Crystal Palace memories




I attended my first motor race as a teenager in the late ’60s and, like many from that era, still hanker in vain for the old times by which I mean close racing at close quarters. The regulatory authorities (unchanged since those days) seem unable to frame regulations that deliver this. Probably not for want of trying though. Commercialism and improved safety take precedence these days and, of course, the sport is dependent on both for its survival.

For me, if there is one forgotten circuit that consistently delivered maximum thrills it was Crystal Palace. The quality of entry was always brilliant I recall complete grids of famous drivers in 250 LMs, GT4Os and T70s and, being a tight and narrow circuit, processional races were rare. Overtaking was difficult but this never seemed to stop drivers having a real go.

As a recent re-subscriber, it’s possible that I may have missed something from an earlier edition, but, if the Palace has not featured in the lost circuits series, why not search the archives and relive fond memories? If only a revival a la Goodwood were possible. It’s not, but I sure wish it was.

I am, yours, etc. Paul McKie, Enfield, Middlesex