"Alvis Anecdotes"




With reference to “Alvis Anecdotes”, page 118, February’s MOTOR SPORT. Should not the legend under the first picture read: Car of Quality.—A post-war Alvis TA21 with drophead coupé body? The Grey Lady (TC21/100) differed in many respects from the TA21, some of which are obviously not seen from a photograph, e.g., compression and axle ratios raised, twin H4 SUs, etc. The differences in the coachwork however are a different matter.

It will be seen from the photograph the absence of air-scoops on the bonnet top and no louvres, only air flaps on the bonnet sides. The absence of chrome trim around the windscreen, and disc wheels. Generally, the Grey Lady was endowed with wire wheels, bonnet scoops and louvres, narrow windscreen pillars, and chrome trims. Some earlier cars were modified to the TC21/100 specification but are they true Grey Ladies?

Grahame Bennett.
AOC Member.