WHEN the organisers were in the act of congratulating themselves on the success of the Sezanne hill-climb, tragedy stepped in and put an end to their jubilation. Robert Cazaux, the star performer of the event, was allowed to make a climb of honour before the crowd dispersed, and in doing so overturned his Bugatti on a corner. The unfortunate man was thrown heavily on to the road, and was killed in

his hour of triumph. The public did not witness the accident, for no one was allowed to stand near the corner where it occurred.

Robert Cazaux was the head of the Ecurie Cazaux, the remaining partners being Girod, Cesure and Roumani. His racing had been confined to hill-climbs and speed trials, and he always piloted a 2.3litre Bugatti. Here are the winners of the Sizanne billclimb:

Sports 1,100 c.c.—Lagrollire (Salmiion). Sports 1,500 c.o.—Jahan (Salmson).

Sports 2,000 c.c.—Rey (Bugatti).

Racing 1,100 c.c.—Jahan (9alrason). Racing 1,500 c.c.—Lgoz (Bugatti). Racing 2,000 c.c.—A FAvrier (Bugatti), 184 k.p.h

Racing unlimited.—R iiazaux 140.620 k.p.h.