Roll-over bar




I readily agree with the comments of W.B. on the above devices in the January MOTOR SPORT, but I have to point out that he is incorrect in stating that their use is compulsory in Australia.

The amiable bush rangers who brought their Austin 7’s to your country last year are good friends of mine, and they chose to fit roll-over bars to their cars. It is true that some years ago they were compulsory — the direct result of the death of John Wradden, Secretary of the MG Car Club (Melbourne) in a pre-war MG race, but subsequently reason prevailed and the use of roll-over bars in Historic races has been optional for some time.

In case the do-gooders (to use W.B.’s phrase) think I am taking liberties with other people’s necks, I mention that I regularly race my MG TC Special in Historic events in Australia without a roll-over bar — i.e. in exactly the same form that I raced the car through the 1950’s.
Melbourne, Australia
Graham Hoinville