Yet another "motorists' burden"




What is your opinion on the use of salt on our roads as ice and snow fighters?

Personally it is my strong opinion that some other chemical could be produced to attack snow and ice which did not have such a liking for steel and chromium. Surely it would not over-tax our scientific and research laboratories to produce such a chemical which was comparable with salt in cost and efficiency but had a neutral action on metals.

Even if the cost of such a chemical was slightly more expensive, after being mixed with frost grit, surely the over-taxed motorist is entitled to it. Not to mention the adverse effect the high content salt mixture has on our concrete pavements and curbings.

My strong feelings are backed by having what I thought to be an immaculate Morgan 4/4, but despite undersealing, constant washing and waxing and touching up, it is beginning to look slightly salt bitten around the edges. I dread to think what a state of disintegration the non-undersealed, occasionally cleaned car must get into!

Harvington. – Roland Jones.

[Never mind! The motorist always pays, even if he doesn’t always vote.—Ed.]