J. Granville Grenfell, of Brooklands Track, has evolved a very interesting form of supercharger, the drive of which incorporates no gearing of any kind. The first instrument is nearly complete, and will be applied to a racing Lagonda Rapier which Granville Grenfell recently fitted with special body and a modified cylinder-head. Another experimental

job on which he is working is a Morgan fitted with two water-cooled • 600 c. c. Scott Squirrel engines, which turn in opposite directions and drive the cardenshaft through a series of chain-drives. These engines weigh less than the V-twin unit they replace, have eight-cylinder torque, and develop about 30 b.h.p. more, SO that a road-speed of about 100 m.p.h. is anticipated.

Subsequently, they will probably be supercharged. Granville Grenfell has also evolved a special two-wheel trailer for a client, the 45 h.p. Renault axle of which is Said tb possess brake-gear capable of arresting the whole outfit without any assistance

from the car’s brakes. The tow-bar incorporates .Morris, Lancia and D. H. ” Moth ” bits and pieces.