As an Australian sees us

I have been a reader of your very fine magazine for some years now although I must confess I am not a regular subscriber as the prohibitive price (As. 4s. 6d.-5s., depending on the newsagent) in Australia has, on occasions, led me to think twice before purchasing your magazine. Your journalists accuracy in presenting fact and lack of unwarranted emotionalism which appears in other journals, has led to my respect of your publication.

May I, as a “foreigner” , have the temerity to pass opinion on what appear to be much debated problems confronting the motorist in this country ?

Firstly, the pedestrian, who appears in this country to be treated like royalty. Virtually no control exists over these thoughtless people. In Italy to venture from the footpath anywhere but the marked zones entails the same amount of risk as becoming a Kamekazi pilot. If some person has the foolish idea of crossing a road, let them be born there and not venture onto the roadway where they don’t pay tax or even wear number plates. I am not anti-royalist, but I firmly believe that if the pedestrians’ reign is ended then the major problem of traffic in London would be solved.

Secondly, I pass no comment on the recent speed restriction imposed on the motorist here. I would only like to outline a very successful system recently adopted in Australia (N.S.W.).

Built-up areas 35 m.p.h., main roads 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 in stages according to the geography of the area. Expressways (motorways) unlimited, heavily patrolled, and motorists are quickly apprehended for dangerous driving. However, depending on the direction from Sydney, the 60 m.p.h. limit is dropped, usually at a distance remote enough so that speed-crazy inexperienced drivers have lost their enthusiasm for foolishness. All of the above speed limits are heavily patrolled and heavy fines are attached to any infringement.

Finally. Do something, British motorists! Britain is the home of democracy and I was quite dismayed to see so much ill feeling expressed only in newspaper and journal “letters to the Editor” columns and no record in the newspapers of anyone actually doing anything.

My congratulations on a superb motoring journal and may your good work continue.

New South Wales. Brian Woodward.