J.Stewart (B.R.M. V8) Wins Tasman Championship

Warwick Farm Races Sydney (February 13th) 45 laps, 161 kilometres

For the Australian races Graham Hill rejoined the B.R.M. team of 2-litre cars and Attwood was stood down. Clark had things go right for a change with the Lotus 39 fitted with a 4-cylinder 2 1/2-litre Coventry-Climax engine, and had an easy win at Warwick Farm, but Stewart spun early in the race and damaged a wheel rim, which hampered him for the rest of the race.

Results :

1st : J. Clark (Lotus-Climax 4-cyl.) ... ...71 min. 03.6 sec., 137.503 m.p.h.
2nd: G. Hill (B.R.M. 2-litre V8) ... ... ... 71 min. 24.5 sec.
3rd : F. Gardner (Brabham-Climax 4-cyl.) 72 min. 02.8 sec.
4th : J. Stewart (B.R.M. 2-litre V8) ... .. 72 min. 18.4 sec.
5th : S. Martin (Brabham-Climax 4-cyl.) 72 min. 23.1 sec.
6th : J. Palmer (Lotus-Climax 4-cyl.) ... 72 min. 28.0 sec.

Australian Grand Prix—Lakeside, Brisbane (February 20th) 66 laps, 159.3 kilometres

The B.R.M. team were back in command of things at this meeting, Stewart leading the race until his gearbox broke, whereupon Graham Hlill took over. Clark was never in the picture, his Lotus-Climax giving trouble and not running properly throughout the meeting.

Results :
1st : G. Hill (B.R.M. 2-litre V8) ... ... 62 min. 38.0 sec., 152.872 k.p.h.
2nd : F. Gardner (Brahham-Climax) 62 min. 55.0 sec.
3rd : J. Clark (Lotus-Climax) ... ... .. 62 min. 57.0 sec.
4th : J. Palmer (Lotus-Climax) ... ... 64 laps
5th : Bartlett (Brabharn-Ford 1 1/2-litre) ... 63 laps
6th : G. Scott (Lotus-Ford 1 1/2-litre) ... .. 63 laps

Sandown Park Races—Melbourne (February 27th) 52 laps, 161 kilometres

With no mechanical bothers to delay him, Stewart won the International "100" and gained sufficient points to win the overall Tasman Championship at his first attempt. Brabham drove a Repco V8-engined car and though he made fastest practice lap and led away at the start he retired after five laps with oil-pressure trouble.

Results :
1st : I. Stewart (B.R.M. 2-litre V8) ... ... 59 min. 37.1 sec., 162.351 k.p.h.
2nd: J. Clark (Lotus-Climax 4-cyl.) ... ... 60 min. 09.0 sec.
3rd : G. Hill (B.R.M. 2-litre V8) ... ... 60 min. 27.2 sec.
4th : J. Palmer (Lotus-Climax 4-cyl) 51 laps
5th : F. Gardner (Brabharn-Climax 4-cyl) 50 laps
6th ; L. Howard (Lotus-Ford 1 1/2-litre) .. 47 laps

Longford Races—Tasmania (March 6th) 27 laps, 195.5 kilometres

Jackie Stewart ran away with the final race of the Tasman series, even though he had already won the Championship. Clark was delayed by a pit stop to change plugs, which spoilt his dice with Graham Hill. Brabham used the 2 1/2-litre Repco-Brabham V8 engine again, but it was not going well and he finished a poor third. Of the eight races in the Tasman Championship; four in New Zealand and four in Australia, Stewart won four, Graham Hill two, Attwood one and Clark one. The two-car B.R.M. team, looked after by Tim Parnell, thus won seven out of the eight races and returned home well satisfied with their winter's work. The cars used were 1965 Formula One chassis fitted with 2-litre versions of the 1965 V8-cylinder engines.

Results :
1st : J. Stewart (B.R.M. 2-litre V8) .. 62 min. 55.4 sec., 186.615 k.p.h.
2nd: G. Hill (B.R.M. 2-litre V8) ... ... 64 min. 01.6 sec.
3rd : J. Brabham (Brahham-Repco V8) 64 min. 28.7 sec.
4th : J. Palmer (Brabham-Climax 4-cyl.) . 64 min. 32.2 sec.
5th S. Martin (Brabham-Climax 4-cyl) ... 64 min. 35.2.sec.
6th : F. Gardner (Brabham-Climax 4-cyl) .. 26 laps