Maclure memories

Older readers will remember the Maclure brothers who raced Rileys in the 1930s, especially Percy Maclure who was very prominent at Brooklands, notably when he won the 1938 JCC International Trophy race from Raymond Mays’ supercharged, admittedly somewhat sick, ERA, in his self-prepared 1½ -litre Riley by 0.02sec (84.36mph to Mays’ 84.32mph). Riley enthusiasts, myself included, applauded him as he prepared to drive away in his dilapidated Riley Nine saloon.

You may also recall the miniature replica of a Brooklands-model Riley built for young Peter Maclure, his son. It had a Villiers two-stroke engine, a homemade gearbox and concealed chain-drive. Young Peter became so proficient in driving it that he was allowed to give demonstrations at important competition venues such as Donington Park. I had wondered what became of this little car; the excellent Riley Register Bulletin now informs us that it is hanging up above an MG1100 rally car in the Cotsworld Motor Museum at Bourton-on-the-Water. 

Percy also drove at Le Mans in 1936 to a class win with Trevoux, and in the Ulster TT he won his class in 1932 and in 1936 was second in class. Edgar Maclure was also second in class in the 1934 race, all in British Rileys.