Passion for Pegasos


Reading Bill Boddy's authoritative comments on Pegaso in your February issue was interesting indeed. You can hardly find the stunning Spanish sportscars featured in magazines, therefore their history is not well known even by devoted enthusiasts.

Apart from the Pedralbes episode, I think Pegasos never intended to beat contemporary XKs nor Ferraris in the racing battle field, nevertheless it could perhaps be interesting to recall for your readers the Wilfredo Ricart incident, when the young designer came up against Enzo Ferrari's strong personality while working at Alfa Romeo in the 1930s.

When the personal quarrels between Ricart and Ferrari became notorious and unbearable, Ugo Gobato had to make a decision and fired Ferrari. Ricart would stay. Ferrari himself wrote about the incident in his autobiography Le mie gioie terribili, published in 1963.

I am, yours, etc. Mario Laguna, Luxembourg