On test


We have read with growing interest the reports and statements which have appeared recently in your excellent publication concerning the new Rootes Mini. With these thoughts in mind we feel that you may be interested in our impressions of one of these cars seen passing through Leicester on the 15th March.

The car was spotted on the A 6 and at first glance appeared to be a Triumph Herald Estate Car. However, a closer look told us that this could not be so as the body was not long or big enough.

When the driver saw our Mini-Minor do a “U” turn to have another look he accelerated to attempt to lose us before his car was recognised. The acceleration of the new car was slightly superior to that of our Mini.

The Mini was hard put to keep up. It was out-accelerated, out-cornered and generally put to shame! In fact the only reason we kept up was because our driver had a better knowledge of the particular road.

The road-holding of this fantastic car is, as we have said as good as, if not better, than the Mini. Acceleration is incredible. Indeed, we could hardly believe our ears, when the driver changed from third to top gear at 60+m.p.h.

In our opinion the Rootes Group have a “winner” in this new car and, if the performance of the mass-produced car is the same as the test car we saw then B.M.C. had better beware for they will meet some stiff competition in a market which they have so far domineered. One of the writers has already placed a tentative order for one of these cars and if and when he takes delivery he will let you know his impressions.

Finally, may we congratulate the driver of “Apex” or “Ajax” or “?”, Reg. No. WHS 175; on this occasion he tried every trick to lose us and nearly succeeded. Does he remember our green Mini? We think he does and will do so for some time.


[But for us it is a case of ‘wait and see.” We have been told no test cars are available—yet.—Ed.]