The Editor, BROOKLANDS GAZETTE. DEAR SIR, . I have read the first number of the BROOKLANDS GAZETTE with the greatest pleasure. It appears to me to strike a new note in literature dealing with motoring matters, and inasmuch as competitions of various sorts are attracting an increasing number of motorists, I imagine and hope that you will find the Gazette in great demand by devotees of the sport. I may say that I read the first number from cover to cover, and if you continue to turn the numbers out in equally good form and with equally interesting contents, I am sure you will create a very enthusiastic demand for it. Wishing you the greatest success, Yours very truly, F. S. BRERETON, Lt.-Col.,

Chairman, Auto-Cycle Union.


Personally I think the BROOKLANDS GAziaTE; is a very bright publication, and I wish you and all concerned success with your venture. Yours sincerely. STENSON COOKE, Secretary,

Automobile Association & Motor Union. The Editor, BROOKLANDS GAZETTE. DEAR SIR,

I must really congratulate you on what I consider a most interesting publication, which should appeal to all sportsmen who are interested in car and motor cycle racing. I have no doubt that it will help to increase the number of private owners, and lead them to take an active interest in securing the maximum efficiency from their cars or motor cycles. Yours sincerely, ARTHUR BRAY, Member of the Committee, Marine Motoring A ssociati on


I consider that the BROOKLANDS GAZETTE supplies a much needed want, and if subsequent issues bear favourable comparison with No. r. which I have eagerly perused from cover to cover, a successful future should be assured. Edited, published, and printed, as I believe it is, by practical Sporting motorists, its monthly publication will doubtless be impatiently awaited by all to whom the hum of a healthy exhaust is as the most enchanting music. Here’s a long life to the BROOKLANDS GAZETTE! Yours truly, ALAN W. DAY,

Hon. Sec., North London Motor Cycling Club.

The ‘Editor, BROOKLANDS GAZETTE. DEAR SIR, I should like to ‘,congratulate you ‘upon :the 7BROOKZANDS GAZETTE and the interesting matter contained in it. I will certainly bring ‘the journal to the notice of our _members. Yours faithfully,

TRISTRAM FOX, Comdr., R.N. (Rtd.), Secretary, British Motor Boat Club.

The Editor, BROOKLANDS GAZETTE. DEAR SIR, Hearty congratulations on your first number, and wishes

fortmuch ‘,success for the BROOKLANDS GAZETTE. Yours sincerely, (Rev.) E. PERCY GREENHILL, M.A.,

Competitions Committee, A.C.U. The Editor, BROOKLANDS GAZETTE. DEAR SIR,

I would like to compliment you on the first production of the BROOKLANDS GAZETTE. It contains most interesting articles, which I feel sure will be eagerly read by sporting motorists. Such a Gazette should not only appeal to serious sporting motorists (by this I mean those who enter sporting events), but to those motorists who have no desire to attempt anything more than to use their car or motor cycle to get “there and back,” who are always curious to know” what it is like,” and” how it is done,” and “who’s who.” Reminiscences of bygone days are always most interesting to all motorists, as are comments on current motoring news. I wish your journal every success. Yours truly, F. W. BARNES, Director and Works Manager,

Zenith Motors, Ltd.


I congratulate you on the first issue of the BROOKLANDS GAZETTE. There is a certain definite cleanness and symmetry in the ” make-up” of the Gazette which, is very pleasing, and the size is just right for handling with ease ; in fact, as a specimen of tasteful printing, it gives many points to other journals of a like class.

I hope the BROOKLANDS GAZETTE has a long and useful record before it. It seems to me to fill a want which becomes evident immediately one studies the very interesting matter which you have got together for the first number.

My good wishes to you and your enterprise. Sincerely yours,

ED. J. BURROW, F.R.G.S., Managing Director, Ed. .f. Burrow er Co., Ltd.