150mph electric bike set for TT run

Californian company Mission Motors is claiming to be the first manufacturer selling a “no-compromise electric superbike”.

The Mission One machine is on sale at $68,995, with deliveries due early next year. According to its makers, the Mission One can top 150mph and has a range of 150 miles on an EPA driving cycle of 40mph. The machine’s liquid-cooled electric motor produces 100 ft lbs of torque and is powered by lithium-ion batteries, the same kind of compact high-performance battery technology used in laptops and mobile phones. Recharge time is “about two hours” and the bike also features regenerative braking.

Mission Motors was founded by Forrest North, a former engineer with Tesla Motors’ electric car concern.
The bike will be tested in public when it takes part in the TTXGP, the world’s first clean emissions motorcycle race, during Isle of Man TT week in June. Mat Oxley