The Frazer Nash "Patience"

May I correct a small error in Mr. R. N. Robinson’s letter on the Frazer Nash “Patience”?

If, as Mr Robinson says, the Dubonnet front suspension units were made by Alford and Alder then I don’t think they came off a Standard Avon but off an ordinary Standard 14.

I knew this car very well and drove it quite a lot when owned by a Mr. Maxted who was a Director of Alford & Alder and who was a close neighbour. These units were vastly superior to any used by Vauxhall or Chevrolet and the Standard handled extremely well with them. I was so impressed I tried to buy the car from Mr. Maxted but Mr. Mays had first call so I bought a Talbot coupé with a Weymann body, which was a much better car.

R.O. Wilson-Kitchen.