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M45 RAPIDE ’36. Mechanics good. M.O.’l Body fair. £35. lvi.: Slough 20914. 14543 1958 ‘VINTAGE HEALEY SPRITE. Cream. New tyres and battery, screen-washers, rev.counter. Bargain at h’,395 o.n.o. The Old Rectory,

Ilorningsea, Cambs. [4544 114, x955, Above average condition. ‘•X ‘ S. Overdrive. All gears. Host extras. 0-60, 9 sec. /,,380. Tel. : Sunbury 3593. 14545

MORRIS MINOR moo, Stage II. I•LC. gasflowed.head, twin S.U.s, free If ow exhaust, special valves, springs, pistons ;Ind bearings, anti-tramp and roll-bar, ” X “s all round, 40-60 m.p.h., 9.9 see., go m.p.h., 35 m.p.g. Complete records Irom new. Green, unmarked. FIX. arranged. 4330. Hit, Colchester Road, West Bergholt, Colchester. I’d. : 4962 (evenings). L1546 M..G. T131 ’53. 15o0 engine. New hood and s/screens. ‘ X tyres, heater. Arm’s I/rack, spot, tog and rev. lamps. Excellent condition. 300 o.n.o. ‘I’d. : ENE 4720 (after 7 p.m.) 14547 M.G. TF, 1954. Immaculate, resprayed. All new trimming hood, side screens. Reconditioned engine. 4 new lyres. Brakes relined. All chrome work superb. £415. Tel. Twyford 209. 145-18 CHRYSLER 1928 IMPERIAL “So.” k.000 miles only from new. Perfectly genuine as a look at the car will confirm. Resprayed and reconditioned. Urgent sale to best offer. ‘red Lewis .t. Station

Road. hinge East. S.E.2o. 1;4549 AUSTIN SEVEN, T961 model. i4,000, ex aust modifications, wing mirrors. ‘420. Lansley. “I el. : Mayfair 2114 Way). or 54, London Road, -1’wyford, Berks. 14550

TYPHOON E93A, with aluminium head, twin S.U.s, etc. Hard-top; good road-holding. 4,200. 171, Great Tattenhams, Epsom Downs, Surrey. Tel. •. Burgh Heath 5798.

MORGAN PLUS FOUR, 195.2. 2-seater, Vanguard. complete new front suspension and brakes rebuilt at Morgans. New batteries, six good tyres, new hood and side-screens. To another enthusiast must be excellent performance/money ratio. k,ztio. • Redhill 4011. [4552 RILEY. FALCON, z937,t. S.S. engine, oil-coil, telescopic’s: tyres, brakes, mech. good: body fair. . Lys. Goodall, 79, Austin Drive, Man chester, 20. Tel. : DIDsbury 5223. 14553 RILEY KESTREL. Fitted t4-litre engine. Black and chrome. Immaculate. condition. £30 worth of spares. Cioo 0.11.0. Tel. : Dane Hill 314 (Sussex). 14554 1935 TRIUMPH GLORIA. Excellent condition. Offers. 66, Normanplacc Road, Keresley, Coven

try. Tel. : Keresley 2748.

M.G. Rare 4-seater E)-type. Resprayed, rewired,

.12 engine/gearbox. Spare engine/gearbox. A:Ito o.n.o. Tel. : WOR 2518 (Harrow). (4556

K.L. ELECTRONIC 4-cyl. rev.-counter, 3 in, dial cost .C17 175.). kio. Cylinder head, c/w valves, springs, etc., for ZB Magnettc/i.5 Riley. i’,13 lox. Colby, Adclerbury West, Banbury. Tel. ‘Adderbury 320. DAIMLER CONQUEST CENTURY saloon, (14%51115Z 195,$. Black, one owner, chauffeur driven, low mileage; radio, heater, 24-litre, too b.h.p. engine, taxed June. :v1.0.T. certificate. Fast. sate, very comfortable and handles well. Would consider exchange with price adiustment or sell. ,C325. .ord Strathcarron, 55, Cumberland Terrace, Regents Park, N.W.I. Tel, WELbeck 5913. BENTLEY, 5927, a-LITRE, long-wing to1u35re5r8. B.R.Ci. Well shoa. Good sound car. £275 o.n.o. Young, 25, Meadowcroft, Barnston, Hesivult,

Cheshire. T.el. : 1-icswAt 1992. 1.4559 CONNAUGHT RACING CAR for sale. Minus engine and gearbox. Excellent condition. Inthiutihriearis .to: Lindsay, Letham, Midcalder, MidC-TYPE JAGUAR, ex-lieurie Ecosse; 3rd a(t451.6.0e Mans. New clutch, carbs tuned. Excellent condition. Offers. A. Grosvenor. Tel. : VIC 2480 (Birmingham).

t4 ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25, 1936, 2-d0Or sportsman’s saloon. Large boor, sliding rod’, heater, twin Spares, radio, excellent condition: most attractive model, 18-20 m.p.g. Handbook, mascot, tools. J,•,400. Wolleigh Cottage, Ilovey Tracey. 1)evon. 14562 LAGONDA, 1926. a-LITRE hic tourer. Near ” Concurs ” condition. Photos available. k175 ono. Moody, 102, Wellsford Avenue, Sheldon, Birmingham.

AUSTIN SEVEN INL, 1960. Guaranteed (450603 miles only. Alexander three stage conversion when new, high-lift cams, Cooper cubs., etc. Cost £635. Underscaled, extra carpets, covers, heater, washers, superb car in new condition. Used as fourth car only, no races or Trials. I.A.M. owner now has Cooper. Dealer offers £470 but £485 wanted. View from April 2nd, 88, Kidbrookc Grove, S.E.3, Tel. : GRE 1727. SUPER SNIPE, 1954. Modified, towing, radio, 6-pin plug tow-bar. Maguire, z61, Shardlow Road, Alvaston, Derby. Tel. : 72196. 14565 1959 TR3A. One owner, every extra. 4 years’ no claim bonus, LAM. Not rallied. Box No. T 566. (4566

SINGER LE MANS. Good upholstery, hood, tonneau; fair body, engine. Tel.: RENOwn 4247. SUNBEAM RAPIER III. Exhaust system1,47a2ir1 cleaner, starting handle, petrol filler, belt, tachometer take-oil electric demister 45. Workshop manual ka. Sets back rest Lx. Richards, All cannings, Devizes. (473; BENTLEY 8-litre. Short TX Chassis. 3.53-axle. 104,000 miles, full history. Gurney Nutting four light saloon maintained in good order. 095, (.1w0 other Bentleys kept). Jim Coates, Eden bridge. bridge. d.: 3259 4350 BUYS MY ’54 Sunbeam Alpine, in excellent trim, mechanically .sound throughout, fitted various extras. Barker, 9. Barham Road, South Croydon, Surrey. Tel.: CR00121. 14734

M.G. TO z953 B.R.G. Hardand soft-tops, tonneau, bodily and mechanically excellent. £375. DenSley, Tel.: MAR 7261 itla0 Brentwood 6

Terrace, Perth. 14737 M.G. TO 1552, new hood, screens, tyres,1.MaSer417r3e8lined. 4290 o.n.o. ‘filly, 18, LeslieLeytonstone, E.11. AsToN MARTIN TOURER 1935. NUrk -litre. Gruen. Body and mechanical condition very good. New Mains, big-ends, pistons and clutch s,cio0 miles ago. 4300. Slater, 11, Che3M Court, iThejrn, Surrey. Tel.: Vigilant 5195. [4739 RILEY IMP (RED). Excellent condition. Tonneau

cover, hood, heater, etc., Z275. Buckhurat 527. 1959 TR3A. B.R.O. Hard-top, 3-speed W4140 , X ” tyres, Mr., special equipment eXTrilS. Superb condition pOSting forces sale. 4650. Cars. Ingram, Officers Mess, N.A:C.C., Middle Wallop, Hants. (4741 “EXPRESS” 2-CARB. Conversion, 1962 VW, used 2,00o miles. £29. New lap/diagonal Itch, ” Briny( ” 70s. Box No. T. 742. (4742 TVR SEPT. ’60. M.G.-A 1600 engine. t1,000miles. Never raceder riit) 444 cld7 T rallied. one owner. 4640. el.: Irh AUSTIN ” NIPPY ” 1938. Good body, hydraulic brakes, Ford engine. 1;65. Hindle; 254, Quarmby ROA, Huddersfield. (4744 PRESLEY MUST GO! New missis, mortgagc and mini necessitate regretful parting with 1953 Alvis TC2.1. Rebore needed (reringing might do), otherwise good condition.. Price f, t 50, possibly even less to really determined haggler. B Butler, Orchard Road, Old Windsor, erks. t FrURTHORPE 2000 c.c. 1959. Untuned unraced, 40,090 miles.. Electron body professionally sprayed

ivory, hood. blue..C7o extras. Beautiful car, any Lest. f,300 family car. Exchange considered.

‘Thomson, Sydenham, Oxon. 14746 1938 BIG FOUR KESTREL, black, V.G.C. (Iffers. Keeley, ” Tegfryn,” Ruthm Road, Mold, Flints. 1953 JAVELIN. Well maintained. £275. .1A417e.x17 ander. 13, Avon Road, Devizes, Wilts. ‘Tel.: 828). 1926 AUSTIN CHUMMY, original, near immi4a7c1118

lare. XV £48. Downing, Ty-Newydd, Dinas-Powis, Glam. RARE RILEY ADELPIII 1.5. Overdrive. E(14,e7r4y9thing sound. Recent overhaul. Certificate. Photo. Oct o.n.o. Northleigh, Silchester, Reading. [4750

ROLLS-ROYCE 2025 convertible (cabriolet type), 1935. Black with new beige p.v.c. hood. 1.125ss, than T.000 miles Sillee new bigand small-ends, etc’. Very attractive car in geoid order. 1.285. W. 1.1. Good, to, Church Street, Caversham, Reading, Tel.: Reading 72941.

1918 MARK HI RILEY Monaco. Fabric and interior beautifully preserved. Cenuine 55,000 mites. Mechanics excellent. Offers. Pontana, 28. St.

