Ford Cortina-Lotus

Closing the gap in their range following the introduction of the new Cortina last October, Ford announced a Lotus version in March. Using the former Special Equipment engine in standard trim, developing 115 b.h.p. net, the new model is slightly faster and has a claimed maximum speed of 108 m.p.h. The Cortina-Lotus is available only in two-door form, priced at £1,068 including tax, and can be ordered in any colour in the Ford chart. As before, the Lotus version has a matt black radiator grille and badges on the rear wings and boot.

Most of the steering and suspension components are common with the Cortina GT, but the suspension has been lowered by an inch front and rear and the 5-1/2J 13 in. wheels are equipped with radial ply tyres to choice. For customers who want to take part in competitions the Lotus version is available with fuel injection, alloy doors, boot and bonnet, modified suspension, limited slip differential, ultra-close ratio gears, lightweight seats and other performance items.