miscellany, April 1997

We hear that the complicated task of reconstructing a Tipo 806 1 1/2-litre twin crankshaft 12-cylinder GP Fiat is under with the help of detailed original drawings in the Fiat archive in Turin. Another such project is that of making a new 28.3-litre engine, as used in the giant S76 Fiat racing car “The Beast of Turin”, to be fitted in the original chassis, of which a few parts have been miraculously located.

More later, we hope.

Peter Collins, Ferrari Grand Prix driver and Mike Hawthorn’s mon ami mate, is buried at the small country church of St Mary’s Stone, near Kidderminster, and is commemorated by what must be the only stained-glass window incorporating a chequered flag. The 1830 church is now in need of urgent repairs, a high cost fora congregation of 25 to find. It would be nice if motor-racing folk felt able to support this worthy cause. Donations should go to the Rev J A Cox, Stone Vicarage, Butts Lane, Kidderminster, Worcs DY10 4BH. Obviously any enthusiast wishing to see this unique window would be welcome.

Bentley at Lagonda

A misprint in the recent article about W O Bentley’s last sportscar made it appear that Bentley did not join Lagonda until 1947. In fact he was designing for them before the war, and MOTOR SPORT tested the V12 Lagonda in 1941, and in the 1950s the W O 2 1/2-litre and 3-litre Lagonda. Our informer, who reminds us that W O was Lagonda’s Technical Director from 1937, has one of the two development 2.6-litre Lagondas built in 1949. He purchased it in 1965, mileage unknown, and has since added 100,000 miles or more. He describes LEL 282 as “a super car, superbly smooth, extremely comfortable and with good acceleration.”