John’s Road, Writ t le 4321. Essex. 1475.2 RILEY NINE MONACO, 1937. Superior bodywork, etc. Good mechanically, brakes relined. Spot. to Feb: ’63. 460. ‘Id.: I [infield (4753

2805. S.S.roo JAGUAR, professionally fitted Austin-Healey engine, gearbox, .overdriVe. Heater, new w 4195. Dr. Butler, St. Andrew’s Hospital, Billeri cay. Essex. (4754 BIFURCATED LADY wants house. Grey Lady

mUST provide. 1955 Alvis maroon saloon; radio beater, twin snots, etc. Professionally maintained. ‘oachwork and mechanically believed the finest in existence. 4,525 or near eller by enthusiast. 11:7751. Edwardes. Tel.: Watford 3,1797; evenings. Warlo-d 27682, PORSCHE, 1957, April. silver 1600.Telefunken chrome wheels. MeticOlously maintained. 4920. Pinecree Avenue. Leicester. Tel,: 66007, (4756 LEA-FRANCIS, 1946, 1.-768-0.e. saloon. Engine 1,1,)r ed, gearbox overhauled, Feb. ’62. Many s,arcs. Excellent condition. /,-,150. 79, Stone h’ouse Road. Rugeley. Staffs. 14757

TR. Rebuilt ‘fit. New body. seats, hood, screens. Overdrive, ” X “s, heater, washers, etc. 4:385. Brown, 35. Victoria Road, Seiston, Notts. 14758 1925 SWIFT 2-seater with dickey. Maroon with new fawn hood and sidescreenS. Excellent oriainal condition throughout. Numerous spares. This is the actual car illustrated on page 253 of The Vintage Motor-Car Pocket Book. 3i35. Condon,

12 Basing Close, ‘Ebonies Diuon. Ember. brook 2382. 14759

x951 MORRIS MINOR convertible. Engine overhauled. new ‘Mod, heater; good tyres. 38,000 miles from new £170 o.n.o. Ride.. 294, The Ridgeway. Enfield. (476.0

1954 VOLKSWAGEN de luxe saloon. beige. sealed when when new; new •engine 12,000 miles: almost new tyres. One owner.. £315, 11.1′. arranged. 65, Old Park Avenue. Enfield, Middle:wit. Tel.: l)nficld 0204. 14761 TALBOTS FOR SALE: 1936 Model 65 saloon, also 0930 Lt45 saloon. Offers. 2, Chestnuts Avenue. Liverpool, 23. Tel.: GRE 4038. (4762 BENTLEY COUPE, z6 h.p. One owner. Original

registration February 1936. In excellent order throughout with exception frost damage to engine. Price kr/5 p.tho. Apply Box No. T.763. [4763 BRISTOL 401. Superleggero body, hued IoaA engine, Scintilla Vertex. Complete Overhaul of brakes. /..:35o. Southwater Garage, Horsham, Sussex. 1 el.: &animater 237. 14%4

B.M.W. 3194. New ‘hood. i40 spent on engine; new tyres. many spares. Sel or exchange 750 Renault. Russell, Farmhouse. St. Luke s Road, Old Windsor.

ALPINE, 1953, red convertible. Resprayed. titn4d7e65 r.sealed. New engine,1>ack axle. All extras. Fast. L3so o.n.o. Box No. T.766.


TURNER. 1959. uneowner..M.C. One owner. r

T . Heater. tonneau. Not raced. 4.,400 0.11,0. Starr, 63, Balmoral Road, Salisbury. 14767 TD. Superb B.R.G. Michelin ‘ X tyres, heater. Spots. lill tonneau. Powered by -1-1’ 150o engine makes very potent car. Available April isth. Beautiful condition. £295 will finance my honeymoon. 4, King Alfred ‘Eerrace. Winchester, Td.: 4316. , 14768

ROLLS TWENTY, 1929. Roney but running.

Seven-seater. kOs. 13’5, Coroners lane, Widnes’. ‘I’d.: 3008. 14776

ROLLS-ROYCE 20:25, 1933. Owner-driver Saloom Excellent mechanics, tyres. k,175. Abbott, 2., :opthorne Gardens….ShreWsbury, HOTCHKISS, 1937, f, 30. A.7, M.O.T.. llowd7 et7exi, Or swap-131,0th •Eype 23. radiattir. engine. -so Formula equipment. Baldwin. IA, King red , Whalley, Lancs. [4772 1929 MORRIS MINOR engine, stored 1929 1960, 6.800 miles. Fitted 4-speed gearbox, twin S.U.s, 4-branch exhaust. M-type camshaft. Uses no oil. Run .30() miles with this conversion )h). Lotus) and now replaced by blown P11 engine. Will lit similar o.h.c. Minor without any modifications necessary. £30. Collect. Also PA gearbox Ow. clutch housing, E6. Ian Mcl..eod, 2, MacerS Cottage, 24, High Road. 13roxbourne, liens. Tel.: floddesdon 2721 tevenings, [4773 AUSTIN SEVEN SPECIAL, Falcon body and hard-top. Hydraulics, lowered. Registered £160 or near. Read, 203, Sheepcm Lane, Garston,

Watford, I•lerts. Tel.: GAR 3863. (.4774 1961 BERKELEY B65 4-Wheeler, 5,000 miles only. 60, 70 m.p.h. Excellent condition. /2300. Wooddin, Ninth I louse, Derek Road, Maidenhead. Tel.: Maidenhead 4040. 14775 1947 BENTLEY MARK VI, attractive drophead coupe by Park Ward, recently recellulosed two-tone silver grey. Radio, two heaters, new Ex ide. radiator. Front suspension reconditioned. ./..595, possible. Silver Ghost breakdown truck, elicit 1920, 41.5o. Vintage and pre-war P.too headlamps. 17 ton, per pair. Five wheels and tyres, 550 17, ex-41 Bentley,• 415. Wilcock, Swandean Cottage, Arundel Rend, Worthing. [4776 ICE BLUE AUSTIN-HEALEY too, 1954. Excellent condition. All usual extras. f.’,38Pom.o. Id.: Wolverton 3304. [4777 S.U. GARBS. Unused pairs : t1i in„ 45; t in. and 112:2, £6. Como, 16, Stirling Read. Birming

ham, 16. (4779 JAVELIN, 1949. Unbanstable crankshaft rebuild 5,000 Miles. Excellent tyres, interior ‘and bOdy. £i 6c, or 2-berth sailing vessel. t 5. LlanOver Read. S.E.18. Tel.: Woolwich 41.47. 14780 1930 M-TYPE M.G. Excellent condition, many hours and pounds jUst spent on rebuilding. M.0:1′. cert. 460. Bromley, Kent. Tel.: I MPerial (848. (4781 svairr saloon, 1920. Rebuilt mechanically and bodily, in beautiful’ condition throughout. Photos available. Sheehan. 20, Rushleigh Road, Maiors Green. Shirley. Warwicks. [4782 ROLLS-ROYCE TWENTY, 1938, (lat. coupe by Compton. 1,175. For details and photograph, Box No. T.783. [4783 TR3, LATE 1956. V.G.U. Must be seen. Many extras.(‘lewd reason. Michelin X.” 4,4 to 854, North Circular Road, N.W.2. Tel,: Gladstone ozoX. 14784

BRISTOL 400. Resprayed maroon, ” X “s, radio and heater. EirSI-class condition. Offers. A4dOnv Engineering, 117, Thomas Street. Sheffield, 3. 1.17S5 F.N.-B.M.W. 319 cabriolet, 1937. Restored. Chassis, coachevork sound. Repainted. Reluetant sale. 440 o.n.o. 45, Crowland Road. Stopsley, ” ALTA ” O.H.V. MINOR tourer, 1953. Reconditioned engine, new Countryman tyres, heater. Perfect condition throughout. 4240. A. Hardy, too, Whitehouse Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. (4787

Al.VIS SPEED TWENTY, 1934. Charlesworth saloon. P. loos; steering, tyres, good. Engine suitable fOr recrinditioning. Sell complete Or break. Room needed for later model. (Essex.) Box N. 14788 LANCIA AURELIA Bra. 1..11.1). t,754 c.c. V6. Superb red bodywork, new whitewall tyres. Excellent mechanic.S. , A wonderful opportunity for nearest .f.,295. Dixon, 52, Keswick Road, Great Bookham, Surrey. 14789

M.G. TF, 1954, 1,250 c.c. Specimen. Ivory,, red upholstery. New hood, screens. tonneau. Truly like new. Well Worth seeing. k41-5. Bray Cottage, Eeneepicee Road, Chigwell, Essex. Tel.: Haitnia7u,lot 2906.

1959 MORGAN 4 4. Maroon. Fully Aquaplaned 100E. Murray overdrive. Full tonneau. Good hood, sidescreens. Extras. Bodywork immaculate. Well Shod. £425. Blayncy, 77. Wellwood Road.Mord, Essex. RACING FORMULA THREE Cooper. Mag.nesium alloy wheels, newish ratting tyres, allindependent suspension, litted racing Norton brim. Recently sprayed powder blue and in excellent condition for 95 gns. J.A.P. engine, .£2.5 extra II’ required. A40 pick-up, 1952,.1„.45. BUM, 12, Crescent Road, Plaistow. London, E.13. Tel.: GRA 580. [179:: M.G. TA. Good mechanically and bodily. (‘eles.. h.c. head, Very lane. MItT. .Feb. ’62). 1,4:7)1,336

031.0. : Vateley 3164. .1 1935 ALVIS Speed Twenty saloon, in above-average condition, Paimwork, chrome in good condition. Engine rebored, crank reground 10,000 miles ago.

