V. CITROE VAN, June I959, one careful private owner. Interior lined; fog and reversing lamps, wiwashcr, good tyres. Superb ride over

roughest roads, 4-55 m.p.g. Taxed, insured. 418s o.n.o. Carpenter, 12, Sandy Lane, Aspley Heath. Bletchley, Bucks. Tel.: Woburn Sands ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT suitable 1451.014r 2154. ” special,” including stem fixing chrome P700, 60 W. headlamps. Birmingham or Essex for viewing. 23, Maple Avenue, Upminster, Essex. 14515 750 SPECIAL. Usual engine modifications. I.F.S., hydraulics. Sabre body. Full interior trim, weather equipment. Offers ? Tucker, 9, Brackley Way BaSingstoke, Tel.: 2239. 14516 VOLKSWAGEN, 1953 (regd. 1955), standard saloon. Just resprayed and in excellent condition, 4245 o.n.o. Graham, Cross House, llminster,

Somerset. [4517 T.V.R. Mk. BA, Ford Classic engine. This car is literally as new, 600 miles. Superbly finished in opalescent bronze, fitted with heater, washers, fan, etc. Genuine and reluctant reason for sale. Offers. Box No. 8. [4518 1926 GRAND SPORT Amilcar, not fully restored but all original-no engine or gearbox-473 o.n.o. Adams. Tel.: East Horsley 2293, Surrey. 14519 TR2 (Nov. ’56). Good condition. Sliding s/screenS, heater, tonneau, rear seat. 4390 o.n.o., or exchange Minor r000. Tel.: Luton 3358. [4520 SUNBEAM-TALBOT. Seven-year tested. Black. Heater; engine overhauled. 4275 o.n.o. 87, Lincoln Road, Enfield. Tel.: 5706. 14521 G.N. FORD xooE manifold, twin 1 S.U. curbs., linkages, etc., as new. Lts. Tel.: BUC 8988. 14522 TRAVEL IN COMFORT in a 1950 Daimler 2-litre Barker special sports drophead coupe. A prestige car with beautiful lines finished in maroon and silver grey. Well cared for and in sound mechanical condition. Tel.: Chalfont St. Giles 844. [4532 MOTORING MAGAZINES. Autocar, Motor, Autosport, Veteran and Vintage and others. Show numbers 1948-196o. S.A.E. for listt4t3o3: David Litt, vs, Clifton Drive, Lytham, Lancashire. RARE M.G. )3, 1033. j2 engine reconditioned, hydraulic brakes, full weather equipment. M.O.T. test. 470 o.n.o. Also J2 spares including crank

shaft. Tel. : Hosk 264. [4534 ROLLS PHANTOM II, 1932. Hooper body in black. Coachwork immaculate. Mechanically perfect. 1..300 o.n.o. Kimpson, Westbeech Farm, Pattingham, Nr. Wolverhampton. Tel. : PAT 326. Extras. E2.3. 5. 2, King Georges venue, South ampton. [4542

[4535 1948 TRIUMPH ROADSTER 1,800 c.c. 1111;13; Good condition. Recon. gearbox. New hood. A bargain. L120 0.0.0. 52, Station Road, Borrowash, Nr. Derby. CAR RADIO. Phillips. Loud, clear. 49 o.n.o. Also aerial. Li; speaker, ros. Box No. 1-.537. 14537 LAGONDA RAPIER. Rare Ranalagh coupe-deville. M.O.T. certificate. Immaculate. Extensively overhauled. Resprayed duo-tone Oct. 1961. 4145 o.n.o. Extra details; Sweby, 6 r, Palmer Avenue. Cheam, Surrey. Tel. : Fairlands 9591. (4538 PORSCHE LUGGAGE CARRIER. Origkin5a319,

r73. 6d. 203. Priory Road, Dudley, Wore. ASTON MARTIN ULSTER, 1934. Rebuilt. Running-in. Bennett, St. Marprets Lodge,

I.cdborough 1.ane, Beaconsfield. : 1142. (4540

1934 SPEED TWENTY V.D.P. saloon. Lido engine overhaul 2,000 miles ago.. Very good condition. 41 so. Box No. “1.541. 4

M.G. TC, 1948. Immaculate. B.R.G. New weather equipment. Recent engine overhaul.