Speaking to Carl Hartley

Director of Tom Hartley, specialist in luxury and performance cars

We’ve sold 20 or 25 675LTs here. Interestingly, it’s the car that seems to get the non-McLaren buyer into a McLaren. They look fantastic and build quality is very good. Some people think they’re just a 650S with 25 or so more horsepower, but the revisions are comprehensive and the feel of the car is very different. The telemetry system is a desirable extra, worth seeking out for track days. When you consider its rarity, and that rivals like the Lamborghini Aventador SV and Ferrari 458 Aperta are considerably costlier, the 675LT is very good value. I’m not sure there’s been a better time to buy. We have an LT at £309,950 and an Aventador SV at £374,950; Apertas can fetch twice that.