Looking back



W. H. Aldington brought with him to the inaugural meeting of the new Frazer Nash Car Club an interesting souvenir, in the form of the menu of the Frazer Nash Christmas Party held at the Mayfair Hotel on December 21st, 1935. They were all true “Chain Gangsters” then, of course, although it was before the Frazer Nash C.C. of those days had been absorbed into the V.S.C.C.

The menu included such items as Perles d’Isleworth, with a footnote to the effect that any pearls found in the oysters remained the property of the club, Homard Nurburg, Dindonneau Farçi au Tecalemit, Salade Shelsley, Bombe Mountain Record a la Fane and Désirs des Dames, it contained a drawing for the Mountain lap record-holding Shelsley Fraser Nash, and announced a cabaret featuring Sam Barton and Hildegarde, dancing to Newman and his Orchestra, and breakfast at 1.30 a.m. – so the new F.N.C.C. has something to live up to!

Incidentally, the Mountain rap record announcement was followed by “Class F” in brackets, rather like modern rally advertisements, a reminder that at this time Fane held the 1,500 c.c. class lap record at 78.3 m.p.h. but the outright lap record belonged at the time to Raymond Mays (E.R.A.), at 81.28 m.p.h. Yes, they were simply the “Chain Gang” in those days, which reminds me that those of them who remain are going to enjoy David Thirlby’s Fraser Nash and G.N. History which Macdonald are scheduled to publish this summer.—W. B.

E.R.A.s at Beaulieu

The Montagu Motor Museum having obtained the late Prince Chula’s E.R.A. “Romulus,” this historic racing car exhibit will be unveiled at Beaulieu by Princess Chula on April 25th. The E.R.A. Club is supporting the occasion with a display of at least six other E.R.A.s, including R3A, which Peter Massey is shipping back from South Africa. If a parade is held, the noise alone should be worth the price of admission! The Museum has also obtained the library of the late Lord Ridley and will display the 746 c.c. Ridley Special, which established the Class H mile record at 105.92 m.p.h. at Brooklands in 1931, beating the “works” Austin and M.G. “fastest 750 ” speeds, but crashing shortly afterwards.

The Andover Traction Engine Rally takes place this year on June 19th. The gates at Finkley Manor Farm will open at 12 noon, and the ring events start at 2 p.m. Details from : G. Howell, 5, The Crescent, Andover, Hampshire.