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27, CARBURTON STREET London, W. I. EUSTON 4793 First turning on left from Great Portland Street Met. Station NO CONNECTION with any OTHER FIRM i0 ‘„ Discount to ” Motor Sport “

Readers. Send adv•rt, with order, please _ We hold the largest stocks of leather clothing in London COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF Actual Manufacturers S. LEWIS’S CARBURTON CRASH HELMETS ARE LIFE SAVERS

Mr. J. P. Wakefield saved his life by using one of our helmets when he crashed at Cork, also Mr. H. T. Clayton was wearing one at Brooklands on Easter Monday. The finest Crash Helmets on the market. Insist on a Carburton Helmet, these can be purchased through any dealer or direct from us. Crash Helmets, special lightweight, with peak, any colour . . . 32/6 Super quality—leather covered in white, black, blue or green and red … . 42/Crash helmet, special line, painted any

colour … … 24/Discounts to all racing drivers. Any of these can be specially made to your

own requirements, no extra cost. Why pay high prices when you can buy direct from the manufacturers? RACING VISORS Racing visors to be worn with crash helmet

Large size … Medium size … Visors for sports-cars 74, 8 87:66 RACING SUITS Best quality white drill racing suits, unshrinkable material, zip front, button ankles and cuffs .. 27/6 Best quality white drill suits, zip front, zip sleeves, legs, side split through pockets 30/ White racing suits, lightweight material 22/6, 18/6 Unbleached racing suits, zip front… … 18)6 Special line, white suits, button front, lightweight material . . … 12/6 Racing suits made to order in Oxford and Cambridge blue, black, and green, zip front … … … … … … 27/6 Racing suit in Grenfell, colours, black, white, green, red, navy, maroon, Bugatti blue, Cambridge blue, Oxford blue, zip front, sleeves, legs and pockets 65/ Racing trousers in white, zip front .. 14/6 RACING GOGGLES, Perfect Fitting Genuine Government goggles as used by the Air Force. Perfect vision, curved eye pieces, special ventilation … … 30/High speed goggles, large rubber cups, curved safety lenses, adjustable nose … 29/6 High speed goggles, adjustable air slide, large vision lenses, Triplex glass … 27/6 High speed goggles, rubber cups, special lightweight model, adjustable nose, Triplex glass . . . . . . . 21/ Do, in ordinary safety glass . . … 18/6 Special large rubber cup goggles, to go over glasses, Triplex lenses … .. 10/6 Do. special featherweight, to go over glasses, Triplex lenses 8/6 Triplex Model C.2 . . Ill Triplex Model C.3 .. .. 10/6 Goggles, pear shape, Triplex lenses 7/6 Luxor goggles, No. 1 … … .. 40/ Luxor goggles, No. 6, curved lenses 85/ Luxor goggles, No. 6, Meyflex lenses 45/

Luxor goggles, No. 10, Triplex lenses . . 42/Any goggles made to prescription to order at special prices. SPORTS CAR USERS Oilskin slickers, full cut … … 22/6, 19/6 Rubber ponchos, zip front .. . . … 37/6 Rubber ponchos, rubber neck … 39/6 Black or fawn twill coats, will wear for Gabardine slip-on raincoats, super quality 37/6, 35) Do. . . . . 111/44 21/ WATERPROOF SLEEVES Made from black rubber, zip under arm, Raglan shape Do. ordinary shape, white rubber or black 4/Grenfell gref. jackets in all colours, single texture Double texture LEATHER COATS Leather coats, double breasted, black or

tan .. . 65/-, 75;-, 85/Leather flying coats, large wrap over 95/-, 105/. Bucklefast pattern . 85/-, 95/-, RACING GLOVES Racing gloves, nett back, super quality, pr. 8/6 Racing gloves, chamois palms, . 3/9 Racing gloves, all leather, very reliable, pr. 5/Racing shoes, canvas uppers, strong soles, all sizes . . 1/9 LADIES MOTORING HELMETS Ladies’ wear, our perfect fitting motoring helmets, made from Grenfell cloth in Bugatti blue, Cambridge blue, green, red, black, cream and navy . . 10/ Also in white drill . … 7/6 GENTS MOTORING HELMETS In Grenfell cloth, any colour 10/ In white drill, perfect fitting . 7/6 SPECIAL FOR HORSE RIDING Made to Measurements

Ladies Jodpurs … 18)6, 27/6, 30/ Ladies riding breeches 14/6, 16/6, 20/-, 23/ Gents riding breeches 14/6, 17/6, 22/6, 25/ Riding boots, ladies or gents 29/6, 35/-, 37/6

Made to measurements 4/extra. You can be sure of a Good Honest Deal at S. Lewis’s

All our goods are of the highest quality. We can supply anything in the leather clothing line.

Nothing is too great or too small. Manufacturers of all types of flying equipment. S. LEWIS’S 27 CARBURTON ST., LONDON, W.1 EUSTON 4793