Speedometer and Rev. Counters



Speedometer and Rev. Co nters

WE have recently inspected the range of S.S. speedometers and revolution counters for sports cars marketed by the Speedometer Sup ply Co., Ltd., of 12, Gt. Queen St r e .e t, Kingsway, W.C.2. The instruments are beautifully finished with black dials, and are made in two sizes of dials, 6 inch or 3i inch. Each dial is calibrated by hand, and is of guaranteed accuracy, and

the clear white needle enables the driver to read the instruments at a glance when travelling at high speeds. The price of the rev.coun

ters is 50/for the 6 in. dial , and 30/for the 3i in. dial instruments, this price not including, of course, the cost of the drive. Any max. of revs. or special calibrations, can be made to order.

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