Road Car Racing & Preparation

by Terry Grimwood. 128pp. 93/4 x 71/2. (Osprey Publishing Ltd, 59 Grosvenor Street, London W1X 9DA. £8.95).

Reference works for complete beginners in motorsport have become all the more necessary as the number of clubs, organising bodies, categories and regulations has expanded, no one-time saloon racer and journalist Terry Grimwood’s declared intention is “to cut through some of the confusion that exists and provide a usable guide to competing with everyday road cars”.

This he achieves with some success, listing the various disciplines and the various series open to those who cannot afford to own separate vehicles for commuting and racing, explaining the class structures and statutory safety requirements of each in turn, and listing useful addresses.

Nowhere else is the novice’s budget range of options so clearly catalogued. The final quarter of the book gives tips on refitting a road car and setting up its suspension for competition purposes, as well as on racing techniques. There is also an introduction to the work of racing schools. Illustrated throughout in black-and-white and assuming very little knowledge on the part of the reader, this laminated paperback fills what appears to be a gap on the library shelves at reasonable cost. Unfortunately, by accurately presenting all the facts about administrative bureaucracy and required modifications it risks deterring some of the would-be competitors it seeks to attract to grass roots motorsport. GT