Computer service?



THE completion of the new Swansea Computer Centre has unfortunately resulted in a simplification of the car logbook and the new single-sheet driving licences. We were, however, promised that when it was opened we should have the benefit of day-by-day car licences, so that a car could be licensed for a minimum of three days in any one month, instead of for a minimum of one month as at present, a refund from a longer period being obtainable from Post Offices. Such a scheme would be of the greatest advantage to owners of prewar cars used mainly for rallies and might well bring in additional revenue, as there would be it great incentive to take part in more rallies, if the cost of taxing a car for the required few days was a fair one. We have always welcomed this system, as being far better than requesting privilege-licences for the older vehicles, which might well cause them to be put in a separate category wherein they could only be used on special occasions.

We understood that the Swansea Centre was to open last month and that 1,500 people were already employed there prior to that. What we now want to know is, when are these short-term “road-fund” licences to be issued?