Anzani engine, s.v., one rod and piston missing, cheap Austin Seven, Zenith vertical carburetter, cylinder head gasket, new swivel pin bushes, 2 pair anti-roll springs 11 1928, open 4-seater, good hood and side screens, less radiator, dynamo and timing gear case cracked *1 1933 engine, just rebored, new pistons, crankshaft, bearing, clutch plate, also new bearing in gearbox. New valves and double springs Ulster chassis and body, Luvax shock-absorbers, less radiator 11 Brooldands engine, less inlet and exhaust manifolds. Needs new rings. New main bearings 19 Ex. blown engine, less blower and manifolds Broken crankshaft. Would sell separately 1/ genuine works engine with Marshall super charger, and racing Scintilla magneto Also complete with Almack aluminium racing wheels and standard wheels 11 Austin Set of four aluminium mudguards Axles, front and rear for Riley Nine A.C. Six cylinder head (approx. 1024) camshaft and crankshaft Back Axle for 8.0 h.p. Amilcar G.P., complete with hubs, shafts, crown wheel and pinion, torque tube, prop. shaft, etc., dropped front axle beam Bluemel telescopic steering wheel (unused). Several clockwise Bosch dynamos with distributor (4-cyl.) unused. Back axle (complete with shafts, brakes, and drum() Body, Charlesworth two-seater, for L type Magna 1933, (long wings and big headlamps) Four road wheels (knock on 21 x 4.50) Camshafts and boxes, from Breacia Bugatti Racing camshaft for s.v. Anuud and parts to convert timing from chain to gear drive Carburetter, Wingfield racing set, with 2 Wingfield carburetters, mounted on a special twin induction manifold. Fits any 1034 to 1936 V8 30 h.p. Ford, without altera tion downdraught, suit Austin Seven Zenith triple diffused horizontal, 36 mm. bore Model 36 H.K. Horizontal Flange 2 /a”‘ between centre of bolt holes Right-hand float chamber (Two) Zenith N type Horizontal 36 mm. top feed float chambers 26mm. H.Z. Zenith 26 mm. triple diffused R.A.G. suit Riley Nine

R.A.G. Zenith S.U. complete (three) Solex (New) racing 36 mm. Maul, with large assortment of spare Jets and chokes Two Amal, off awing Austin Chassis, Austin, complete new crown wheel and pinion, new king pins and bushes, front and rear springs flattened Cylinder head with rocker gear for Riley Nine Crankshaft, rear half of a two-piece Laystall, size of journals li” Cylinder Read” M” type M.G., with valves, valve

gear and camshaft. Dewardre, one vacuum cylinder. Recently used for assisting braking on a heavy 12 h.p. car, with operating rods and “trigger and motor” levers on a short crossshaft in solid bearings, also half copper pipe line to manifold Duogauge Cartherns (oil pressure) thermometer Dynamo, 6 v., starter and battery Pe 11 71 11 19 IP 91 11 It OP Engine : A.B.C. sports 1926, flat 1 Will, with iallowes magneto, twin Zenith carburettN and flywheel, clutch, need new Lag-end Would sell separately Austin, 1927, engine and gearbox, without magneto and dynamo 1,500 c.c. s.v. Anzanl, complete with magneto, dynamo, and starting motor, over hauled and in very good condition Cylinder liners are fitted Austin 7, 1930, less carburetter & manifold Rebored., valve seats recut, new pistons, clutch timing, main bearings, crankshaft reground, new starter ring, big-ends

remetalled . . . …… 16 h.p. A.C. engine, good general condition Overhauled, complete Scintilla magneto, clutch. Never run since overhaul Riley 12 lap. s.v. engine. Ricardo head— new valves and all bearings —dynamically balanced crankshaft, high lift camshaft. New oil pump, complete with magneto, dynamo and starter, all in excellent con dition Ford wheels, two, with new tyres 18 x 6.00, retread, „ 1936/37 10 h.p. 2 only, 600 x 16 Dunlop Comp tyres and tubes used once only „ 2 only 600x 16 Firestone covers, used once only 2 only 600 x 16 Silver enamelled wheels 1 only, standard size Firestone cover and tube 1 only, standard size, silver enamelled wheel 1 rear seat swab, red leather, never used Several cylinder blocks for various types of Anzani s.v. engine Frazer-Nash Wheels. Differential, complete with

pinion, steering box and wheel. Front axle and assembly (brakes, etc.). Prop. shaft. Crankshaft (reground). Clutch (complete) Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. standard pattern steering wheel, good condition Gearbox, M.O. Midget, 3-speed, with Derrington remote control G.N.roller bearing o.h.v. engine, H.C. pistons Bosch magneto transmission complete, and back axle parts, cylinder barrels, heads, con-rods, timing ease and cover. Gauge, 14″ dial blower twin cylinder o .h.v. push-rod engine Front axle, steering box, wheels, countershafta, radius rods and sprockets „ engine, special ” Akela ” type. 1.100 c.c., IT-Twin. twin shaft drive 0.11.0, M.L. magnetos. Engine perfect. All complete with engine bearers and Brooklands exhaust system

