After the rather tame finish of Wednesday’s race, and especially when there were only nine starters as against fourteen in the Beg, there was some fear that the Mannin Moar might end in the same way. Happily the larger cars, developed by constant participation in Continental races as severe as those held in the Isle

of Man, showed less signs of wilting and the three leaders, the Hon. Brian Lewis, Rose-Richards and Eyston were running at the end of the 230 miles. Brian Lewis and George Eyston drove the latest type of 2.3 two seater Alfas, belonging respectively to Noel Rees and Bernard Rubin. The latter car was the

one which the late Sir Henry Birkin was to drive. Kaye Eon’s car was a four seater which Borzacchini drove into second place in the Ulster T.T. of 1931. Of the 2.3 Bugattis Rose Richards was the latest two-camshaft model, Shuttleworth’s the one which Chiron drove at Monte Carlo last year, while

Eccles’ car was the very fast machine once owned by W. Y. Craig. Mathieson’s 2 litre is frequently raced at Brooklands.

Lace’s car, which of course was unsupercharged, was the only English car in the race. During practise its silence and fast cornering made a very favourable impression on all who saw it.

Non-starters were Whitney Straight (Maserati) who received a burn on the foot while racing in France, Raymond Mays (1,500 c.c. Riley s/c), the Harker Special, and W. L. Handley who had been unable to get his Alfa through from Italy.

Once again the organisers were fortunate with their weather, and the cars lined up on a dull but fine morning. Brian Lewis, Brackenbury who was taking the first spell on Shuttleworth’s Bugatti, Rose-Richards and Eyston were in the first line, behind them Fothringham. Mathieson and Eccles, and finally Kaye Don and Lace. Five minutes to go, said the board, then four, three, two, one—and down went the red and yellow flag. The cars got away with much less noise than on Wednesday, with Brackenbury in the lead, and in a few seconds they are struggling round Church corner and thundering up Finch Road. The roar of the Alfas and the higher pitched note of the Bugattis could be heard as the cars reached the various corners on the top part of the course, and when they appeared again Eyston was in the lead, closely followed by Lewis, Rose-Richards and Brackenbury, so making three overhaulings in the

first lap ! Eccles, Fothringham and Don were a little behind, with Mathieson and Lace further back. On the second lap the order remained the same, Eyston’s lap speed increasing from 60.21 to 62.97 M.p.h. Eccles came

into the pits, and started working on the car, which was said to have gearbox trouble.

Lewis was chasing Eyston and was just a second behind and Rose-Richards put in a lap at 63.94, the fastest so far.

On the sixth lap the red Alfa took the lead, and put up a record lap of 64.68 m.p.h.

The three leaders were all very steady on the corners, maintaining their speed by tremendous acceleration on the straight stretches. Brackenbury was keeping up well but needed all his cornering ability to do so, while Kaye Don on the four-seater Alfa was holding his own well with the Grand Prix cars. Eccles got going again and was driving furiously, but soon came to grief, crashing at the Playing Fields and breaking a front spring. Fothringham stopped at the pits with an oil leak and continued. Soon smoke was seen coming from the

bonnet, and he retired at Church Road with a broken connecting rod.

Order after 10 laps.

Hon. Brian Lewis, Alfa Romeo, 63.47 m.p.h. T. H. Rose Richards, Bugatti, 63.27 m.p.h. C. E. T. Eyston, Alfa Romeo, 63.19 m.p.h. C. Brackenbury, Bugatti, 61.77 m.p.h. Kaye Don, Alfa Romeo, 58.16 m.p.h. T. Fothringham, Bugatti, 56.69 m.p.h. Rose-Richards had passed Eyston on the ninth lap near Government Buildings and was only 6 seconds behind Lewis, while Eyston was about 300 yards behind the Bugatti. Brackenbury hit a kerb at St. Ninions, without doing any damage and was cornering in the most spirited manner. Mathieson had visited the pits on several occasions and had dropped considerably behind, and Lace whose Invicta had been travelling silently and well was lying sixth at 15 laps. Meanwhile, Lewis, Rose-Richards and Brackenbury were all increasing their speed

and lapped at 4 mins. 14 secs. or 65.19 m.p.h., but Brackenbury was about half a lap behind the first group. This speed is more than 5 m.p.h. faster than the Monte Carlo lap record, but of

course the Manx course allows a speed of about 115 m.p.h. along the Promenade.

