LAGONDA RAPIER by private hover. Must be in „good, near original condition. Good cash price offered. Open model preferred. Box. No T.483. 14483 ENTHUSIAST REQUIRES reasonable litre Saloon. Leighton, 22, Oaks Avenue, London, S. E. 9. Tel, : G11′ 3184. 14484

MERCEDES BENZ 500K.-540K. roadster. -1.9a5 to ’37. Mechanical condition not important. Body should be restorable. Consider a 32o coupe if it has the same clipped wing styling, export. Box No. T.485. (4485 WANTED : Minor S.V. blower kit. Details and price. Hudson, 54, Therefore, Woodbridge, Suffolk. 14486 ASHLEY FORD 1472 Saloon. Urgently required. Reasonably priced. Room for two children. Ilex

No. T.490 [4496 FINISHED/UNFINISHED 1172 G.T. or similar. Fullest details. Sensible price. Cash. Surrey. Box No. 1.524 14524 ALLOY CROSS-FLOW head and conversion equipment. Wanted for Sprite. St. Margaret’s, Roshn, Midlothian. (4525 FAMILY OFF-HAND. Young at heart grandhither therefore seeks Lotus Seven or kit. Selling immaculate Dellow, too stately, 4150. Pearce, 25, Braiding Avenue, Seuthsea. Tel.: Portsmouth 3/60o. 14526 HEALEY ABBOT, tiickieley Hurricane, or Similar, must be immaculate. Cash available, full details. 13abon, 9, Manor Close, C:ongleton. Cheshire. [4527 CASH AWAITS cheap 3;/.1!, Bentley, Rover 1.t.ta, Aston, Alfa or Lancia in running order. Worcs/ Glos area. Box No. •I.s zat. 14528 WANTED FOR MINI. Twin SC’s, manifolds, Speedwell exhaust system. Whitehonse, 45, Mill lane, R nsusvle, Warwickshire. (4529 MERCEDES 300 SL Gull wing coupe or 190 SL. Faultless mechanically. State history, mileage, colour, lowest price. Box No. ‘I.530. [4539

LAGONDA, blownc,s-blown 2-litre Wanted. Execfient M45 Rap& for sale. Evans, Shudehill, Hayfield, Stockport. “Iel,: New Mills 2002. 14575

ENTHUSIAST STILL SEARCHING for really great car. Any condition, crashed or eimeours. Anything considered, e.g. Alfa, Aston, EraserNash. :Os° Anzani or Meadow’s engine wanted. Tel.: RE]. 496o. (4576 VOLKSWAGEN GEARBOX converted to Hardy Sow, tialf-shalls, Box No. 1.577. [4577 M.G. TA ENGINE wanted very urgently. Preferanly in running condition and in the Midland area. Please state specification and condition. Eoana,

Rodborough Road. Dorridge, ;Ohba. [4578 TR 2:3 WANTED. Will purchase best value offered. Details and lowest price please. Jackson, 116, Sunnybank Road, Potters Bar, Middlesex. 55109. 14613 OVERDRIVE, Suitable M.G. Magnette•ZA. With or without G.B. Tel.: Tewin 267. [4614 WANTED: Accommodation near London, for one preserved double deck bus, Day, So, Farm Road, Edgware. (46 t 5 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR convertible. Any Con dition. Strachey, 41. Westbourne Terrace, London,

