Pierre de Viseaya Killed.

THE name of Pierre de Viscaya is well known to readers of Mo’roR SPORT for his exploits as a member of the official Bugatti team some ten years ago. In 1921 he won the Penya Rhin Grand Prix in Spain on a Brescia” Bug,” and came in second behind Friederich in the Italian G.P. des Voiturettes. His greatest feat was to come in second to Felice Nazzaro in the French G.P. of 1922 at Strasbourg, but since that time he has devoted himself to running a garage in Paris.

On Friday evening, July 14th, Pierre de Viscaya was being driven along the Bois de Boulogne, Paris, by the Italian racing motorist Count Trossi, in the latter’s car. At an intersection they came into violent collision with another vehicle driven by a Parisien hotel keeper, and as a result of severe injuries received In this accident, de Viscaya died that night at a hospital in the rue Piccini. Count Trossi was uninjured.

The Grand Prix du Comminges.

In order to bring the race more into hue with modern racing conditions, the Syndicat d’Initiative de Saint-Gaudens have modified the circuit used for the Grand Prix du Comminges. The old course measured 26 kilometres, with the result that the cars were only seen at long intervals. Now, by making a new road from the Pont de Valentine which runs parallel to the Caronne River, the course has been reduced tp 11.005 kilometres.

English visitors to the Pyrenees should make a point of seeing the Grand Prix du Comminges on August 20th. The race attracts the cream of Continental drivers, the course is situated in beautiful surroundings, and permanent grandstands constructed of concrete provide good seating accommodation.

Mont Cenis Hill Climb.

This famous hill-climb, 22.100 kilometres in length, was run off on July 2nd by the Turin section of the AfR. &Italia.

The road ends at a height of 4,600 feet above sea level, and the event counts towards the championship of Italy.

Keen competition was given to the climb by the participation of both Borzacchini on an Alfa Romeo and Varzi on a Bugatti, victory going to the former by 29 seconds.


Racing, unlimited. 1, 13orzacchini (Alfa Romeo), 15m. 51 1/5s. Average speed 52.275 m.p.h.; 2, yarn i (Bugatti) 1 em. 20s.

Racing, 2 litres. I. Minozzi (B ugatti) 16m. 383/5s. Racing, 1,100 c.c. 1, Barbieri (1,ilaserati) 17m. 24 2/5s.

Sports, unlimited. 1, Balestrero (Alfa Romeo) 16m. 36s.

Sports, 2 litres. I, Penati (Alfa Romeo I+ litre) 17m. 445.

Sports, 1,100 c.c. I, Beccaria (Fiat 508) 19m. 45s.

The Czechoslovakian 1,000 Miles Race. As reported in MOTOR SPORT some months ago, the A.C. of Czechoslovakia decided to hold a 1,000 miles race for sports cars on June 22nd, similar to the Italian Mille Miglia. This race was successfully run off, and finally the following results were arrived at :

Unlimited. 1, Kudina (Chrysler) 23h. 34m., who was the only finisher out of 6 starters.

2 litres. 1, Mucha (Praga) 19h. Im. 15s. 1,500 c.c. 1, Kaolicek (Bugatti) 20h. 59m. 26s. 1,100 c.c. 1, Knap (Walter) 19h. 55m. 8s. 750 c.c. 1, Pohl (Aero) 22n. Om. 20s.

Death of a Famous Alfa Romeo Personality.

It is with great regret that we have to record the death of Aldo Giovannini, the well known racing manager of the Alfa Romeo concern. After a severe illness, which lasted for many months, Giovannini at last gave up the unequal struggle and passed away last month at Bologna.

Although chiefly concerned with the fortunes of Alfa Romeo cars, a duty which he fulfilled with great success, Aldo Giovannini was a genuine lover of motorracing for the sake of the sport alone. Nothing was too much trouble for him, providing the esker of the service was sincere, and we can personally testify to his unselfishness in assisting foreign followers of the sport.

The Italian nation, the Alfa Romeo concern, and indeed the European motor racing fraternity have lost one of their most honoured members. Readers of MOTOR SPORT will join us in offering our condolences.