Order atter 20 laps.

Hon. Brian Lewis Alfa Romeo, 64.10 m.p.h. T. E. Rose Richards, Bugatti, 63.92 m.p.h. G. E. T. Eyston, Alfa Romeo, 63.43 m.p.h. C. Brackenbury, Bugatti, 61.45 m.p.h. Kaye Don, Alfa Romeo, 58.55 m.p.h. A. C. Lace itivicta, 56,61 m.p.h.

All the cars had to refuel once during the race, and Rose-Richards was the first to come in. Under Kensington .3,1oir’s experienced care this took only 37 seconds. one of the neatest pit-stops we have seen. Eyston came next and fuel slopped in all directions, but anyhow there was not much need to economise when the Alfas were only doing one lap per gallon. Eyston took 40 seconds.

Brackenbury then came in to hand over to Shuttleworth and in accordance with the best traditions the back of the car was spra yeti with fire extinguisher powder. I7ufortunately the pit attendant was a little too enthusiastic in his attention and put most of the second shot into Shuttleworth’s face, whereupon the latter had something very emphatic to say. He drove off with considerable frenzy, but later was seen smiling broadly, cornering even more vigorously than his colleague.

Brian Lewis took On 20 gallons of fuel in 30 seconds, the fastest so far, under the watchful eye of Arthur Fox, while Lace took his time, not even having a petrol funnel. The leader before his pit stop had been increasing his speed, with a record lap of 65.45 m.p.h., and Rose-Richards had fallen back nearly a minute. He was given the ” faster” signal, and replied with a lap of 64.98 m.p.h., and after several more fast laps was once more within 10 seconds of the leader. Eyston’s car seemed to judder before the corners with either brakes or shock absorbers out of adjustment. Ms,. was over a minute behind

Lewis. The brakes on the Invicta also seemed out of adjustment, the near side back wheel locking. Rose-Richards was pushing the Bugatti considerably and was only five seconds

behind at the 32nd lap. Lewis drew ahead slightly with a lap of 4 minutes 10 seconds or an average of 66.24 m.p.h., a triumph for car and driver. occurred an accident which might have had very unpleasant consequences. Shuttleworth was coming along the Promenade at full speed and had almost reached the beginning of the pits when he decided to pull in. The wheels locked and the car skidded sideways with a gtt screaming of tyres, crashed into the pits and demolished five of them. All the

pit attendants jumped clear, the only person hurt being Freddy Dixon, who is now definitely of the opinion that ” watching motor racing is dangerous.” He received a cut on the leg.

The Bugatti, driven by Rose-Richards was said to be misfiring, and the driver evidently thought it wise to ease up slightly. Brakes were giving some trouble on the other cars, not surprising at the speed at which the race was being run. Mathieson adjusted his at the pits and Lace was reported to be doing the same near Governor’s Bridge.

The big cars Were standing up to the pace and there were still six cars running, but on the 38th circuit Lace was reported to have taken the escape road at Onchan and was adjusting MS brakes. Coming down Summer Hill they failed altogether and he crashed into a telegraph pole, breaking it off and damaging the front of the car. The driver and mechanic were not hurt and the pole and wires were very quickly cleared off the road. The leaders continued to lap fast and steadily, but IVIathieson came to grief on his 43rd lap. His brakes failed at Greensill’s corner, after the finishing straight, and he shot down the escape road. With great presence of mind he turned his car sideways before meeting the rather flimsy barrier, otherwise many people might

have been injured. The occupants escaped unhurt but the car was damaged.

Brian Lewis finished the course at 1.5 p.m. after a magnificent no-trouble run„ Rose-Richards was half a lap behind, and Eyston the same distance in the rear.

Final Order.

1. Hon. Brian Lewis, 2.3 Alta Romeo (8), 64.23 m.p.h., 3h. 34m. 52s.

2. T. E. Rose Richards,2.3 Bugatti?S ,(13.61 m.p.h. 3h. 36m. 573.

3. G. E. T. Eyston, 2.3 Alta Romeo (6), 63.05 m.p.h., 3h. 38m. 573.

4. Kaye Don, 2.3 Alfa Romeo (9), 49 laps. The winning Alfa Romeo used Castrol oil, D unlop tyres,D unloppatex upholstery & Pratt’sEthylPetroL