Railton extras




Michael MacDowel is right in his letter in the March issue to praise the late Victor Gauntlett for his fantastic effort in raising funds for Brooklands Museum’s purchase of the Napier-Railton, but in fairness to the Heritage Lottery Fund it should be pointed out that it paid 75 per cent of the price, not 50 per cent. 

Also, although Hawker Aircraft operated the Dunsfold aerodrome where the tests took place, it was the GQ Parachute Company which acquired the Napier-Railton and had it modified by Thomson & Taylor for braking-parachute trials in 1954 (when it still wore bodywork modified for the James Mason film Pandora and the Flying Dutchman). 

The 15in-diameter disc brakes, which we understand were built by Dunlop for a 1950s aircraft (so far unidentified) still work superbly during the regular runs we undertake. Look out for the car in action at the Brooklands Centenary on June 16/17 and at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Allan Winn, Director, Brooklands Museum Trust Ltd