Another Ghost Story

Like no doubt many others I was most interested in your article “Another Ghost Story”, March 1977.

You state that what happened after the First World War is obscure. After consultation with Air Chief Marshal Sir Alec and Lady Coryton I did write some two pages of “551’s Forty Forgotten Years 1908-1948”, and this was published in 1975 as part of the 20 Ghost Club’s Silver Jubilee programme for Kensington Gardens.

Briefly, three possible items of interest : –
(1) The present type windscreen was fitted in 1913, before that it was flat.
(2) Rolls-Royce modified the engine in 1912 to give more power, after which it was never as smooth.
(3) The chassis frame broke in 1925 in Italy after which the car limped back to England, never to he used regularly again.

I think it is most improbable that, on acquisition from Mr. Hanbury’s heirs, the mileage’ was anywhere near 500,000.

Weybridge, I.C. Dymock-Maunsell