Sole Surviving Aurea?


I have a 1926 (the date is stamped on the rear axle housing) Aurea which is in as-found condition. I know of a 1923 Aurea being restored in Ballarat, Australia, but have been unsuccessful in locating any other existing Aurea anywhere in the world. Perhaps some of your readers may be able to tell me whether I am an inefficient searcher or whether I do, in fact, own a rare car?

In the 1920s Aureas were not uncommon in Melbourne and there was, until very recent times, an old building in the Melbourne suburb of Armadale bearing the legend, in very faded letters, “Aurea Cars”.

The car is very little damaged, apart from a slightly bent front axle, but is considerably Worn. The carburetter, generator, instruments and radiator badge are missing and the trim is obviously non-original, The body is Australian made. There is little about the car which is unusual and the size and weight of the body should ensure that it has nothing unusual in the way of performance from its 1,500-c.c, side-valve motor. Nevertheless I am looking forward to driving it in due course.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on the missing bits.

RUSSELL STAPLETON Victoria, Australia