Sound, reliable car £i40. Marsden, 8, St. Michael’s Road. Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey. RILEY, 1951, •21. Green. Mint order throughout. Many extras. Enthusiast owned. 68,000 miles.. .4.,300 o.n.o. Wright. Kiln Cottage. Honey Lane, Selborne; Alton. Tel.: Bordon 124. [4795 1931 DAIMLER FIFTEEN, M.O.T. February. Reconditioned steering column; new regulator: immersion heater. Body good. Medranieitilv good. Took. extras. Bills. Lho. 40, The Birches:, WincEntorcI lill. N.21. Tel.: Laburnum 3340 14796 SMART TALBOT xos V.D.P. tourer. Mechanics and coachwork sound and original, 90 m.p.h., 21 m.p.g. Scintilla, Ivlarchals, tele-controls, rewired, wings resprayed B.R.G. Owned by Talbot mechanic 15 years. 4150. Tel. : WIM 9892. 4569 TD, 5950. Another cautionary tale! i ‘ram won’t fit in rear, so must part. New hood and tyres, twirl spots, luggage rack. Red. £285. Consider exchange for VW or WHY.? With cash adjustment. Tel. : LEE 4078. [4570 ALVIS Ti 52/so wide 2-seater, 1931. Three owners. 15,000 miles since engine fully reconditioned. Excellent tyres, new battery, brakes relined, re painted; very reliable. £130. 84, Reservoir Road, Birmingham, 29, ‘Tel. : SEL 1904. [4571 RILEY, 5936, MONACO. Engine overhauled, brakes relined. 1 yres good. Requires retest April. £60. Tel. : LIV 058. [4572 AUSTIN SEVEN RUBY, October, 1938. Immaculate. M.O.T. cert. New tyres, brake linings and king-pins. Sparc engine, gearbox, etc. One of the finest remaining examples. £70. 9, The Dell, Upper Norwood, S.E.t9. Tel. : LIVing stone 356o (evenings). [4573 XKllo D/H COUPE. 43,000 miles, late 1954. ” X “s and Koni’s all round. Radio, heater, sfwashers. First-class condition. £375. Tel. : Vigilant (Surrey) 8957. [45.74

AUSTIN NIPPY, 5936. Superb condition. Excellent hood, chrome and paintwork. Sealed beams. M.O.T. cart. £75 o.n.o. Tel. : Wallington 2018. [4580

ASTON MARTIN, 1930, International. Superb condition. Ocean blue with black upholstery. All work done in last 18 months. Bills available. Medical reason for sale! £300 o.v.n.o. Vernon, Baltonsborough, Glastonbury. Tel. : Balt 381. [4567

M.G. J2 AQUAPLANE 1,572. Hydraulic brakes, rev.-counter. Very rapid. Owner abroad. £60.

Tel. : WES 9235. (4568 5936 SS JAGUAR Saloon, 2i-litre, very low mileage. One owner, condition exceptional. Genuine inquiries only. All letters acknowledged. Box No. T.581. (4581 SPECIAL FORD 5172. 12V. “X ” tyres, hood, new and recond. parts, usual mods, good condition. f Stockport, Cheshire. .5582 135. 92, Macclesfie ’07 ld Road, haley Bridge, via. LOOKING FOR A FIRST CLASS SPECIAL? Original owner regretfully has to sell his pride and

joy. Built and registered 1961 Ford 1172 c.c. Ashley G.T. Saloon, red, Halifax tubular chassis, LES., 15 in. wheels, ” ) ” tyres, high axle ratio. Bowdenex hydraulics; I2V. electrics, Derrington wheel, Masco fullharness belts, fully carpeted. 6,000 careful miles only. Cost over £700, nearest to £450 buys. John, 56, Robson Road, Worthihg. Tel.: Goring-by-Sea 43460. [4583 MERCEDES BENZ 230 saloon. x937. Tested. Magnificent 12.11.D. £85. 9, Rectory Lane, Cricklade, Wilts. (4584

FOR SALE: Ford Consul, Nov. 1959. Modified cylinder head, twin S.U. carburetters, 4-branch exhaust, power brakes, Michelin ” X ” tyres, Safety belts, long range headlamps; spot,. fog and reversing lamps, rev. counter, ammeter, oil gauge. Performance superior 10 Zephyr. Only 22,000 miles never raced or rallied. Car bodily and mechanically in t00% condition. £595. (Company supplying new car). C. R. Jameson. The Glade, Dukeswood Drive, Gerrards Cross, Bucks. Tel.: GX 5776. 14585 CAMDEN SPORTS CARS LAKE STREET, LEIGHTON BUZZARD Telephone : 2041 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000, 1960, one owner; disc brakes, 10,000 miles, over drive. Superior condition … 095 AUSTIN-HEALEY 100/6, 1958, October. Overdrive, heater; white with maroon interior; tuned and fast £645 AUSTIN-HEALEY Sprite, 1959, Derrington mod., complete with hard-top, heater, other extras … 1445 A.C. Ace 2-seater sports. Immaculate metallic maroon finish, wire wheels; very, very fast … t695 ASTON MARTIN DB2 2-door fixedhead coupe in special satin bronze, with blue leather interior. Fitted Vantage engine nicely tuned, wire wheels, heater … /695 DAIMLER Barker Special sports, 1952. Occasional 3-seater drophead coupes, two-tone finish, one with complete new weather equipment. All works tested … £445 BRISTOL 401 sports saloon, metallic green, excellent order; Michelin “X” tyres, heater. Unrepeatable … E395 JENSEN 541R, overdrive, power disc brakes, wire wheels. Looks as new throughout. 1958. Now … £1,195 JAGUAR 2.4 Mark II. Opalescent blue. 1960. Very smooth silent car in eye catching condition … f1,195 JAGUAR XKISOS Roadster, 3.4 engined, 1960. Discs, overdrive, chrome wire wheels. Immaculate £1,245 JAGUAR XKI50, 1958, fixed-head coupe. Radio, heater, washers, wire wheels. Maintenance receipts available … £795 LANCIA Aurelia GT 2500 fixed-head coupe. R.H.D. Smooth, fast, stable. Michelin “X.” As new interior… E695 M.G. TC, 1949. Choice three cars— colours … L295 M.G. TD, 1953. Choice two cars. Clean and fast … L365 M.G.-A, 1956, drophead coupe in blue, fitted heater, wire wheels. Looks much later, beautifully clean … £475 M.G.-A, 1959 (1600). One owner only, well looked after and very attractive in red with red interior … £675

SINGER Nine, 1951, roadster. Red. Heater. Immaculate £195 SUNBEAM Alpine. Wire wheels. over drive. New … … List T.V.R. 1962 Grantura, M.G.-A 1600 engine, close-ratio gearbox. As brand new. only 7,000 miles. Why build your own at fantastic cost? Only … £765 TRIUMPH TR2, TR3, TR3As. Selec tion from … i325 TRIUMPH 2000 roadster, 1949. Radioheater, and in concours condition (club members note) … £295

Also selection of FORD Specials with Fibreglass bodies, from only £95 onwards.

Any car or motorcycle taken in part exchange. Immediate Tox and Insurance arrangements. Hire Purchase from 20% up to three years. Al! typos of car bought for spot cosh. Free delivery anywhere in United Kingdom. Purchasers’ expenses refunded. Petrol given.

OPEN WEEKDAYS 9a.m.-8p.m. SUNDAYS 0a.m.-6p.m. BORGWARD ISABELLA June 1955. Immaculate and exceptional cOndition. t radio, heater. twin spots, reversing lights, wheel embellishers, mirrors and many extras, taxed. £345. Bell, 34, Devonshire Park Road, Davenport l’ark, Stockport, Cheshire, Tel.: Stepping Hill 3384. [4580

FRAZER NASH. Le Mans hard-top. 1-4.S.4 engine and close ratio gearbox. Whole. car superb condition. Sensible oilers please. Box No. T.587. M.G. VA TOURER. t938, Good cond[i4ti5o8n7. MO.’!’., good engine, tyres, bodywork reasonable. £6o o.n.o. Box No. T.588. 14588 5929 MORRIS COWLEY saloon, excellent condition throughout, taxed, tested. 450. Laycock, 43, Langholm Crescent, Darlington. [4589

LAGONDA t6,8o, 2-litre, 1932/ open 4-seater. Excellent tyres. £75. A. Elliott, Fel.: Good Easter 261, or Dominion 1003 during business hours.

ROLLS-ROYCE, as h.p. 1929, black sail4o5oun0. Modern lines, excellent condition, M.O.T. Certificate. 426o. Offers. Arman, 1, Trevose Close. Chandlers Ford, Hants. Tel.: Ch. Ford. 5002. 5965 SPECIAL BODIED HERALD, fixed-E4he59adt coupe 2-seater. Ample luggage and child space. Silver grey, blue trim. 50 b.h.p. Fully balanced 9m4etc’tcs.,heeantgeirn,et. Genuine 90 mp win fogs, long range headlamps, etc. ..h. Full instruImmaculate condition throughout. 8,000

4,520. Bland, 83, Babbacombe Road, Styvechale, Coventry. ENTHUSIAST, has Ford Pilot, £55, 1952 114’5o9r:2I Brake, £35. Fiat 500, £25. Standard 8, .420. All M.O.T. Exchange ? 29, Centaur Road, Coventry. [4593 750 FORMULA CAR, ex team Sigma’s Molina

Austin, all enveloping fibreglasValuminium body. All the usual mods. Just rebuilt for coming season. 4190 o.n.o. T(aWnSelld, 22, Oaklands, Hayes Lane, Kenley, Surrey. Tel.: UPLands 2336. HORNET SPECIAL. 1934. M.O.T. Scotland last year. Body terrible. £2.5 will haggle. Howard, 22, Winchester Avenue. Heston, Middx. (4595 BREAKING 5932 Austin seven saloon. All parts available, engine dismantled, plus assorted spares. Knight, i5, idrigheld Road, S.W49. Tel.: WIM 9371. ROLLS-ROYCE, 1935 Landaulette, Thrupp14a5n9d6 Ivlaberly. Good tyres, body and engine. Exchange modern motorcycle or car. Cash adjustment sAhliarcek.r Mackintosh. 52.474,0.Wellside Place. Falkirk. Stirling TORNADO TYPHOON SPECIAL v.g.c. 14597 TORNADO ‘050. Offers around 4185. Resprayed. Tel.: 01.1ards 8525. LAGONDA LG.’S, 1936. D.H.C. M.O.T. Excel lent condition. £175. Schofield, 12, Harris Road,

Waddington, Lincoln. [4509 M.G. PB. Above average, faSt. Resprayed white, new p.v.c. tonneau, hood, tyres, spares. £ t to. Boulton, Grange, Redclings, Cheltenham. 14600 ECONOMY FOR CHARACTER. Immaculate