Headlamps one pair” Autoroche” chromium-plated, Modified to take British type bulbs… Lagonda 3-litre, all spares Lamps, Zeiss, headlamps, two,excellent comiltion,8″ pair large chromium plated headlamps, Lucas with twin electric dippers Lucas P100 headlamps, single reversed bulb type Chromium and reflectors in good condition „ 12 V. Altette horn „ F.T. 57 Passlite (chromium) „ ST 38a chromium stop tail lamp MG. 1.2 brakes and cables, the set „ 1933 radiator and gearbox Marks steering gear complete, wheel, needs two hemispheres Set bottom timing wheels Set (four) front hub bearings, new 1/ 5,1 11 PI 17 17 77 If 71 11 /P 11 M.G. 3.2. Rear main flange SRI 11 Set Aerolite pistons 410 Sal It 3 only Aerolite pistons a 208/11 „ (Two) con rods (floating gudgeons) Sat P. flywheel (lightened) as new M.G. Parts (Magnette). Rear wheel bearings, axle shafts, Bluemel’s spring steering wheel (Marks column) set of con-rods, bearings and pistons (F. type Magna), brake drums, shoes and valve cover for F type, rear Hartford shockers, 12v. pressure pump, combined M.G . switch panel, ammeter and oil gauge, complete clutch and gearbox, with remote control for F type two fuse boxes and cut outs, Budge hubs and hub caps M.G. P. Type 1934/5 Outside radiator honeycomb grill. Rudge 42 mm. N/S hub-cap, eight-day dash clock and vignette. Ashby ” Derrington ” flare-screen, Derringtons grab rail and screws. Radiator filler cap. Petrol tank cap, oil gauge, Aluminium fishtail, four K. L.G.s (831 It) „ pair of wings „ P Type cylinder-head ( new) Morgan rear wheel, sprockets, two-speed bevel box, chains, propeller shaft bevel shaft, specially made in high tensile steel, almost guaranteed not to bend. Fit model about 1927 4/4 1936/37. Two Dunlop sports competition tyres, 5.25x 16, E.L.P. two-seater zip tonneau cover and fixings, green Morris Mg engine, rebored, all new bearings new valves Morris Minor front axle Morris Minor, 1933, S.V. practically all parts In cluding 3-speed gearbox New Zenith horizontal carburetter for 12 h.p Norton motor-cycle, 1028 model 18, one new racing Hoffmann big end assembly complete, two used racing earns, one pair used racing roller cam—followers Pistons, two new H.C. alloy Radiator, Morris beehive Rev. Counter, New 5″ Rolls-Bentley with 15-jewel 8-day clock Rotex 8 in. din. headlamps, chrome rimmed and fitted with chromium plated stone guards Both lamps fitted Solenoid dippers Saloon, Arrol Aster six-cylinder coachbulit 1029, or parts Salmson 3-speed gearbox 17 Solid back axle OP Front axle Transmission Flywheel Cylinder head 79 Wheels 19 Steering Sump 99 Twin overhead camshaft 11 steering and universal, also reverse pinion Seat covers and cushions Silencer, Brooklands, large, suitable Bentley, unused Six volt starter with Rendix pinion, for li-litre engine 17 19 Screen, two panel, safety glass, with frame. Supercharger, Powerphis No. 7 with horizontal tarburet ter Singer 44 kniOr ” tourer, good condition. No bark axle. Chassis suitable for a ” special ” Speedometer, Smith’s A type Spotlight, new Stadium with mirror Springs, special flattened rear, for Austin Spring Steering Wheel, Ashby, as new, from 1934 Le Mans Aston-Martin Ashby, as new, from Railton 1934, Series II Standard Big 9 1929 engine, clutch and gearbox, absolutely complete, but sump is damaged Steering Gear, less wheel Sunbeam 3-litre crankshaft, cylinder-block, pistons eon-rods, camshafts, carburetter, mag neto and starter Supercharger, Marshall new, complete with all fittings, suitable for Ford Bight or Ten Supercharger, Cozette No. 7 and fittings from hyper sports Lea-Francis Murray Jamieson, off works s.v. racing Austin, only been used for a few short races and sprints. Will blow up to 12 lb. pressure Centric supercharger and fittings for Ford Ten Marshall, complete with fittings for Ford Bight or Ten. Only run 4,000 miles Centric, from standard Austin Seven, complete with cylinder head bracket, makeshift induction pipe and self starting Solo( carburetter, also 3 different diameters of blower pulleys, and one gallon oil tank for dashboard fitting and fittings from 1935 PA type M.G Midget, 2,000 miles only Talbot” 65 “4/5 seater, 2-door saloon. Spare parts available. Five wheels, chassis frame, front axle, back axle, set of springs, petrol tank, steering column, steering wheel, body and wings, dashboard, bonnet, set of lamps Tyre. new, for Renault (13 x 45) Tyres, competition, Invicta tread, used once on Lancia Lambda, 780 x 150 30/98 Vauxhall, o.h.v. model, parts available Wheels, racing, one set, 42 mm 2 from M type M.G. 29-32 set of five, 8.20x 120, complete with tyres and tubes, If PP Pt PP Pt Wheels, enamelled red, and free from rust. Hubs will fit any Bentley model Windscreen with triplex for M.G. Midget M. type Wings, pair of cycle