An M.G. at the Baraque Hill-Climb.

As announced in the last issue of this journal, the A.C. d’Auvergne offered this year a prize of 10,000 francs to the driver who could beat the record for the Baraque hill-climb of 5m. 44s., made by the late Eddoura on a 2 litre Bugatti in 1930.

This tempting prize drew many well known drivers to the hill on July 9th, and the whole of the 10 kilometres of the bill was lined with a great crowd of spectators, sitting, a. la Shelsley, on the banks of the hill. Fastest time was made by Philip Etancelin (Alfa Romeo), who beat the old record by no fewer than 22 seconds. Villars was only 1 4/5 secs. slower, also on an Alfa, while Waltahausen did well to get up in 5m. 36 1/5 secs. on a touring Alfa. Britain was ably represented in the 750 c.c. sports class by Cwaczanrof on an M.G. Midget, who walked off with the class in 7m. 50 4/5s. beat the previous record, and made faster time than the 1,100 c.c. and 1,500 c.c. winners.

RESULTS. Sports, 760 c.c. 1, Cwaczanrof (M.G. Midget) 7m. 504/55. record ; 2, jahan (Saltnson) Sm. 10 3/55. Sports, 1,100 c.c. 1, Vernet (Salmson) 8m. 5 1/5s. Sports 1,500 c.c. 1, Cazaux (Chenard-Walcker)

Sm. 9 2/5s.

Sports, 2,000 c.c. 1, Villars (Alfa Romeo) Cm.

37 3/5s. ; 2, Roumain (Bugatti) 7m. 6 4/5s.

Sports, 3,000 C.C. 1, Waldthausen (Alfa Romeo) 5m. 36 1/5s.

Sports, 8,000 c.c. 1, Foucret (Merckdes-Benz) 5m. 46s.

Racing, 750 c.c. 1, Lagrollere (Salmson) 7m.

38 3/5s. ; 2, Desaix (Chaigneau) 8m. 27 3/55.

Racing, 1,100 c.c. 1, Scaron (Amilcar) 5m. 53 3/5s. ; 2, Leurquin (Amilcar) 62n. 3/5s.

Racing,1,600 c.c. 1, Ralph (Bugatti) 5m. 582/5s.; 2, Decaroli (Bugatti) 6m. 5 3/5s. ; 3, Mme. Itier (Bugatti) 6m. 7s. ; 4, Guirand (Bugatti) 8m. 44 3/59.

Racing, 2,000 c.c. 1, Bernascoui (Bugatti) 6m. 16 3/5s.

Racing, 3,000 c.c. 1, Etancelin (Alfa Romeo) 5m. 22 3/5s., record ; 2, Villars (Alfa Romeo) 5m. 25 2/55.; 3, Ducouret (Bugattl) Cm. 4s. ; 4, Fayol ( Bugatti) 6m. 44 1/5s.

The Hesseiburg Hill-Climb.

For the first time in the history of the hill-climb, an English entry was received for the Kesselburg hill-climb, organised by the Bavarian A.C. This was from Whitney Straight, with his 2,500 c.c. Maserati. Unfortunately, Straight only arrived at the hill just before the event was due to start, and consequently he had no practice on the difficult corners. In spite of this his time was only a little slower than the winner, Von Brauchitsch (Mercedes), who made fastest time of the day in 4m. 1 4/10s. A good performance was made by Kohlrausch on an Austin in winning the racing 800 c.c. class.


Sports, 800 C.C. 1, Von Denim (B.M.W.) 4m. 23s. Sports, 1,100 c.c. 1, Hetterich (B.M.W.) 4m. 46 3/5s. Sports 1,600 c.c. 1 13errone (Maserati) 4m. 28s. Sports, 2,000 c.c. 1, Della Chiesa (Alfa Romeo) 4in. 26 4/5s

Sports, 3,000 c.c. I, J ellen (Alfa Romeo) 4m. 10 3/5s.

Sports, 6,000 c.c. 1, Von Triessling (Austro Daimler) 4m 28 4/5s.

Sports, unlimited. I, Von Brauchitsch (MercedesBenz) 4m. 1 2/5s.