4-wheel !sem% white, many extras, (value approx. £175) in exchange Ito interesting vintage or 4-seater Tower Must be bodily sound. Riley, Lagonda, Rapier, Austin, 12/50 Alvis or similar. Tel.. Berkswell 2034 (evenings): [4601

M.G. SA 1939. 2-litre. SIsaloon. Smart. M.0.1′. 465 o.n.o. Ex van, utility. Cash adjustment. re.: PAD 9838. 5960 FALCON CARIBBEAN Ford special. tr°ed2, bLlianccks.hard-top, new chassis, 4.7 c.w. and’. Usual

mods. h’,200 Shelton, Ufford, Stamford, [4603 RILEY NINE LYNX, 1934. Clutch broken, otherwise good. Offers. View Bristol. Williamson, 34, Marina Avenue. New Mahlon, Surrey. ASTON MnRTIN, 5933. lic new camshaft, exhaust, recond. water pump. Very good condition. £175 o.n.o. Martin, 52. Pembroke Road, Bromley, Kent. [4605

LE MANS SINGER 9, Speed model. Red. 1936. Mechanically perfect and in cancatm condition. New hood and screens. Cwts. of spares. All letters answered promptly. Offers around 4135. Apply: Warburton, Crowmarsh, Nt. Wallingiord, 13erks. Tel.: Wallingford 2100. 14606 LAGONDA 2-LITRE supercharged speed model. 1932. Condition reasonable. 4100. Smith, Vest Surrey C.mtage; ‘1’hei Avenue, Chobharn. Tel.: Chobluim 588 (Surrey). [4607 DISMANTLING PA and TA M.G. so . 9t and 5°0 . 19 tyres. I, Albert Road, W,5. rel.: ALP 2203 14608 MERCEDES BENZ 1958. 1.8oa Regd, July 1959, 4:695 or very near offer. Box No. T.609. 14609 TRa. 1955. Light blue, good condition, complete history from new. ” X ‘s, tonneau cover, radio, heater, safety belts, fog lamp. 4360. 1 1, Ridgmont 1( oad. St. Albans. [461o,

1960 SPECIAL SERIES E. Special chassis. Hydraulics, relined coo miles. I2V. C.V.C. 2 SUs. 4-branels. Alloy head, block, drums skimmed. Rebored too miles. Alloy dill. Track spacers’. E.13. botlY—low mounted. Indigo blue. Demington mirrors. C,ross-llow, heater, reelining sears, alloy wheels. Beautiful interior—lull range of matched instruments. Hood, s;sere.ens. 85 m.p.h. Many spares. Not to he confused with the average. admired everywhere. Reason for sale—new house. 4250 o.n.o. Genuine inquiries, etc, to, Brown. f.ariesfield, Old Road, liarlasron, Stoke-on-Trent. .s-o-T)stias. 14611 XKz2o. December t95o. Excellent. B.R.G. Recent new tyres’. Rimbellishers. 6C235. Offer Or part exchange. Tel.: V ICiilant 3760 (Surrey). 1461 ROLLS-ROYCE 20, 1928. 7-passenger limousine wills V-wind screen and division. Good order throughout and has been well cared for. 4:85 o.n.o. Jenner, Gt. Sheephurst Farm, Marden, Nr, Ton bridge, Kent. (4639

PROBABLY THE FINEST 1172 sports car built. A car of outstanding beauty and performance. All desirable modifications. 4-speed, cfr box. Weather equipment. Must be sold this month owing to unforeseen circumstances. Around 4275. Box No. T.624. 14624 ALVIS 12160 TOURER 193001. Original, Recent overhaul. Good hood. Requires tidying. 495

o.n.o. Space wanted. Newbrighton 1089. 14625 DAIMLER SPORTS COUPE, 1951 model, 2litre. Barker aluminium body, excellent condition. 4285 o.n.o. 34, Clayton Avenue, Littleover, Derby. [4626 VINTAGE ASTON MARTIN International. Shortwheel-base model. Very good condition. Offers. 13rant, 7, Plymouth Road. Horny Green, Nr. Birmingham, [4628

FRAZER NASH B.M.W. 329 Cabriolet. Complete ovel haul—Z-irretal bearings, Heplex pistons, new oil and water pumps, new brake cables, brake shoes, new 2nd and rd gear pinions, bearings and sleeve, new clutch, half-shaft, silencer system and battery. Complete steering and electric overhaul. Sound and attractive body. All bills and history. 4175. Crews, 36, Arnison Road. East Molesey, Surrey. 14629

SURREY/HANTS BORDER Well-known main road Garage/Service Station with car sales and having racing connections; four pumps. Well-equipped showrooms/workshops of 10.000 sq. ft. PRICE 640,000

for freehold, Goodwill. Plant and Machinery, loose tools. S.A.V. app’s.. EDWARD SYMMONS & PARTNERS 18/10 York Buildings, Adelphi. W.C.2. Tel.: WHI 8711

1951 MINOR CONVERTIBLE, new hood, many extras and new bits. Nearest 4145. Seen Bristol/ Coventry. Smith, 24, Ilanleme Avenue, Bristol. 14631 RILEY 1.5. 1959. 25,000 u/s, interior silent travel, unmarked. bull service record—T.V.R. Cranium. Box No. T.627. [4627 WHAT MORE? Lea Francis, late 1951, 1,767-c.c. saloon. 70,000 miles. Ifs. 2 owners, lull history. Heater, radio, etc. Excellent condition. Impeccable manners, rapid, reliable Motoring in luxury. 4225. Fuller, Shaw:0U, Woolhampton Tel.: 12102), Berkshim14632 M.G. re. Very good condition. Many extras’: M.O.T. certificate. 4245. Coxon, 92, Crow borough Road, Hastings. 14633 1937 AS TON MARTIN 2-litre. sic. Excellent order. MNouchr.6m3o4fiey spent recently. /Surrey) 4270. Box 14634 327/80 B.M.W. 2(4-seat, fixed-head, sports coupe. Maintained regardless of cost. Recent engine rebuild. 4250 0.n.o. Tel,: ELM 4376. (4635 RILEY MONACO 5937. First class condition, over 4.1oo spent on mechanical rebuild including reconditioned engine. About 485. Vickers, 60, Jerrard 1)rive, Sutton Colcifield.• [4637

v939, DOLOMITE SPORTS. Back bashed. Any oilers. Flower, 39. Petersham Road. Richmond, Surrey. 14663 ASTON MARTIN Mk II. The rare and attractive two-door saloon version in really excellent condition throughout, bar the cellulose, hence only 4250. Taxed lind insured. Owner shortly departing for Canada. Seen week-ends. J. F. Adamson. rel.: Little Chalfont 2133, 14638 SPRING! A young man’s fancy turns to a real sports car. So why not my Denmark 1172. Exceptionally snick and economical. Must be seen to be believed. 4.275. 1, Hazelhurst Crescent, Worthing, Sussex. [4623 M.G. TC 1947. Black, good condition. Spot and fog lights, luggage rack, temp. gauge, well shed, M.O.’f. and taxed. 4215. Burgin, 14, Inglis Road,

Colchester, Essex. 14640 A/14 SPRITE x959. Perna fibreglass bonnet, heater. etc. 4430 o.n.o. Davies, 31, Riddlesclown Avenue. Purley, Surrey. Td.: UPLands 0724. 1464 1 750 SPECIAL, New curb, light, pump. Special inlet and exhaust system. Oilers, 36. Farnol Road, Dartford, Kent. [4642 DAUPHINE RED 1957. 39,000. Twin ‘Aber, 411. manifold Abarth. Clean and sound condition. 4275. 73, Learn Terrace, Leamington Spa. [4643 M.G. J2. First class condition. Engine, body. weather equipment excellent. Recently rebuilt, swept wings. Hydraultcs. M.O.T. 4;95. Tel.: Ntilting.11AM 23-2131. [464.1 BREAKING-UP ’38 APRILIA. Engine, gearbox, front and rear suspension, good condition. Complete sections only. Pellegrotti, High Street, Rothesay. [4646 HEALEY SPRITE. 1958 red. 4365; Lovesey, Kelvin House, Mill Road, Cr:Infield, Beds. [4647 a-LITRE BRISTOL 405 saloon. Ntleage 52,000. White, 1956. 27 M.p.g. 100 m.p.h. New tyres. every extra. Cost 44,000. Nearest 41,000 or exchange. Tel.: (London) Hadley Green i133. 14648 JOWETT JUPITER 1952 in Gold, Recent Phase III engine. Mint throughout, tonneau, grid, spot, heater, washers, wheeltrims. etc. 4275. ‘rel.: Chiswick 5974. [4649

5933 TALBOT 54/65. Would be crime to break for spares. Present owner unable to keep immaculate. Wishes to sell to Talbot enthusiast. 475. Used regularly. Tamplin. Td.: Ealing 3030 (office). 14650 TRIUMPH TR2, heater, radio, overdrive, new hood. side curtains, ” X “tyres and a mass of extras. This car is immaculate and offered at 4345. Tel.: Frensham, Surrey, 3249.[4651

M.G. TA. Reconditioned engine last year. Elecirics good. M.O.T. Must sell, buying Mini. .015 or oilers. Irvine, 28, Marquis Avenue, Bury, Lane. Tel.: 1075. 14652 BENTLEY 5934 3) shooting brake. Mechanically excellent. 480, or break for spares Cleveland (.ottage, Hoarwithy, Hereford. Tel.: Carey 279. 14653 BENTLEY 1.934. 3)-litre park ward saloon. Ex cellent order throughout. M Certificate. Available for inspection anywhere between Scotland London, end April. 4225 o.n.o. Adamson, Primrose Cottage. East Wemyss. Fife. 14654

1961 T.R.3A.

B.R.G./Red, 0/D., W.W., H. & S.T. 14 other extras. 18.000. Full history. £825 LOXHAMS GARAGES LIMITED, Charnley Street, Preston Tel Preston 4242

TRIUMPH GLORIA 10.8 tourer. Taxed, M.O.T. Recon. engine, excellent tyres, battery, tonneau. Body needs attention. Many spares, tyres, etc. Owner bought saloon. Offers. Seen after 7 p.m.

