Perfect Fusion at Brazing Temperatures in Barimar Method.

AWELDI NG process for cast iron which gives complete amalgamation and fusion at only half the temperature hitherto required has recently been perfected by the Barimar engineers. It is the culmination of years of endeavour towards reducing welding temperature and it makes welding as straightforward as brazing.

This remarkable advance in welding science has been made possible by the perfection of entirely new methods and materials. It entails a revolutionary change in the manner in which the flame of the blow-pipe is applied and involves :great skill on the part of the operators. Further it calls for the use of special antioxide fluxing compounds and ferreous welding rods of a new composition which Barimar Ltd. have evolved after exhaustive experiments. The practical advantages of the new

process are immense. Cylinder blocks and similar large castings can be welded without completely dismantling them and all the difficulties associated with repairing straight-eight and six-cylinder blocks have been overcome. Even machining has been facilitated and the deposited metal can, when necessary, be worked with a file.

Having a very close-grained structure this material is, however, longer wearing than ordinary cast iron, completOy free from porosity and offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and attack by hot gases. The new process is therefore ideal for the reconditioning of exhaust valve seatings and the repairing of cracks and fractures in close proximity to them. Not only does it resist burning but it is better able to withstand the impact of valves than is the metal which is normally used for cylinder castings.

This new Barimar process is already in use at the London works at 18, Lamb's Conduit Street, W.C.1, and at the Company's branches in Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Glasgow. It is being used not only for repairing small cracks and fractures and for building up valve seatings but for such extensive repairs as making good a crankcase which has had a connecting rod driven out through the side of it. Malleable metal as well as cast iron can now be welded by Bariniar at temperatures no higher than those employed in brazing and in every case the welds are stronger than the original material. The cost of this latest process is lower than the high-temperature welding which has been employed hitherto. Less gas is used and there is a big saving in the time required

for machining.