Loan Star


With reference to Bill Boddy's recent GT40 article, the car registered OVX355D (ch1013) was never raced; it was a road version loaned by Ford Advanced Vehicles to important customers such as Bernard White.

Bernard's BRM V8, driven by Bob Bondurant, came fourth, albeit last, at Monaco in 1966. limes Ireland, whose last three Fl races were in this car, drove Bernard's ex-Essex Wire GT40 and David Hobbs his Ferrari 275LM (ch5907) at Zeltweg in '66, where Bernard, Innes and I had a memorable dinner with Jenks in Judenberg. Jenks went to bed, while we three came close to spending the night in a cell when caught trying to ride (yes, three of us) the local bobby's bike round the fountain.

Bernard was concerned about driving OVX355D as the registration numbers added up to 13. His misgivings were well-founded. We clipped a motorcyclist who, independently witnessed, crossed a dual carriageway oblivious to the GT40. Mercifully, neither biker nor car were severely injured! The police insisted on a brake meter test, the officer threatening me with dire consequences when I suggested he remove his hat and brace himself. The door crushed his hat and the fascia hurt his nose when Bernard stood on the brakes at the very moment the policeman raised his hand, rather than when he tapped the fascia, as he had proposed.

Whilst Bernard had OVX355D, it carried three of us my wife, plus Bernard and me, both 6ft 3in' tall unbelievable to most.

Innes returned OVX355D to Slough, leaving Bernard's home in East Yorkshire in thick fog, which was forecast for the whole journey. He phoned us from his mews house in central London, 220 miles away, less than three hours later "Just a trifle misty, boy," said limes!

The 'loan' worked, as Bernard acquired a road GT40, now owned, I believe, by Noel Edmonds.

Bernard has lived quietly in Spain for 30 years, having provided enough fun to last a lifetime.

I am, Yours etc, Richard Milner, Cottingham, Yorkshire