Tel.: WATerloo 6249. [4797 RILEY LYNX, 1935, 1!, -litre, excellent condition. 4,12.0 o.n.o. Hill, Tel.: KIP 476o. 14798 AsToN MARTIN MK. 11, /934, sic. tourer. Exceptional all-round condition, engine rebuild 05 months sp. New cellulose, upholstery a7n9d, chrome. £400. Box No. T.799. (4 WOLSELEY 5500, black, Dec. 1957. M.G. Magnette engine. Mileage 45,900 (engine 9,000). Excellent condition. Safety belts, heater, screenwash. 4435. 121/1 o, Holly bank Road, Birming

ham, z4: 14800 BENTLEY VANDEN PLAS dih., 1935. An unusual and elegant motor. Immaculate body, good runner but engine needs attention. 4250.

Fir Mead, Lower Road, Fetcham, Surrey. [4801 DISTINCTIVE M.G. VA tourer, 1937. Very good condition. Overhauled and engine reconditioned. Many extras. Sliding windows. M.O.T. 475. Hammond, Haddon Court, Hatfield, Herts. [4802 TALBOT 75. Fair condition, good tyres; new battery reuuired. Owner must sell or Five away if no offers forthcoming. All offers considered. 3/. Rushington Avenue, Maidenhead. : 5892. 14803 M.G. j2, dismantling. Sound engine, gearbox, axle. hydraulics. All parts available. S.A.E.. call. Baker, Pevensey, Old Lane, Crowborongh, Sussex. [48P4 JOYCE HAS COME, Gert must go. Joyce is a blonde fiancee. Gert is a blue Oct. 1960 Turner. Haggle starts ay). Gitlin& 44, Beverley Grove,

Birmingham, 26. 14805 HOT 93A ENGINE. 11/c. hcad, twin S.U.s, extractor exhaust. light flywheel, high-pressure oil pump, 12-Volt Starter. Low mileage. Complete, 4,35. S. C. Brown. Tel.: Coventry 21212 (office). (006 M.G. TC. Very good condition. New hood, flashers. Good tyres. IvI.O.T. certificate. Owner unfortunately must Sell. First offer over 4185 secures. Wilks, 20, Almsford Avenue, Harrogate. [4807 M.G. YB saloon, ’53. Specimen condition, B.R.G. Mc, head, twin carbs., as February advert. Now goes to first offer of £250. Johnson, 102, Blenheim

Road, Birmingham, 13. 14808 ONE PAIR silver-plated brass hell-type headlamps. 2-stud mounting, lovely condition. One RollsRoyce Silver Ghost handbook, good condition. quantity pre-war Rolls-Royce Bulletins. Offers to G. Spence, 19, Victoria Street, Dundee, Scotland. [4809 WOLSELEY HORNET SPECIAL, complete or breaking. Many other spares for Hornet enthusiasts. Please write, 2101, Elessle Road, Yorks. ?48t0 ASTON MARTIN a-LITRE saloon, 1937, Good condition. Offers. 39, Pirtle Close, Shirley, Southampton. Tel.: 72094. [4811 “MOTOR SPORT,” 1940-1961, 209 copies. What offers ? Jones, 2, Hampshire Cross, Tidwortlf, Hants. [4813 1938 MORRIS EIGHT, dismantled. Under 5o,000 miles. Most body as new. Good tyres. Tow within zoo miles. QuinneyS, Itchenor, ChicheSter. 14814 TORNADO TYPHOON tubular chassis, cfr. radiator. 4.7 c.w.p., completely built. Brand new, ready to accept body. Tel.; STO 5572. [4815 RILEY FALCON 26F. Faulty steering. Whole or Parts. Spares for 5935 i s/6. Offers. A 61, South Wakefield. Box No. T.gx6. 14816 BRISTOL 400, 1949, exceptiOnal condition. Extras, recent overhaul. m.o.T. Terms available, 4275. Muschamp, 41, Ashlyns Road, Berkharnsted, Herts. ‘Id.: 1980. [4817 X954 M.G. TF 125o. Radio, heater, rack, ” X “s. Bargain at £355 o.n.o. Tel.: Barnet 4551 (Hells). (4818 AUSTIN-HEALEY 100-4, 1954. Many extras and in immaculate condition. 4340. l’im, Lukin Wood, Mortimer 19), Berks. [4819 750/5572 FORMULA SPECIAL. Ashley fibreglass body, c.r. gearboxes for both engines. 1,42.5 spent, best equipment throughout. 428_5 o.n.o. 177, Ridgeway Road, Sheffield, 12. Tel.: 37350. 1.4820 HILL-CLIMB/SPRINT/ROAD Special. A.K.S. red body, white hard-top. New Popular chassis, fluid ride, ifs., Mays rear axle. 4.7 : 1, Bowden hydraulic brakes, clutch. Five Bellamy wheels, 6.50 s 15 ” X •’s, new. Fully instrumented. I:93A, 9 : t Aquaplane head, two S.U.s, special inlet/exhaust manifolds, X-flow rad., 12,v. electrics. Under 3,000 miles, performance !MVO’ fully realised. Change lob, bachelor status presses sale. Components cost 45oo, price 4235, includes 1947 Ford Eight van, MO.’!’., new steering, brakes, clutch. Northam, Pye Corner, Hambrook, Bristol, 14821 CITROEN L.15, 1949. Peron, engine, clutch. Body, tyres good. M.O.T. February. f.,130. Bowers, 28, Walsingham Gardens, Stoneleigh,

Ewell, Surrey. Td.: Ewell 8945. [4822 D.K.W., 5938, 7-h.p. cabriolet. Exceptional car. Good hood. Spare engine, etc. Year’s M.O.T. View Leeds. ‘I el.: Garforth 2811. 14823

SUPERCHARGED 1958 MORRIS t000 coupe. Other conversions and extras. Very fast. 4395. H.)’. terms possible. Tel.: Ingrebourne 42848.

13, Hallow Crescent, Romford, Essex, 11824 RARE M.G., 1933, Small Six saloon, Series Li.

Exceptional condit M.O.T. kt5o o.n.o. Walter, 28, Broad Street, Alresford, Hants. [4825 M.G. WA 2.6 and SA 2-litre. Sell or break. A. Harper, 139, Wickersley Road, Rotherham, 14826 LAGONDA V12 short-chassis !Outliner saloon, 1938. Only 3,000 miles since complete engine rebuild. Outstanding performance and suspension, 90 in third! M.O.T. 43oo. Sandeman, Jasmine Cot

tage, Alrewas, Staffs. Alrewas 323.[4827 ROLLS-ROYCE 243125, October 1932, with very attractive 4-door 4-light all-aluminium sports saloon coachwork by Freestone and Webb. Two owners only and under 100,03o miles since new, Complete and original including mascot, instruction manual and toots. M.O.T. £325 or reasonable offer. Tel.: Lane End 373, or write, Kensham Farm, Cadmore End, High Wycombe, Bucks. (4828 1937 BENTLEY 4) saloon by Park Ward. Black and light grey. One owner, mileage 77.000. An excellent car at 4350. Hyde, iz, Alumhurst Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth. Tel.: Bournemouth 23966. (4829 JAVELIN, ’51 Series. Cellulose, chrome very good. Reconditioned engine, relined brakes. M.O.T. Two owners. Taxed. Clutch slips slightly. Seen London, possibly Somerset. Write offers. Bailey, 23, The Ridgeway, London, Ni t.(4830 1953 TD M.G., in above-average condition. Rebuilt engine 1959—numerous extras. Genuine reason for sale. 4350 o.n.o. Thomas, 72, Ansty Road., Coventry. 14831 LAGONDA, 1932, z-LITRE low-chassis tourer. Full history for last eight years with present owner. kr9o. Dodwell, Stock Place, Coleshill, Amersham, Bucks, Tel.: Amersham 2606. 14832 TURNER, ALEXANDER CONVERTED, Sept. 1960, i5,o0o miles, never raced. Extras Include Super sports camshaft, disc brakes, wire wheels. heater, sliding sidescreens. Outstanding. One owner, now married and needs house instead, regrets must sell. 4615. Mote, Tel.: Popesgrove 9814. 14833 1926 BEAN 14-h.p. tourer with spare engine. Excellent condition. M.O.T. tested, taxed May. Daily use, drive away. 4160 o.n.o. Clarke, Brook Cot tage. Fambridge Road, Mahlon, Essex. (4834 RILEY “si. Recent overhaul itschldes respnay and recoil. gearbox. Extras include radio and heater. Outstanding condition. £245 rd.: Chiswick 3862. [4835 RILEY BROOKLANDS SPECIAL, 9 h.p.. 1929. Very original and beautiful condition, including masked head and chromed front axle. Seen London or Bristol. Box No. T.836. (4836 RILEY 12/4 ADELPIII, 1936. M,O.T. certificate naturally. EXtellSiVe engine overhaul 8,00o miles ago. Other mechanics good. 90% rewired. Sound, well kept bodywork. Interior good average. Six boots, four new, two worth having. Lovingly owned and maintained. At present the cylinder head is off and genuine enthusiasts are welcome to inspect. Reluctant sale, 410o. 3o, South Riding, Bricke1 Wood, 81. Albans’, Herts., or Tel.: Garston 4415 (alter 7 p.m.). 14837 1999 SPRITE, green, 30,000. Excellent condition, report. Nearest £400. r, Roundwood Park, Harpenden. Tel.: 828. [4838 1931 MORRIS MINOR. M.O.T., taxed. Two owners, good condition. £40 o.n.o. 23, Solihull

