Vintage Postbag, April 1974


Following your article on the 1902 Mors, I wonder if the following will be of interest? In my copy of Motor Sport for March, 1931, there was an article on the racing Mors by E. K. H. Karslake and against the picture of Fournier in a Mors at Bordeaux my late father had made a note “I have driven this car—it belonged to General Laycock”.

Brig. General Joseph Laycock (father of the late Maj. General Sir Robert Laycock) lived at Wiseton, a few miles from Retford and was a customer at my grandfather’s then recently-opened garage. I have always understood that Fournier went to Wiseton to instruct in the handling of a Mors that was bought by General Laycock—and this is confirmed by a photograph, which I have, of Fournier, which is inscribed “To my friend C. Clark. Souvenir de Paris-Bordeaux and Paris-Berlin race in 1901—Henry Fournier”.

It would seem most unlikely that Mors would send their leading driver to instruct on the handling of a standard, production model. Moreover, General Laycock was both wealthy and, I gather, most intrepid, and so quite likely to own such a racing car.

It would, of course, be interesting to know what happened to this car!

Retford C. L. Clark