“Time and Tide wait for no man.” It is unfortunate that the promoters of the recent Saltburn Speed Trials were unable to succeed where that earlier celebrity, Canute, is reported to have failed, as then the competitors might have been able to hang about until the electrical timing apparatus consented to function. As it was, they were constrained to carry on as best they could, and this led to a certain amount of muddle over the various times and speeds attained. However, it was unanimously agreed that in the matter of fastest time of the day there could be “no possible doubt 1whatever,” and consequently the special prize was

awarded to Captain Malcolm Campbell who, in his 12-cylinder Sunbeam, established the following performance :—Electric timing, return journey 16i. secs. = 138.08. This was .before the machine was working correctly. On the first journey the car ran over the silk thread without breaking it, therefore no contact was recorded. The same two journeys hand timed were :First journey, 151 secs. = 145.26. Return journey, I5 its,secs. = 143.39.

We learn that Captain Campbell proposes to make an attempt on world’s records with this car in the near future and that he is hopeful of success. He does not think the conquering Sunbeam was quite up to its best performance at Saltburn.