Michelin service




So many of your correspondents complain about tyres that it is nice to be able to record my unalloyed satisfaction with the service offered by the Michelin Tyre Company today.

I bought a secondhand Simca some 2-1/2 years ago with 28,000 genuine miles on the clock which had apparently been fitted with a new set of Michelin “X” shortly before purchase as they looked quite unworn.

The car has now done 69,800 miles and overnight I had my second slow puncture in over 40,000 miles.

The treads still looked only half worn, and the puncture appeared to be due to a small cut on the wall of one of the rear tyres.

The Michelin depot in Hove examined the tyre and decided there was a fault in the cover for which they, as manufacturers, were responsible and offered me a new cover at 60% allowance.

Considering the mileage these tyres have done, this treatment seems to me to border on the fantastic, and I feel the least I can do is to ask you to give it the happy publicity of your correspondence columns.

Usual disclaimer.

Brighton. – Harold P. Powell.