Spectator Service

Spectators at major races frequently feel that they do not receive sufficient information about what is going on. To go some way to satisfying this need, Victor Lustig Associates will be selling fact sheets, for 20p each, after each qualifying session and race.

The sheets will give the chassis number of the car used, times set, reasons for retirement or stoppage, and a potted interview with each driver.

A French journalist, Avril Poisson, will speak to every driver, not just the stars, but for economy and reasons of space, the salient points will be reduced to a set of numbers. The full list has yet to be announced but typical examples might be as follows. 1, My best lap was ruined by a back-marker. 2, The car lacks balance. 3. 1 had difficulty turning in. 4, The car was oversteering. 5, The car was understeering. 6, No problems, the car is perfect. 7, For sure, we’ll be there or thereabouts on race day. 8, The team has made a lot of progress, we’re getting there. 9, Silverstone is my favourite circuit. 10, I love racing in Italy, the crowd is so enthusiastic, and so on and so forth.

By this means, spectators will be able to enjoy the privileged information which normally only motor racing journalists receive. — M.L.