Road, Shirlev, Solihull, Warwickshire. [4839 BOWDEN I.I.S. for Ford chassis, plus cr. gearbox, cross-flow radiator, header tank, 4.7 rear axle. All brand new, going cheap. Will sell separately. Jefferson. Gringley Grange, Doncaster. 1.4840 VU M JAGUAR, :959, overdrive. B.R.G., all systems “go.” Offers over £200, or exchange vintage touring Riley, Morris. Burke. 2, Kentmere Avenue, Seaburn Denc, Sunderland, 14841 TR3, 1956i. Fawn/red. 40,000 miles. Almost new ” X” tyres. Wheels balanced. Heater, luggage rack, new battery. Hard/Soft-top. Two occasional scats. Workshop manual. Alloy pedestals. Washers. Bills 4too. Argue from £425. Hall, 42, High Street, Bewdley, Worcs. ‘Tel.: 33i 1. [4842 .ANC/A APRILIA, 1938. New tyres. Electrics and transmission completely overhauled. Bills .(65. Taxed August. M.O.T, £1 25 0.11.0. .37, Granville Road, Wigston Fields, Leicester. [4843 M.G. Y TYPE, November ‘5o. Lively, reliable, viceless. beautiful. £210. Tel.: Whitehall 3541, ext. 13. [484.1

JERUSALEM RETURNS So sadly Rebecca must depart. R.cbecca is a unique 193o Austin 16-0 coupe in excellent order. One owner 1930-62. Taxed. Passed second test in February. £65. Box No. T,84e. 14845

RELUCTANTLY PARTING WITH superb 039 13,S.A. Scout open 2-seater. Concours winner. Beat offer over £70. Details on application. Lucas. ” Bigstonc,’ Warminghum Road, Crewe. (4846 ALPINE 4-BRANCH EXHAUST manifold. suit Rapier 111, unused, 47. Lucas signpost lamp, 309. M211:11,11 air horn, 6 or 12V., £5. Tat Ruislip 8877.4b47 SUNBEAM RAPIER convertible, duo-green, Aeries II. immaculate. Overdrive, 1m-counter, Michelin ” X ” tyres, new hood, carbs., and extras. Well maintamed. 4625. Tel.: Wansread 0967. [41348 5958 ALFA ROMEO Giulirtta Sprint coupe. Available April 23rd. One owner only. Radio, etc. £1,000 o.n.o. Would consider” tradc-in ” for new station-wagon or possibly something interesting. Swift, Alstontield, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Tcl.:

Alstonfield 284. [4849 1928 HUMBER 9120, eoncours conditton, WILMA since £330 overhaul and repaint 1960. f,175.

Appleton, Tel.: Gotiaiming 1909. 14850 SWALLOW DORETTI, carefully used and in very good condition. Extras include quality hard-top.

£385. (1.eicestershire.) Box No. T.851. 14851 “CE N’EST PAS sans taeite.” MG. TV rz:so, white, registered 1957, taxed 1962. W1wheels, recoil, engine/gearbox/clutch, good hood, screens. full tonneau. £440 o.n.o. Owner requires 4-seater, II tact idiot mais. Tel.: Belgravia 9713. (4852 AUSTIN-HEALEY 10014, 1955. Speedwell blue. ” X ” tyres, all usual extras, inchading he, pistons. Engine recently reconditioned. £373. 79, West.. hurst Drive, Chislehurst, Kent. Tel.: WOO 2044, ext. t420 (by day). [4853 CITROEN LIGHT FIFTEEN, 1947. Taxed year. Rebuilt engine and gearbox, in last 3’0,000. Screenwashers. Splendid meeting and road-holding. kto5 o.n.o. Whitehouse’, sit, Si. Augustine’s Road,

Bedford. Tel.: 3780. 14854 1952 SUNBEAM-TALBOT 90 convertible. Radio and heater. New hood, carpets, battery ; resprayed.

Excellent mechanical condition. 4200. Armstrong, 64, Bousley Rise, •Ottershatv, Surrey. 3:7. [05 EXPRESS CRUISER, 24 ft. New and registered yacht. Hard chine hull in brightsteel. Built Berry, Lymington. Trials and completion January this year. Four berths and large open cockpit aft. Well equipped, 20 knota. Owner unfortunately unable to use will accept sensible offer or exchange for really good Bentley Speed Six or 41 tourer, /sottoFraschini, Hispano or Rolls P.111 drophead coupe in good order. Cash either way. Mortgage available on craft if required. Simmons, 21, Kew Green, Kew, Surrey. Tel.: Richmond 6278. (4645 M.G. TC r949. v.g.c. mechanically and bodily. Recent M.O. I.. Certificate. £215 0.11.0. Sherman,

Tel.: Mos 9472 (office); Per 4479 (home). (4655 M.G. YB SALOON,. r953, Replacement engine, radio, perfect condition. 4260. Renzi/T, 301. Fulwood Road, Sheffield. (406 a933 RILEY FALCON. 9 h.p. (later type engine) Mechanically sound. M.O. I Certificate. 445 o.n.o. Must sell. R. R. Boughton, Ashendon, Nr. Aylesbury. Tel.: Waddesdon 245 [4657 ALVIS CRESTED EAGLE 20 h.p. saloon, stylish swept boot and full-stretch leg room for all. Built on a real chassis. Enthusiast’s car. Lovely syncro box. Tested and taxed. 480. Apply Sephton, Manor House, Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire. Not Sunday. [4658

FOR SALE • Rare four-seater sports tourer, 1935 Rover Speed 14. Engine and body good. Upholstery fair. Believed one of only eight stilton road. M.O.T. Certificate. 415o. Will haggle. Box No. T.659, 4659

x930LEA-FRANCIS. 52/40. 2-seater, mechanically faultless, good body. Many new parts including tyres. m.o.T. and engineers report. V.S.C.C. member. 4120. Patchett, 89, Frogniore Park. Blackwater, Hants. [4660 FOR SALE 1 r952 (Reg. 1960) Mercedes 220 saloon in excellent condition. Radio, heater, Webarto roof, safety belts, reclining seats, spot lamps, signpost lamp, cigar lighter touring bar. 4140 spent recently. Fast, entirely reliable car. 1,250

blvlotOtt SPORT Aug’ 53 to ate included). Uxbridge 37342. [4661 ROLLS-ROYCE 1935. 20/25, Park Ward. Sedaneade-ville, black and chocolate brown. In very good order, history, two owners. M.O.T. certificate. 4475. Terry, Beech Cottage, Hill Village Road, l•our Oaks, Sutton Goldfield. Tel.: Four Oaks 5r (after 7.0.p.m.). -• • (4662

HOTCHIUSS 1949 Paris-Nice saloon. Extensively overhauled. 8o m.p.h. cruising. Resprayed, good condition inside and out. M.O.T. March. Lt3o o.n.o. Bradford, Broom Villa. 13roomhouse Road. S.W.6. 14663 COMPETITION BALPA,Lis, VW Express conversion 412, Allen Magnifier £5. 4, Mcaford Avenue, Stone, Staffs. [4664

HILLMAN AERO MINX. 2-seater sports 1935. Very good condition. Many new parts. M.O.T. Kings Langley. Tel.: 4202. [4665 NEARLY COMPLETE (No front mudguards). A7 wcial tourer. Includes 4 new tyres, 2 new batteries o o.n.o. Reason-Marriage. 8o, Southam Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, 28. Tel.: SPR 4889, [00

VINTAGE UNIQUE 13.4 Citroen 1922, complete/ stripped. Offers. P.W.T. 1938 Triumph Dolomite, tourer, 4-cyl. excellent mechanically. £100. s961 Goggomolal, 5,000 miles, as new. Offers/exchange. Box No. T.667. 14667 M.G. VA 1938 open tourer. All equipment. Good order. 4100 o.n.o. Godfrey. Thicket Way, Lt. Baddow Road, Danbury, Essex. Tel.: 2424. [4668

SUNBEAM TALBOT 195x Mk II. Convertible. Good condition, all mod. cons.. servicing records. 4185. ‘Jupiter wanted. Taylor, Manchester. Tel.: Utinston 6307. [4669 PORSCHE x600 Standard 1956. Slight frontal damage-repaired, but owner lacks time to complete. Everything ready to fit. 4495. Box No. I4677 PORSCHE 1600 Super r958. Finished ivory. Two owners from new. 38,000 miles. New brakelinings and set of Korn’s all round. Excellent condition. Will exclutnge Volkswagen (1960 1ViERCEDES 200 C54). Reg. ’58. Old gold and onwards) plus cash. Box No. T.678. [ .1678 bronze, low mileage. L.H.D. New batteries, and ;Tvrzldwightrer:%$.1.(0xclvtTe;,13iti:,Isr,;;Zt(itt

or saloon or v,g. Mk.l. W.H.r ? Or will sell. f380 o.v.n.o. Hosford, 77, Gordon Street, Burned. Tel. : 78713. (4 M.O.-A, 1959, coupe. Beautiful red, black 417 up

holstery, wire wheels, ” X “s. Mechanically excellent (unmodified but Crypton tuned); lust decoked. 30 m.p.g., radio, heater, rack, etc. 4625. Tel. : Redhill 4474. 4718 BENTLEY, 1929, Mulliner fabric saloon, 41-11tre. Recently restored and in very good condition. £450 o.n.o. King, Runcton Cottage, Chichester. (4719 MARINE OFFICER wishes to dispose of 1933 Daimler Fifteen coupe. An excellent example of this p.v.t. marque. Grey. M.O.T.T. 450 o.n.o. Norwich Road Service Station. Cromer Norfolk. Garage maintained. £40. 22, Mildmay Road,

Lewes. : Cromer 2790. t4o7a2d0 , AUSTIN RUBY de luxe, 1938, mint.: 84,000. Lewes. S [4679 TR3A, 1960. t8,000. Grey, red trim, immaculate. Overdrive, wire wheels, durabands, washers, tonneau, fog, spot, reversing lights. Thief-proofed. 4700. View: Jessups Garage, Donlon Cireen, /Cent, or ring owner, Sevenoaks 52536. 14680 ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25, 1932. Foursome drophead in exceptional condition . 465o. Bullough, Brackenfell, Brampton, Cumberland. (4681

FORMULA JUNIOR LOTUS 26. Henry Taylor’s 90 plus blip. car driven by Bob Anderson during 1961 and now completely rebuilt, as new, ready to race; its good performance provided driver with ‘team Lotus drive for 1962, so not required for this season: trailer and extras. k1,250 o.n.o. Box No. ‘F.682. (4682 1961 CONCOURS WINNING Super Sports Morgan 2 1935. 990 C.C. 0.h.V. Matchless water-cooled engine. Present owner (engineer) 21 years. Immaculate condition. This IS undoubtedly the finest Morgan available anywhere. Every extra, including Lockheed hydraulics, rev.-counter, twin carbs, new tyres, new battery. scale,’ beams, new hood and side curtains, temp: gauge, reversing light, clock, electric wipers. Paintwork, chrome perfect. 4300 o.n.o. All details: J. Watson, 12, Marina Avenue, Hardhorn. Blackpool. [4683

