Change of title from The Brooklands Gazette to Motor Sport, August 1925

Change of Title

With reference to the change of title of this journal from “The Brooklands Gazette” to “Motor Sport,” in which the original title is incorporated, it is intended to continue the same general policy as hitherto. After careful consideration, and with the approval of our friends, the title “Motor Sport” has been adopted as indicating our intention to devote the pages to the interests inseparable from the sporting side of motoring.

Everyone, of course, realises that the original title did not adequately cover the field of our activities; and had one been content to deal only with Brooklands interest, the style and contents of the journal would, necessarily, have remained only on the lines of an unofficial gazette.

Therefore, the journal appears under its new name with this issue, and we trust that our readers will find in the contents a very wide appeal to their sporting interests.

The Death of Antonio Ascari.

Upon going to press we learn of the regrettable death of Antonio Ascari, which happened on Sunday, July 26th, during the Race for the French Grand Prix. The article appearing in this issue was written by himself, describing the Race for the Grand Prix of Europe, and tells in unmistakable fashion the sterling qualities of daring of a great and fearless driver.