%%2. Amt3,,s,,,dor 2102. 146.16 TORNADO TYPHOON WANTED. .seater. E93A or tool: Twin-Carbs., if possible. Give all details, price required. Tel.: NYC 27719 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Write Brameld, 79, Grainger Street, Newcastle-Upon-‘I’ync. 14617 WANTED : Derrington exhaust for Austin-Ifealey too,4. For sale. A.-II. iorP4 camshaft, distributor I sin. S.U.’s and manifold.Deluge 1)8 C.II. gasket. Stevenson, 102, Nottingham Road, Long . Eaton. Tel.: 396. (4618 IF YOU ARE A YOUNG LADY, interested in Ttype Ni. C’s resider» in Surrey or Sussex and would like male company, please write to Box N. T.619. (4619 WANTED : Riley Adclphi 12?4 or spares, towable. Also Wolseley Hornet, sound chassis, rest immaterial, cheap but towable. J. S. Taller’, ” Ridgeway, ” Corhill,.Abingdon, Berks. [462o LO’FUS SEVEN in immaculate condition. Please write giving full details and price to Box No. T.67t (4071 1750 ALFA, 2-seater. Body condition unimportant, mechanically sound. Tel.: Farnham (Surrey) 4040. (4672 E93A ENGINE, transmiSsion. I sin. wheels, etc. Details to Wilson, 35, Ainseew Ave. Lostock, Bolton, La ncS. (4073 M.G. 2)4or .1-seater. V.G.C. only. View S.W. Details, photos, price.. Piper, 25, Sietwell Street, Exeter. [4995 VINTAGE CAR REQUIRED. Four-seater tourer, not bigger than 1,500 c.c. jarratt, Appletree Cot tage, Avenue Road, Lymington, Hants. [4688 COMPLETE ENGINE and gearbox assembly for t t.9 Morris Cowley, flat nosed. year 193t. Must be in good running, order. H. ti. Rant, Old Rink WorkS, Gold Hill. GerrOrdS CrOSS, Bucks. (4769 A.C. BUCKLAND sports tourer, 1952-54. GOO

condition. Birmingham area Box No. T.7.78. 14778 CITROEN a C.V. Sound bOdy and chassis, cheap. All other considerations immaterial. Box NO. T.857. [4857

Box No. ROLLS LIMOUSINE. Pay £350 cash for perfect specimen, year unimportant, prefer pre-1935. Box No. T.858.[4858 SHORROCKS BLOWER KIT for .s.v. Minor and)

or o.h.i.v. kit. W. Allsopp, Newent. Glos. [4859. MOTORING BOOKS and manuals required .ur16-1011.1y. Send details tot a return quote. Box No. 1 would consider 1,750 blown. Hodson, Knorr:v:6110, LAGONDA WANTED for spares. Any model, condition, or location, cheap. Box No. T.861. [4861

ALFA ROMEO 8-CYLINDER, open or closed, Cambs. AUSTIN CHUMMY, reasonable condition. (4 AUSTIN Norris, 1 t 7, Cucklield Road, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. [4863 VOLKSWAGEN DELUXE, 1958 onwards. Cash. Private buyer. it, Bold Street. Altrincharn, RILEY 2[ WANTED. Peat 1948. Must (4864 haveCheshire. reconditioned engine. 14, Benwick Lane, Dod dinar on, Cambs. 14565 MORRIS SERIES Ilti000 alloy or modified head, good condition. State price. Box No. T.866. JAGUAR MARK V tourer, good cOndition. (4866 Sensible prices please for private transaction. All repli…s answered. Box No. T.867. [4867 FOR MK. I SPRITE. Bonnet—preferably white, tour road wheels, steering wheel, hood Nack,, sidescreens, Windscreen and posts. WHY.? Brown, Lanesfield, Old Road, Barlaston,

Staffs. (4868 HARD-TOP FOR M.G.-A, preferably H.M.C.

AldsoIgis.to an .G3. 3452. (5022cylinder head. Tel.: udin (5o22. TOP CONDITION HIDE interior with, or, bucket seats. Selling good pair Rotax headlamps. McLaren, Tel.: MAY 9496. r5 T.v.R. OR ROCHDALE Olympic. cash plus )41l0540′ Minor offered. t 36, Clive Street, Grangetown,

Cardiff. 15041 LAGONDA RAPIER, preferably with special hotly. Full details please. Box No. T.042. (5042 FOR BORGWARD HANSA 1500, tgSt2, wheel with or without tyre (6.40 t5). Also interested in any literature relating. Prout, 13oyukdere, Chatham Road,-Sandling, Maidstone, Kent. (5043 BENTLEY DIFF. or complete axle, 3.53 or Other parts. Also 4!, or blower for rebuilding. 13, Church Street. Wellesbourne. Warwicks. (5044 : ” Motor MISCELLANEOUS

