CLUB NEWS, August 1934



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Thirty-one cars took part in a reliability trial and speed test organised by the newly formed Talbot Owners’ Club, and this first fixture was voted a great success. Starting from the Saracen’s Head Hotel, Beaconsfield, Shillingridge Wood was the first obstacle. The surface was deeply rutted, and several competitors, including Commander Fowle (” 105 “) grounded momentarily, but carried on without stopping. There were nine failures, mostly saloon cars. All the cars made clean ascents of Maiden’s Grove, and the route then led to Lewk-nor Hill, where a stop and restart test was marked out. The chalk surface was wet and rather sticky, First Class Award in Trial.W. M. Couper (“90 “), Lieut.-Commander Fowle (” inS “), F. L. Tomlinson (” 105 “), A. R. Bartrop (” 95 “), B. Cox (” 75 “),

C. J. Joyce 75 “), Gunnar Poppe (“105 “), W.

M. Ford (“75 ‘).

Ladles’ Award. –Mrs. Harrison.

Speed Test Winners,—L, H. Naylor (” 105 “), 19s. ; Lord Brecknock (” 95 “), 21s. ; W. M. Couper (” 90 “), 20s. ; B. Cox (” 75 “), 21.4s. ; M. L. Gaussen (” 65 “), 22s.


The number of Clubs that are able to hold speed hill-climbs is a small one, and among the favoured few is the Scottish Sporting Car Club. On June 23rd a well-organised event was run off on the Kinneil estate, before an attendance estimated at 5,000. Out of the varied entry of 55 competitors, fastest time was made by A. K. B. Clarkson (Ford V8)

and the first six cars failed to cover the 20 yards in the required 8 seconds, competition tyres being barred ; but the rest of the entry were more skilful, and I M. Service (” 105 “) put up the excellent time of 61 seconds.

Crowell was the next objective, and a driving and reversing test was marked out on the three arms of the cross-roads at the foot of .it. In spite of over-night rain the surface of the hill itself was in good condition, and there were only four failures.

The trial concluded with a ‘timed test on Kop Hill, and a braking test on Whyteleafe. Competitors then checked in at the Howard Park Hotel, Aston Clinton, and enjoyed a well-earned tea.

After refreshing themselves, coinpetitors and marshals took part in a standing quarter-mile speed test over a course arranged on one of the drives of the hotel. Fastest time was made by Gunnar Poppe in a special ” 105,” which he drove at Whelsley Walsh. His time was 18.4 seconds.

with a time of 361 secs. The hill was fairly straight, but the surface was on the rough side, and called for careful use of the throttle.

RESULTS. T. 42.4 secs.

1,100 c.c.—Mrs. T. M. Forrest (Singer), 42.4 secs. 1,600 c.c.—A. N. D. Aitkman Smith (Bugatti), 391 secs.

3.000 c.c.—W. A. Scott Brown (Alvis), 423 secs. Over 3,000 e.e.—A. K. B. Clarkson (Ford V8), 361 secs.

Any capacity.—A. K. B. Clarkson (Ford V8), 361 sees.


The £100 Trial held on June 24th attracted an entry of 54, including members of the Singer, M.G., Lancs. and Cheshire, and Junior Car Club. After leaving Birkenhead at midnight a long and rather difficult night-section had to be traversed, with the result that drivers were not quite at their best when they came to tackle such hills as Alt-y-bady, Arthog and Bwlch-y-Groes in the morning. The standard of ” enduranfe ” was high, however, and by lunch-time only two cars had fallen by the wayside—in R. H.

Gregory’s case, into a ditch ! The weary competitors finally arrived at Hooton Aerodrome after driving continuously for 18 hours, but here came the most tricky part of the route, the driving skill tests. A zig-zag course was marked out with barrels and hurdles, and the cars were timed from start to finish. The average of each class was taken, and the placings were made accordingly.


1st Prize.—J. A. 13astock (M.G. J2).

2nd Prize.—R. 0. Cotton (Singer Nine).

3rd Prize.—W. J. B. Richardson (Singer Nine).

“The Liverpool Daily Post and Echo” Special Prin.—J. A. Tomlin (M.G. ” P “).


Follow-my-leader trials are becoming increasingly popular with clubs owing to the simple organization necessary, and the Kentish Border Club held a most successful event of this type on July 1st. Altogether the course included five hills and two special tests, and after a most enjoyable afternoon’s sport the competitors arrived at the Larkfield Road House. When tea was finished the results were announced, as follow :—

1. S. L. Cheppel (Singer Nine).

2. W. J. Cope (M.G. Midget).

3. K. F. Roe (M.G. Magnetie).

The Hon, Secretary of the Club, by the way, is Mr. K. R. W. Shackel, 61, Eltha,m Road, Lee, London, S.E. 12.