Racing, 800 c.c. 1, Kohlrausch (Austin) 4m. 27 3/5s.

Racing, 1,100 c.c. 1, Landi (Maserati) 4m. 24 1 /Ss. Racing, 1,500 c.c. 1, Burggaller (Bugatti) 4m. 5 3/5s.

Racing,2,000 c.c. 1, Maag (Bugatti) 4m. 4 3/5s. Racing, unlimited. 1, Siena (Alfa Romeo) 4m. 4s. Scaron (Amilcar) wins the Ars Hill Climb. In the morning before the • Ars Hill Climb was run off, a ceremony took place of unveiling a memorial to the late Andre

Boillot, who met his death while practising for the event last year.

As to the climb itself, in spite of heavy rain, that experienced driver, Jose Scaron, succeeded in raising the record for the 1,300 metres hill to a speed of 120.619 k.p.h. with his 6 cylinder Amilcar. Good times were also made by Marcel Jacob (Bugatti), 116.418 k.p.h., and Girod (Salmson) 115.482 k.p.h.

An Austin Success in Greece.

The Mont Parris Hill Climb, organised by the A.C. of Greece near Athens, proved a great triumph for a supercharged Austin Seven, driven by A. Nicolaides, who made fastest time of the day. Nicolaides climbed the 12 kilometres in 11m. 32s.


1,100 c.c. Sports. 1. Atli. Vitos (Austin) 15m. 52s. 1,100 c.c. supercharged. 1, A. Nicolaides (Austin) Ilm. 32s.

1,100 c.c. touring. I. G. Villosio (Fiat) 13m. 38s. 1,500 c.c., touring. 1, Mine. B. Dalla (Fiat) 15m. 43s.

2,000 c.c., touring. 1, G. Yannoulatos (Riley) 13m. 19s.

5,000 c.c. touring. 1, A. Koulentianos (Fiat) 12m. 13s.

5,000 c.c. sports. 1, C. Dilvanois (Mercedes-Benz) 1 lm. 46s.

The Pontedecimo-Giovi. Because it counts towards the championship of Italy, the hill-climb of Pontedecimo-Giovi always attracts an entry of the best Italian drivers. The hill is 9.650 kilometres long, and the event was won in 1931 by Nuvolari and Ghersi, both on Alfa Romeos, who made equal

fastest time. Last year Borzacchini was the winner outright, with a time of 6m. 53s.

The 1933 event, held at the end of June, soon saw this record shattered, for Count Trossi came up in 6m. 40s., at the wheel of a 2,600 c.c. Alfa Romeo owned by the Ferrari stable.


Racing, unlimited. 1, Trossi (Alfa Romeo 2,600 c.c.), 6m. 40$.

2. Borzacchini (Alfa Romeo 2,600 c.c.) 6m. 40 I /5S.

3. Fagioli (Maserati 3,000 c.c.) 6m. 44 2/5s.

4. Ghersi (Bugatti 2,300 c.c.) 6m. 49 3/5s.

5. Minozzi (Bugatti) 6m. 52s.

6. Bertrevo (Alfa Romeo) 6m. 56s.

7. Battaglia (Alfa Romeo) 6m. 56 4/5s. Racing1,100 c.c. 1, Barbieri (Maserati) 7m. 131 /5s 2. Furinanik (Maserati) 7m. 475.

Sports 1,500 c.c. 1, Castelbarco (Alfa Romeo 2,300 c.c.) 7m. 2 1/5s.

2. Gian Franco (Alfa Romeo) 7m. 3 4/5s.

Good Sport in August at Nice.

Visitors to Nice in the early part of August will have plenty of motor sport to interest them. To begin with, on the 4th the competitors in the Alpine Trial will reach the city at the end of the final stage of the Trial. Then, two days later, the Grand Prix de Nice will take place over the circuit composed of the Promenade des Anglais, the avenue de Verdun and the avenue des Phoceens, giving a total length of 3.214 km. 95 laps of this course will have to be covered, or 305.330 kms. Entries already received include Nuvolari, Earl Howe, Fagioli, Sommer, Lehoux, Wimille and Moll, and 250,000 francs prize money has been subscribed.