INSURANCE QUICKLY ARRANGED sports cars. Cot»prehensive, thirst party. Send full details. Dugdale’.s. 44, Old Bond Street, London. W.I. 14319 LE MANS, as finale to motoring holiday. Young man seeks companion. Own expenses. Box Ni,. WORKS TRai3 hard-top. Cost £50. Oittelr2s1. Reddish. 1 lass-land House, Kingston-St.-Michael, Chippenham, Wilts. -434.5 GO TOURING is taking. its de Luxe Microbus to all Continental Grancls Prix in 1962. For details, write to Go ‘looting, 35, Wrochester Street,

Salisbury. 14363 HIRE PURCHASE for private transactions. Northern Csiunties Finance, 143, Boughton. Chester.(4381 LUCAS No. 722″ King of the Road ” pair of lamps. Offers ? 17, Syke jn5s, Iver, Bucks. C-1.121 PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE l’or sports car passengers t 5s. per seat. Passenger liability trom £5 per -A”..5,000. Full insurance including passenger liability arranged on Cooper Minis drivers MUS1 be over 25). P•G• & Co.. Ltd.,

34. Cater Road, S.E.26. : SYD 7,695. [4422 Do REWARD offered by hire purchase company to first person giving information ot whereabouts and leading to recovery of Morris Minor Ptck Up registered number 803 B.D.V.. chassis number OPIN 1,448425, engine number 9Milii1-1 306902. Write: Western Einance Limited. 19, Cross Street, Barnstaple. GO TO LE MANS thi 4 s year. Leave London Friday evening, return Monday 9.00 a.m. We otfer luxury coach travel. Admission to circuit, sleeping f8ci1ities. free cigarettes, etc., plus usual customs concessions. Arranged by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and every scat sold in 1961. Eantastic value for t t gns. and even less for groups. Brochure front Page Tours, 8. Silverdale Drive, Thomaston,

LE MANS. By cOaelVairtrail from London. ito7 Leicester. nights Paris. Few scats vacant. Under t8 guineas inclusive. 3d. stamp for details. cx, Collenswood Road, Stevenage, Eiertfordshire. (453( JOHNSON 4o-h.p. outboard. New, in manufacturer’s crate. 1,208 cash. Box No. T.579. 14579 SPECIAL JET FLIGHTS to most Continental races. Long weekend or day-return. From 12 ans. Grandstand tickets also available. Stamped envelope. Grand Prix Box. Office, 29. Windsor

Street, Uxbridge. WANTEED; clamp-on luggage grid, hood stick cover, black, for ‘IR Sale, standard TR steering Nli,4h:7e10. 178, !Install Road. Leicester. : Leicester FO8R413/77V8 REGISTER. Send S.A.E. for free specimen bullctuiu. Box No. ‘1.,675. [467 15-17, City Road, TR SOET-TOP, white p.v.e. complete with frame and stick cover, new r96t, used once. £13. Also aero windscreen, complete. 4:2 tot. 4, Broomfield Green, Blakebrook, Kidsierminster.14869 WARNING PLAQUES for dashboards, telling passengers that they travel at their own risk. Clarke a?i Co., Coombe Road, Salisbury, 3s. and s.a.e. (4687 ENGINEER has small machine shop stood idle. Would welcome one-off jobs. or experimental arid prototype work. Turning capacity 3; in. over bed. to in. over gap. Tool post grinding, knurling, thrilling, etc. Vintage work welcome. Enquiries please to: Douglas Wood, The Cottage, Royal Oak, Filey, Yorkshire. 14870 RESPRAYING? Do it yourself with professional equipment. /bring rates from ,C3 week. 31, Brunswick Gardens, W.8. [4871 VOLKSWAGEN OWNERS’ CLUB (GREAT BRITAIN). VW owners are cordially invited to apply for membership. Hon. Secretary, 22, I lowitt Close, Hampstead, N.W.3. (5048 LONESOME ENTHUSIAST, bachelor, interested racing, rallies, touring off the beaten track, seeks attractive frolicsome girl as partner. Interest other than motoring is equestrian. Photos. pedigrees, etc., Please to Box No. T.o50. 1050 PORSCHE xsoo Work-shop manual as new, cost 4.5. Accept A:2 tos. ed. [4523 EXCHANGES 1948 RILEY xl, nice condition, for the best TA, TB or preferably ‘IV. Fullest details and photograph it’ possible please ; I will do likewise. Grif