SINGER M.G. The annual was held

The annual general meeting was held last month, when the following appointments were made : President, Mr. W. E. Bullock, sen. ; Secretary, Mr. Raymond Gough, whose address is The Singer Motor Club, Coventry. The annual subscription has now been increased to 25s.


On July 8th a timed test trial was held, starting and finishing at Hatfield Aerodrome. When the results -were finally worked out it was found that the winner was R. J. Harker (M.G. Magna), who lost 3.75 marks, followed by H. A. Tack (M.G. Magna), 5 marks, H. D. Freeman (M.G. Midget ” P ” type) and E. C. Grist (M.G. Midget ” P ” type), 6 marks each. The trial was concluded with an amusing gymkhana.


It has been suggested that a 2-day Rally and Trial should be held in September, the dates mentioned being the 29th and 30th. Two starting points would be used, London and Cheltenham, converging on Buxton. Here, on the Sunday, the trial would be held in the surrounding district. The whole event is contingent on sufficient support being received, and all those interested should immediately get in touch with the Hon.

Secretary, Mr. C. H. Lawford, 6. The Crossways, Wembley Park, Middlesex.


The First Chiltern Trial was held on Saturday, June 23rd, and attracted 34 entries. Of this total, 28 cars actually came to the starting line at the King’s Head Hotel, Little Marlow. The usual series of Chiltern test hills was followed, High Ruse, Shillingridge Wood, Fawley, Maiden’s Grove, Lewknor, Crowell and Calloway. Some indication of the effect that dry or wet weather can have on these hills can be judged by the fact that only three involuntary halts were recorded throughout the whole trial. These were Miss G. Readle and F. A. Fuller on Calloway, and Mrs. S. H. Richards on Lewknor. The process of separating the sheep from the goats, however, was carried out by means of frequent special tests, such as a Stop-and-go on High Ruse and Maiden’s Grove, where A. G. Jones and A. H. Oxenford made the best times ; an artificial ” S” bend on Fawley, and a most complicated affair on Lewknor. The trial finished at the Haward Park Hotel, Aston Clinton, where a pleasantly social evening was spent, looking at the club films, dancing and bathing in the

swimming pool. RESULTS.

Chiltern Committee Cup.—A. G. Jones.

But Performances in Each Class—Premier Awards.— B. A. Hill, A. F. R. Payne, G. Rogers, A. J. Borkett, W. P. Rhodes.

Second-Class Awards.—E. L. Claridge, A. H.

Oxenford, A. S. Pearce, 0. M. Hornby, J. Tommie, L. J. McHardy.


The coveted Very Cup was won on Saturday, June 30th, by J. H. Summerfield, driving a supercharged M.G. Magnette. Forty-five cars left the Whittington Inn, Kidderminster, and after a run of 10 minutes arrived at the first observed hill, Baxter’s Monument Hill. The next hill, Abberley, was also easy, and it was not until the driving test at Himley was reached that any serious difficulty was experienced by the majority of competitors. A combination of skilful driving and a well-tuned car was necessary for success, and after some fine performances had been seen it was found that A. H. Langley (Singer 1 flitre) was the fastest in 281 secs., followed by J. H. R. Baker (11-litre Singer), 28i secs., and J. H. Summerfield (M.G. Magnette) and A. B. Langley (Singer Nine) who tied for third place with 29 secs. dead. The trial finished with three observed hills on private ground near Enville COM mon. The first one, Racecourse, was quite easy, but the second hill, Hampton, proved well-nigh insuperable. It is a ” dirt ” hill with a gradient of 1 in 2, and only a car with tremendous acceleration up the approach to it can hope to get up. Actually only one .car made the gradient, Suminerfield’s M.G. Magnette, although R. S. Langford

(Frazer Nash), N. Terry (Frazer Nash) and A. H. Langley (Singer) were all gallant failures.


The Verey Cup (best performance).—J. H. Summerlivid (M.G. Magnette). Watson Gwynne Bowl.—H. M. Avery (Singer Nine). Carless Cup.—R. S. Langford (Frazer Nash). Lady’s Prize.—Mrs. M. M. Riley (M.G. Midget). Team Prize.— J. ll. Barnes, J. R. H. Baker, and

A. H. Langley (Singers 1k-litres).