Aloof V12

Six years ago I was advised through your correspondence columns not to buy a secondhand Lotus Elan unless I was willing to incur the expense of an engine tune-up each week and major rebuild every 30,000 miles or so. I therefore bought the obvious alternative at that time, a 3.8 E-type Jaguar coupe and after six years and 100,000 virtually trouble free (certainly the engine anyway), friendly motorists I have a complaint!

Until the advent of the V-12 we all greeted each other with a nod of the head or flash of the headlights in a knowing smile when passing in slow-moving traffic. The V-12s, however, refuse to recognise our existence, without which, etc., etc.

Perhaps V-12 drivers have one eye on the road ahead and the other on the fuel gauge, and miss us completely?

By the way, you don’t have to apologise about the quality of your magazine paper, we wouldn’t mind even if it came to us printed on loo paper just as long as it keeps coming.

Birchington, J. Holmes