Constructive criticism


I have just taken out a new subscription to MOTOR SPORT, having bought almost every issue since 1949, the list of journalists who will be contributing to future issues is promising. I hope each article will be identified, preferably by a full name, but at least by the old-fashioned initials.

I look forward to reasonable quality pictures, not like the appalling black and white examples on pages 203 and 261 of the March issue. Accurate captions too, please; not getting Farina and Villoresi in the wrong cars.

That picture certainly captured the atmosphere of Silverstone in the good old days spectators near the action behind a single rope! It cost just 15 shillings to take a car load of spectators in to that 1949 meeting, in contrast to today’s ridiculous admission charges.

Please do not continue with the irritating habit of publishing ahead of time; I would like the May issue to come out as near as possible to May 1.

I hope MOTOR SPORT will become once again the best of its kind.



(Our apologies for several picture problems in March, which have now been solved. I hope the quality of the images in this magazine speak for themselves and the direction in which we are heading. Nostra culpa on the caption. As far as putting the magazine on sale before the month on its cover, it’s a necessary evil of the publishing world I’m afraid. We don’t like it any more than you. GC