The revival of this race by the Societe Penya Rhin was marked by a first class meeting of racing cars and drivers. In practice the lap record held by Pinte was soon broken by Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) who covered a lap of the 3.790 kilometre course in 2m. 16s., at an average speed of 100.323 k.p.h. Lehoux (Bugatti) was only a few seconds slower. The race itself was over 40 laps, or 151.600 kilometres, and the circuit was situated in the Parc de Montjuich. The following drivers came to the line : Zanelli (Alfa. Romeo), Macowitz (Bugatti), Aug11 (Bugatti), Texidor (Bugatti), Lerweld (Mercedes), Sameiro (Alfa Romeo), Palacios (Bugatti), J. P. Wimille (Alfa Romeo), Dourel (Amilcar), Vego

(Bugatti), Lehoux (Bugatti), Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo).

At the start Marcel Lehoux made his usual quick getaway, and led at the end of the first lap, and for several laps managed to stave off the challenge of Nuvolari and Wimille. Then bad luck befell the Algerian driver, and he had to visit his pit to rectify ignition trouble. Nuvolari then took command, and by the 17th lap had gained a 2 minute advantage over Wimille. Then he, too, was forced to stop with carburetter difficulties. Meanwhile the Chilean driver, Julien Zanelli (Alfa Romeo) had crept up, and now passed Wimille to take the lead. Nuvolari and Lehoux both got going again, and the former beat the record for

the circuit in attempting to catch up. Lehoux had to make several stops, which put him out of the running, but he courageously kept going. Once again Nuvolari’s Alfa Romeo began to misfire, and he pulled into the pits, so Wimille took up the chase of the steady Zanelli. The Frenchman was out of luck, too, and retired, leaving Zanelli firmly established, and he finally finished first, 3 minutes ahead of the Portuguese driver, Sameiro, driving another Alfa Romeo.


I. Zane (Alfa Romeo) 1h. 34m, 385.

2. Sameiro (Alfa Romeo) 1h. 37m. 24s.

3. Lehoux (Bugatti) lh, 38m. 34s.

4. Palacios (Bugatti).

5. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo). 6, M.acowitz (Bugatti).