The Fast Lady


Further to your remarks concerning the vintage Bentley, TU 5987, starring in the film “The Fast Lady,” this car was the property of my father, the late W. H. Charnock, between 1948 and 1959, when it was sold to a naval officer, I believe called Alexander.

I am at present making tentative inquiries with the film company, with a view to re-purchasing the car. They claim that it is in “perfect condition,” and did not suffer at all in the film making. This I find hard to believe! The film producers painted the car green and the chassis red, and also fitted the unoriginal lamps and the inappropriate horn.

However, they say that apart from fitting a replacement gearbox the car ran faultlessly throughout the filming, and it is now engaged on publicity tours in the Midlands and elsewhere.


London, S.W.7.