Manoeuvres of the political kind

Don’t you just love politicians? While appreciating they have a tremendously exposed, difficult and demanding job to do, these too-often over-weeningly self-important, self-promoting (and variably incompetent) creatures have willingly set themselves up to claim our votes. And while I happily exercise my democratic rights I am certainly one of those many millions who vote for what seems to be the least worst of the options, while also always making certain that, whenever it’s possible, the buggers are cut down to size.

Our British Prime Ministers have quite often found the possibility of a photo opportunity with a reigning British World Champion racing driver quite irresistible. Just recently, Gordon Brown – steady Doug, deep breaths, keep control…mmm – gratefully grasped an invitation from the BRDC to present Lewis Hamilton with his wonderfully well-earned Gold Star.

And while idly thumbing through yet another of our photo folders the other day I came across that arch old manipulator Harold Wilson – no less – presenting the Sportsman of the Year award to Jim Clark in recognition of his 1965 World Champion title.

“The pound in your pocket” Wilson indeed – ah yes, remember him? The perspectives of history make an uncompromising judge.