A Plea for Perspective

One often reads in your magazine letters from readers who are worrying about which car they should choose to replace their Alfa Romeo, Jaguar or MG-B. Is it not time that they should stop concerning themselves over their unfortunate “plight” so that a few thoughts can be spared for their younger brethren?

Forced at the moment to motor around in the most basic and cheap transport, we are faced with the prospect of having to drive emasculated cars—no matter how much we manage to earn—on roads strangled by statutory regulations. The qualities in motoring which so many of your correspondents admire and which are epitomised in the Alfa Romeos and Lancias of today will not even be allowed to exist.

Is it not time, then, that some people should put their motoring into some sort of perspective so that they can count their blessings?

St. Albans R.J. Squire

[And when all testing is done in Government Test Stations it could well get worse. —Ed.]