A.G. DROPHEAD COUPE, 5936. Perfect specimen; hearer, windscreen-washer, new hood, tyres; o.h.c., 3 carburetters,. M.O.T.; crankshaft reground, clutch 18,090 miles ago. Sale reason: afford modern car. £185. Barnett, 335, Kinnerton Street, London, S.W./. Tel. (not weekendS) (day) BAYswater 9181; (evening) BELgravia 2859. AUSTIN SEVEN tourer, 1937. New hood, battery, 4-speed, 3-bearing crankshaft, roadworthy, toyear tasted. 430. Allen, 5, Eastern Terrace, Southsea, Hants. [4685 1947 LANCIA APRILIA second series, standard pillarless saloon. Excellent condition. Recent engine overhaul. £250 o.n.o. Bailey, 4, Gilliver Street. Knighton, Leicester. Tel. : 73550. [4686 ’54 (MODEL) SUNBEAM ALPINE. baby forces sale. Buyer will be third owner. History available. Not raced or rallied. All equipment for good motoring. 380 gm. Tel.: Ashstcad (Surrey) 3854. P .S.: Looking for 2.4 Or A.95• [3689 RILEY KESTREL, 1937. M.O.’1′. tested. 16″ mmaculate. 41:90 o.n.o. Tel. : Ewell 4947. (4690 BREAKING TWO 1936 Riley Nines. Also 1936 Ford Ten. Tel. (evenings or weekends): Shorne

589. Home FarrO, liram, Rochester. (.3691 1934 ALVIS SILVE EAGLE 0.11.C. 519.6e111 Maintained. Present owner since 1955.

March, 1962. 455. Eastall, Tot Hill, Stowmarket. Tel. : 631. ROLLS-ROYCE, 1934, Phantom II 6S.K., 43.3(-4h6.9p2. limousine. Coachwork by Youngs, Bromley, and mechanics excellent. M.O.T. cert. and taxed. £360 o.n.o. Photos available. Maynard, Park 1 errace, Green }lithe, Kent. Tel. : Greenhithe 3164, [4693

ALVIS SPEED TWENTY,. 1936, Charlesworth saloon. Reasonable condition? reliable. Wi,o461101d4 repay time spent. 465. M.G. ‘I. in bits. Everything there. L30. Pm post-war Riley : Highcompression (8-1) cylinder head, twin carbs. with manifold and linkages. £22 los. Skinner, 9, 0.C.S., RAP., Marham. Norfolk. M.G.-A, 1961, grey coupe, 6,000 miles; underseal, wire wheels, heater, radiator blind. New condi tion. £825. Box No. 1.695. [4695 M.G. TD, 1953. Reconditioned engine, underscaled, heater, screen washers, luggage rack, spot, wing

mirrors. Q2.5. Tel. : PERwale 3848. [4696 ROCHDAL Mk. VI bodyshell for sale. Also Ford E.93A engine, transmission, chassis frame, etc. Otters to: Horsley, 4, Dene Court, Dinky, Co.

Durham. : /Briley 3394.

LANCIA APRILIA rebuilt to original specification. One of the very tear good Aprilias left. 4265, Batt, Globe Farm, Darby Green, Camberley. Surrey. Tel. : YateleK 2246. (4698 FORD ANGLIA, 1957. Iva o.h.i.v. head, overdrive, Servals exhaust manifold, twin carburetters, heater, oversize valves, screen washer, Marchal head and auxiliary lamps, reversing lamp, radiator blind, new tyres, modified front and rear suspension. Mechanically and bodily perfect. Never used in competitions. Zloo. Tel. : Teddington Lock 1039 (business hours); 1234 (evenings). [4699 M.G.-A, 1959 twin cam, disc brakes, heater. White, red trim, unmarked. 4575. Tel. : Chandlers Ford (Hants) 2661. [4700 VOLKSWAGEN, z950, R.H.D. Regd. ’55. Good appearance. Sound mechanically. L165. Write: 25, Cardington Road, Bedford. (4701 A RARE and desirable 6C Gran Sport Alfa Romeo supercharged 1,750 for sale with regret on posting to Cyprus. Body by Touring as illustrated on page loto of December Mama Small’. 1 he car is in excellent unspoilt original condition and sensible offers are invited from good, preferably V.S.C.C., homes. Available after April 14. Ayers, 59,

Beechwood Road, Sanderstead, Surrey. [4702 FROM NEW r.v./.17.. Stage Il Climax engine. 2 S. U. U14 CatbOTOItcrs with manifolds. £1 5. Three bearing camshaft with tappet block, bearings,

valves, Ct.C. heel. £1 105. 0.11.6. rk”.; N,• -c,; 14704 BUGATTI TYPE 13 front and rear axle and springs, unused, 440. Chummy, 1927, complete and original, 450; wheels, 155. each; engine, 5os.; gearbox, 3os.; magneto, 41; horns, Bosch as S.S.K., electric trumpet, push klaxon, from 50ti. Robert Bosch 4-cylinder magnetos, 355• 4 dials and dash pump Metallurgique. 45. Other oddments. Swop Art-Wear parts. Fisher, 3, Montpelier Crescent, Brighton. Tel. : 23_345,_ [4703 CLEARANCE BARGAINS. M.G. TC, Morgan 4/4 spares. Also Magnette E.N.V. gibox. Ford Ten c.w. and pin, and sports manifolds. New tyres all sizes. Also special lightweiiiht D.K.W. coupe. Autocross/Rally winner. (Toes like a Saab! 100 m.p.h. LeSter M.G. coupe. Road or race car. Healey Tickford sports saloon. The ladies go for this one. SlE for lists and details. All must be sold. H.P. arranged. Old Barn, Millhams Street, Christchurch, Hants. 14705 ASTON MARTIN, 1933, short chassis. Excellent condition. Race and Concours winner. Otlers. Ward, 835, Mansfield Road, Nottingham. ‘I el. : 268144. /4706 LAGONDA? 1938, L.G.6 pillarless saloon. A very sound car in good order throughout. 20 m.p.g. find too m.p.h. £1 50 o.n.o. Barrett, 3o, Carlyle Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham. (4707 FAERTHORPE ELECTRON MINOR. 1960. )9,000. Excellent condition. Pale blue, dark blue. Terms arranged. 4375. Thomas, Coppice House, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts. Tel. : 2283. [4708 TURNER 950 SPORTS, November, 1957. Blue. One owner. Never raced or rallied. 33,000 miles Excellent condition. Many extras. 4300. CourtierDutton, Blaeklands House, Elstead, Surrey. Tel.: (evenings): Elstead 2398; (daytime) Mansion House 7206. 14709 1960 FALCON CARIBBEAN for sale. All new parts and well finished. First reasonable offer secures. L. Dickinson, 175, Blenheim Avenue, Westdale Lane, MapPerley, Nottingham. (4710 COVENTRY CLIMAX. Stage ill 1,220-c.c. Climax, 450 miles road use since complete rebuild. Complete with carburetters, etc. £240. ‘I el. : Worthing 6595. [4711 SAAB 96, November, 1960. Mileage 14.000 guaranteed. Never raced or rallied. Colour oatmeal. Taxed Feb., 1963. L690. No panic. Chirnside, Deansgate, Manchester. 1 el. : 5607, 3-5.30 p.m. (weekdays). (47t2 SPRITE FIBRE-GLASS hard-top. New, never used. 415 o.n.o. Collis, Iicsehin, Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent. Tel. : Cheadle 3125. [4713 PORSCHE r600 SUPER, May, 1958. 35,000 miles. Immaculate. 41,zoo, or consider plc well souped Mini. Baird, 9, Brookfield Road, Walmersley, Bury. 14714 TR2, xp55. Red, soft-top, tonneau, washers, radio. ” X’ types. 4350. Must sell, bought TK3A. Viewable Preston, London or almost anywhere by arrangement weekends. &laden, 41, Beach Grove, Ashton, Preston, Lancs. [4715 FAIRTHORPE ELECTRON MINOR, 1958, unraced, unmodified, high-class respray. new battery, hood, etc. L2.75. Please tel. : Fleet Street 9701 OT Primrose 8338 levenii as!. (4711’s COLLECTOR’S PIECE Abbott bodied DI-1C Healey 1952, Rebuilt on F-type chassis utilising 3.5 axle and mostly new parts. Works replacement polished engine. New hood. Is.R.G. rechromed etc. Absolutely immaculate. Above average price, but must he one of the best original Healeys in the country. 4325. Carpanini, 79, Athenaeum Road, Whetstone, N.20. Tel.: 1111…ism* 2449 (evenings). [4722

M.G. TC 1947. Red with matching upholstery. Very good mechanical condition. Oversize rears. New hood and screens last year. Much above average example. 4t so. Tel.: Luton 53778 [4723. B.M.W. 502 2.6 VS saloon superb unmarked condi

tion. Self-seeking radio, V.H.F. etc., fully reclining seats. This immaculately maintained car cost 43,000, now worth £ ,20o. Accept nearest 4800 or exchange 2-seater. Tel.: Byfleet 45595. [4724 LANCHESTER 1933. Fine example of a rare car. P.M.O. Excellent Mulliner body. Price 4250. Box No. T.725. [4725 ALVIS 32/70 SALOON, ‘938. Smart inside, outside. New battery, springs, linings, two tyres. Best offer over 450. Reluctant abandonment of dignified motoring for VW. Martin, 114, Castel nau, S.W.13. Tel. RIV 8086. . [4726

