The Consultant and Advisory Service



The Consultant and Advisory Service It has, in the opinion of the writer, for far too long been apparent that there is a necessity for a small, compact and responsible organisation, outside the A.A. and R.A.C., to deal with on-the-spot problems occurring to the Vintage, Veteran and Rolls-Royce owner and potential owner, where only highly specialised and authoritative knowledge is of any real and pertinent value:

It is, therefore, proposed by Mr. A. Simmons, formerly Managing director of the well known West-end sales organisation, to form a Company bearing the above or a similar name, and having the following purposes in view.

I. To inspect and render confidential reports upon vehicles, and where required to negotiate the purchase, and/or submit offers. This service to be carried out by .Mr. Simmons only.

2. To provide an immediate and complete source of information and advice to clients on the following subjects : Market and actual values. Responsible and competent repairers, and spares stockists and availability. Arbitration in disputes with insurers, repairers and dealers. Forms of guarantee and warranty and potential hazards in relation thereto. Legal and Title documents. Contractual implications. And WHAT NOT TO BUY, and any other relevant matters of which really expert knowledge is not only desirable but essential.

3. To initiate and compile a Register of Rolls-Royce and other vehicles both for disposal and acquisition and to supply enquirers with particulars of this Register. IT IS NOT INTENDED THAT THE COMPANY SHALL BUY OR SELL VEHICLES EXCEPT WHERE EXPRESSLY RETAINED SO TO DO.

Comments and opinions on the desirability of a service of the nature outlined will be welcomed and carefully assessed by Mr Simmons. who will be grateful to hear from old friends and interested readers who may care to venture suggestions as to any further services that might reasonably be included, and whether an annual subscription or individual charges would best suit this scheme. 21, KEW GREEN, KEW, SURREY Tel.: RIChmond 6278