Feeling bubbly


I was thrilled to read Matthew Franey's excellent article about the Nürburgring, having driven there in a June 1974 Interserie 300Km sprint race, with one or two other starters on the grid.

I not only won the Newcomers Award, a Nebuchadnezzar of Moet and Chandon's finest, but was given £500 start money as well! This helped with the costs of towing my McLaren Can-Am behind my Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud to Germany.

I will never forget, in the very wet practice session, on the extremely fast main straight, the sight of the Porsche 917-10 of Jody Scheckter fishtailing past me at just under 200 mph, his orange gloved hands constantly correcting the direction of the wayward wheels!

To race around the Nürburgring has got to be one of my life's major privileges.

I am, yours, etc.,

Malcom Clube, Kensington, London