A.ti FARINA, October 1959, 4395. 196o A.55, 535. 1961 Ford Anglia, July, 4540. Merton Engineering Company Ltd., Faggs Road, Feltham, Middlesex. Tel.: Feltham 3045. [4727 ALLARD 5952 1112X coupe occasional, 4-seater. Black. Wants rebore and respray. 475 o.n.o. Tel.:Lekester $0$05, (4728 PEUGEOT 403. Aug. r959. One careful country owner. 30,000 miles. Grey, full undercoat, Michelin ” X,” top rack. Excellent condition. 4600. Wayne, ” Appledram,” North Chailey, Lewes, Sussex. (4729 AUSTIN-HEALEY 100./6 1957. Good condition. silver blue, matching hard-top, wire wheels, radio, heater,tonneau, 4525 o.n.o., or will exchange with cash for modem brake. May. Gafliards. Hatch Hill. Churt, Farnham, Surrey. 14730 JAGUAR XKx2o, 1954, registered t95. “C ” engine, w/wheels, radio, heater. New hood, twin exhaust system, petrol pump, clutch assembly. Resprayed royal blue tont. 4345 o.n.o., or exchange VW or similar. Burton, 41, Milbourne

I.ane, Esher, Surrey. ‘rel.: Esher 3075. (4856 BENTLEY 31,, 035, Park Ward saloon. :Mechanically perfect, body excellent. Brakes relined. M.0.1’. cert. £185. l ORPington 23713. 14875 TALBOT 75 saloon, 1937. Very sound order. 4: i00. Taxed year. Choveaux, 28, Bury Walk, SAW.3. Tel.: I•laxman 7010 (weekends, I tOrley 4390. 14876 TALBOT 105 saloon. 1930, sound condition. 22, Castle Avenue, London, E.4. Tel.: LarkswOod 2667. L4877 DAIMLER 7-seater limousine, costing initially some 410,000 and in superlative cOnditton, lately the property of world-famous member of Royal House, and a car which has no duplicate. Overseas inquiries considered and Car will be sold to highest bidder before end of month, Box No, T.87′ 8 Or T el.: Evans, Oakwood Hill 322. 14878 H.R.G., in very good condition, full weather equipment, including tonneau. Tyres as new. Spare engine. M.O.T. 4265. Td.: LANgham 1535, or Mil ;lance 6341 (after 5.30 p.m. ;mil weekends). 14879 ALEXANDER-CONVERTED MORRIS Minor,

t952. Full conversion. New tyres, curbs., hood. Respray white. Exceptional condition. 4210 o.n.o. Elston, 14, Church Vale, Birminghain, 20. 1 el.: Northern 2328. [.$880 RILEY z1-LITRE, 1948, black. Heater. Recent Gold Seal engine, brakes ‘relined, steering, exhaust overhauled. Bodywork, tyres very good; mechanically excellent. Bills available. M.O.T. certificate, 4165. Tel.: Potters Bar. 5345.. 14881

1959 TR3A. Immaculate white. 46 t 5 o.n.o. Numerous extras, wiw., etc. Mat 14. LT, Basil Street, S.W.3. Tel.: KEN 1809 (evenings). 14882 ROLLS-ROYCE, 1934, 20125 James Young ‘sports saloon. Excellent tyres., battery, tools, original handbook, heater. Excellent condition. M.0:1. 4285. J. Ellinghouse, WA, St. Mary’s Lane, Upminster, Essek, 14883 ALLARD sports. Complete weather equipment. Tested. 4100 or nearest. Must go. Hempstead, 9, Dawes Avenue, HornehurCh.hisga 1’C M.G. GEARBOX, excellent condition through

out, 4,12. Pair chrome t 2v. windtones, 43. Stevens, •rel.: PAL 8623 (evenings). 14885 TALBOT x445, model 65, 1935, Six-light saloon. Traffic dutch, preselector gearbox with automatic upward change. Extensively and professionally rebuilt by well-known Sheffield Talbot specialist— bins tor over £250 since January ‘6r. Sale includes spare engine, dynamotors, transmission, radiator, etc. Send s.a.e. for details: Offers ? Salt. 47A, Westbourne Road, Sheffield, to. 14880 1934 AUSTIN NIPPY. Reconditioned engmeBrooklands. M.0..1*. Well shod. Mechanics good. Body fair. 475. Tel.: Livingstone 2.125. (4887 NON-STANDARD TRIUMPH Yimkin-converted 1960 llerald. 0-60, 17 sec. One owner. Many extras, including ammeter. 011-preSsure, watertemperature, fog light, wireless. Tffis last and exciting. car Cost 4900 and has been scrupulously maintained. 4600. Tel.: •I’D’r 5907. (4888 1959 SPRITE. Slow, unmodified, many extras.. All systems ” go.” One owner. 4415, or try haggling. Tel.: Bishops Waltham 3851weekendS). 1.4889 VOLKSWAGEN, regd. lobo. 1„.11.11. Good conloin. 4165 o.n.o. Bretton, IffinStead Market, Colchester. 14890 RAILTON. 1949. I sist one made. Drophead coupe, black and silver grey. Excellent condition I.M.0•.1%). 4250, WY1d, 437, White House, Regent’s Park, London, N.W.t. (4891 DIESEL-ENGINED BLUE LABEL Bentley, ruled with a 196 and David Brown gearbox and overdrive, giving 30 m.P.g. and 75 m.p.h. at 2,800 r.p.m. Freestone and Webb aluminium saloon in good allround condition. A well-equipped car, heater, spots, blinkers. screen-washer. with recent new springs, wheel and gearbox bearings, battery starter and dynamo. 4350. Tel.: Clit 0746. 34, The Avenue, Chiswick, London, W.4. 14892 1938 RILEY KESTREL. Engine recently overhauled, new valves, brakes relined, new generator, new tyres, partial rewire: original chrome: bodywork excellent. Passed .11.0.T. test. Will haggle Irons 4140. Box No. T.893. 14893 JUPITER, 1953. Heater. ahnost new hood; 7-year tested. Well maintained. Bargain at La80. Har wood, End Home, heath, Derhyshire. [4894 M.G. ‘I’D, ivory, with new p.v.c hood, screens. Excellent mechanically, tindersealed. Radio, heater and screen-washers. Stage II tuned and taxed until June. First 4.3oo cash secures. Short, The Stables, Old Portslade, 1 love, Sussex. 14895 RARE ROAD-RACING M.G., factory J4. Excellent original bodywork, new hood, sidescreens, racing screen, etc.: hydraulic brakes, reconditioned engine, tlOwed high-compression head. new carbs. Part exchange vintage 3-litre Bent ley saloon, tourer, or £570. Crantield, Saddlers, I looe. Battle, Sussex. Tel.: Ninfield 542. 14896

VINTAGE 1932 MONACO. Monte Carlo winner. 46,5. Warren, 39, Eastview Avenue, London, PORSChE !sop, regd. 1960. R. I D. Exce(41Itit -S .1i. 18. condition. New tyres, silencer. Decoked. .4575. or exchange for cheaper car. Seen London or midlands. Tv!.: WOO 500. [4f98 x927 COWLEY open 2-scaterldickey, complete, fair genera/ condifion. New remoulds, standard bores,

instruction book. Easily restored. Otters around 435. Smith, ” Dunster.” Bushey Lea, Ongar, Essex. ‘,son-c.c. JENSEN G.T. saloon, 1934. Best t-;118fe9r9. Exchange. Vaughan, Tel.: 13edford 67,100 May time). 14900

BUGATTI TYPE 57 GanglotT.d.h.c. Recellulosed, retrimmed. Engine rebuilt. Hydraulic brakes. Superb throughout. Good hiStbry. 4700. no offers. Box 1%90t. 14901

LOTUS SEVEN. ‘Tuned 100E, cll.. gears, R5S, weather equipment, upholstery. 4350 o.n.o. Tel.: Pangbourne (13erks) 244. 14902 yowE’rr JAVELIN dc luxe, 1953. Two owners, Excellent cond. 41 so o.n.o. Griffiths, Kirby Wiske. Thirsk. 14903 ASTON MARTIN. 1934, Mark II saloon. t,5oo-c.c. engine completely rebuilt 2,000 miles ago. Body excellent condition. Lesadd. 61, Borrowdale Avenue, Harrow Weald, Middlesex. (4904

BENTLEY 3-LITRE, 1923. Rebuilt, registered 1958. In very good condition. About 4300.

I hallowaY, 4, Birdhurst Court, WOodeote Avenue, Wallington. Tel.: Franklin 2353. [4905 ASTON 2-LITRE saloon, excellent mechanically and bodily. 4130, offers. Collins, Dorney Cottage, I leathfield Drive, %NUM). ‘Eel.: Ruislip 6448 iweekends)• 14906 1956 COOPER CONSUL. Laystall crankshaft, chrome liners, magnesium alloy wheels, five new

Michelin ” X ” tyres and lobes, G.T. saloon aluminium body. Many extras. 30,000 milts only„ one owner, 4275. Tel.: Chiswick t ro6. 14907 T122, 1955. Exceptional. Resprayed. Recon. engine. New hoodiscreens; heater, radio, ” X.”

4350. Tel.: Uplands 1870. 14908 ” MO’fOR SPORT,” March 1955-March 1962. Complete or volumes. 21, Bloomfield Street, IpsMANY RILEY SPARES, inc. wheels, aitlesE4a9O0,91 wich.

radiator. “rel.: Parkhouse, leatherhead 380o. BENTLEY, 1929, 41-LITRE tourer, Fabric 1b1o9.c110y by Cadogan. Bills tor 4400 since 1959. .C450. 1960 FIAT 600 saloon. Excellent ionditiont 11[84,956101 Tel.: Weybridge. 5847. miles. 50 m.p.g. on cheapest fuel! Engineer owner going abroad. 4380 o.v.n.o. 183, Orchard

Way, Shirley. Croydon. Tel.: SIR 3157. [4912. ALV1S SILVER EAGLE, handsOme open Hooper body, outstanding performance. £225. Tel.: BRISTOL goo 2-LITRE sillopr’1, 96 b.h.p. Ent4g9i:13e Western 5681 ;evenings). and all major componenta renewed last five years, records kept. M.O.T. certified. No insurance loading.”

Richmond 7684 (evenings).

” ” Present owner nine years. 4E410 1 4. T BARGAIN: ROCHDALE G.T. 1.i,sv mileage. Woodhead Monroe suspension. L