fiths, Tel.: West Coker 3o5 (Somerset). [4812 1960 TURNER B.M.C. “A.” Grey red trim, wlw extras. £490 -Icash for Porsche or G.T. car. 92, Elmwood Way, Basingstoke. [4320 1953 JOWETT JUPITER Series III. Reconditioned engine, heater, luggage rack, vynide heed. B.R.G. Photograph available. Wanted Morris Traveller, similar estate, or geed van. Grint, 3.22, Outten Road, Oultoe Village, Lowestoft, Sulfialk. (.044 RENAULT DAUPHINE, Nov., 1959. White. Unmarked. Plus cash for M.G.-A lixed-head coupe. Harrison, 336, London Road, Stoneygate, 1.eicester. [4346 WILL EXCHANGE Jaguar XKI20 in :sparkling Jaguar red. Excellent chrome and mechanics. Many extras, For £.195 and any car. Tel. : York 76447. (4420 1’R2. £i 7o. Extras. Exchange Volkswagen. Consider Renault. Fiat with cash. Paintwork uniniportant. Ifromley, 21, Oghey Road, WatfOrd. 14674 VINTAGE LAGONDA, 1929, 2-litre tourer. A.:55, or exchange Dellow. WILY.? 5o, Bateman Road, Croxley Greco, Herts. [4622 M.G. MORGAN or similar, for my perfectly immaculate little ’55 Series II Morris Minor convertible. Just reconditioned engine. gearbox, hood. Cash adjustment. Or sell outright. Rose. 79, Victoria Road, London, N.W.6.[4872 BENTLEY 3-LITRE., 1923. saloon. Original condition. .N.5.0.T. _eertific’ate. Value 4200. Exchange for interesting open sports lxitus-, Morganor Special. suitable for young wife. No hairy monsters please, male or mechanical! Auto Union toosaS de luxe count, to6o. Perfect. exchange for 760 greett’uns, or Karmann Ghia, VW, or similar with sunroof plus cash. Other exchanges for either car considered. after April tst. Nurseries. Chip ping Campden, (lies. Tel. :564. 15045 EXCHANGE 7-SEATER Rolls for seven pushbikes. Richardson. 387, Postillion Road, Burnley. 150.0 1956 AUSTIN Ago. Excellent condition. Sell or exchange something sportingiinteresting. Anything considered if condition good. Napier. East Carlton Hall, Nr. Market Ilarborough, 1 et. : 224. 15049 M.G. TD, 1952, for interesting Rolls or rare classic of any type considered. M.G. is excellent. New hood, Side-screens, overhauled. black With . rest interior. Value ‘315. Cash adjustment. Copt. Lemarr, 6988, Coventry Street, R.A.F., Scu)

thorpe, Norfolk. : Fakenham 2251, ext. 3078. (5052 SITUATIONS VACANT

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR requires a practical, well-educated assistant to work in Ewell, Surrey.

Applicants must be able: 1. give examplec of novel design or inventive work. 2. TO draw or be willing to learn to draw Sufficiently well to express ideas on paper. 3. To plan and curry out experimental work and to record results accurately. 4. Ita use hand and some machine tools. 5. To have some grounding in physics of mechanical engineering. Write: 15.5.97., 39, Cheam Road, Ewell. [4873 WANTED. Two capable young ladica to run Filling Station. while boss works .on vintage cars. Nr. Burnham-on-Sea. Somerset. Box No. T.676. 14676 SITUATIONS WANTED YOUNG MAN, nearly t8. seeks employment with racing or sports concern. 55, South Croxted Road, W’est Dulwich. 8113.21. 14874 GRADUATE. Dip.Tech.(Eng.), 24. Wide education. Seeks employment connectep with first love. Member A.R.D.A., intends entering racing. DOS No. T.o47. 150.17