SIR,—Once again I take up my pen to compliment you upon an excellent feature of your journal. That of giving in the results of the races you report, the engine capacity of the first four or five cars. To me, who endeavours to instruct myself upon car performances, by working etit-a-formtha of-points given to different.

makes and classes of cars, this is quite indispensable. Please continue this excellent practice. In return for the vast amount of pleasure that you give, by presenting me with such a fund of interesting and sanely expressed news on the 1st of every month, I recommend your paper to all my friends, and indeed threaten them with dire punishments if. they .do .not .immediaely go and place a permanent order with their

newsagents. “Motor Sport” is far too good to be

missed. Yours sincerely,

P. G. D.-J. The Editor, MOTOR SPORT (l929, Ltd., 39, Victoria Street,


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