Aluminium cylinder head for S.V. Morris Minor Amilear, 9 h.p. differential (one from the saloon model but not from the sports two seater, except the six-cylinder) Austin, Ulster : Dropped front axle Aero screen Manifold Remote control gear Racing magneto Downdratight carburetter Ulster body, any condition 1928 gearbox, three-speed, extra large wheels for Austin Seven Axle Shafts, special, for an “L ” type M.G. back axle Back Axle, 100 ton for 1932 Frazer-Nash Body, lightweight, suitable for 1932 M.G. Midget „ short 2/4-seater modern touring „ single seater Bugatti, modified Brescia. Cylinder block, valves in good condition, camshaft, with pulley drive for dynamo, oil pump, and 1 or 2 eon-rods. 2 Spicer universals Crankshaft (counter-balanced) for 1932 J.2 M.G Cylinder Barrel (nearside) piston and connecting rod for a 1933 912 c.c. o.h.v. w.c. J.A.P. engine from a 1933 super sports Morgan three-wheeler Chassis, late model Frazer-Nash, complete „ light racing, complete, not over Oft Carburetters, two semi-downdraught, standard, OT 1933, J4, Midget

Set of twin 8.1T. (racing), complete with manifold. Top feed 30 mm.. suitable for Brooklands Riley 9 h. 1,100 c.c.

Cylinder, back block for a G.P. 1924 Sunbeam straight 8, or complete engine .. Engine. Lagonda, 2-litre supercharged Exhaust Pipes, external Fraser-Nash front axle, suitable for Boulogne model, Otani?. d sprockets Outside exhaust manifold and piping for fitting to Meadows engine (three Port) T.T. replica body rear petrol tank, or similar two-seater complete Stub axles, hub and brake gear ft IP S• Gearbox, light, for special chassis „ 14 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley self-change (pre-selector) G.N. Touring, complete Louvred Aluminium bonnet, 2′ 3, rear 2′ 3″, front lir wide Valve Cover for J.2 type Midget O.H.V. O.M. engine, or conversion block etc., from s.v to o.h.v Morgan, 4-wheeler, Morgan conversion ; complete car or conversion parts M.G. set of brakes KG. Midget, C type cylinder head complete with camshaft and vertical drive Fold Flat windscreen for M.G. and Frazer-Nash KG. 1.2 oil and radiator thermometer (dash-board type) and Tapley motor Petrol Pump, 6 volt, windscreen wiper 6 volt electric Seats, bucket type M.G. 1.2. brake handle with ratchet complete Any I Type four-speed gearbox Spring wheels Type 37 1k-litre G.P. block (Bugatti) Gearbox, 4-speed, for a 1930 O.R.C. Morris Minor Generator and battery charger of German make hi aluminium Cylinder head, complete with valves and rockers for a blown Lea-Francis (roller-bearing crankshaft) 6-volt Battery, for motor cycle (Bride) for car (Bride) Boyd-Carpenter body, any condition Brooklands Riley Engine „ Series „ with high lilt cams and two carburetters Spare Wheel for a 9.50x 19 tyre, Frazer-Nash Sturmey-Areher gearbox for Dunelt 250 c.c Instruction Book for M.G. Midget, 1930 Two twin port Meadows, 12 h.p. heads Four con-rods steel, suitable for Meadows engine, Crown wheel and pinion. 10x 47 Wire Wheels, 16. 6.00 for Ford V8 Salmson. One hub puller and one cable adapter as used on the front end of the rear brake cables to attach to the levers on the foot brake camshaft. Suitable for a 1923 9.6 h.p. Salmson Rev.-counter, for Type ” C ” M.G. Midget and drive and water thermometer (dash board type) for an M.G. Type ” N ” Magnette St