ONLY a few days before the 11th J.C.C. Members’ Day at Brooklands Track, we were looking through the scrap book of a great enthusiast, who used to figure prominently in these and similar events some eight to a dozen years ago-when the road up under the tunnel and the Test Hill, taken as a descent, used to be the course for the J.C.C. High Speed Trial. There is no question but that amateurs had all the fun they wanted in those times and the entry was notably large and delightfully varied. Nowadays things are rather changed, and on July 8th the J.C.C. only found it necessary to run one One Hour Trial, having an entry of thirty-four cars. Nevertheless, this is still a most entertaining event, and the course, with its chicane in the finishing straight and the bend at the Fork, coupled with set minimum averages ranging from 60 m.p.h. for 850 c.c. cars to 72 m.p.h. for blown cars over 3-litres, if Special awards were to be won, calls for good all-round car-qualities. As the flag fell at 12 noon, Pane’s B.M.W. led Gerard’s Riley and Thomas’s B.M.W., of the first group, into the bend, and Bagralouni’s Alfa-Romeo headed Firth’s S.S. and Miss Wilby’s V12 Atalanta. Lusty (Riley) did a rather naughty bit of passing outside Smith’s B.M.W. in the corner, and Smith tended to slide. The closed Vl 2 Lagonda was passed by Watson’s 44-litre T.T. Lagonda on lap one, and Blackford’s 4-litre Essex saloon and Gaze’s big Hudson

saloon brought up the rear. On lap 2 Mann, in vivid cricket cap, found that over-dicing does not pay and his blown M.G. slid round in the S bend and faced the barrier. We now had time to take stock of the strung-out field. Sutherland and his passenger, in the streamlined 2-litre Aston-Martin, favoured crash hats, the Atalanta cornered most stably, Pane’s B.M.W. had a beautifully crisp exhaust note, Ian Mathieson’s Lagonda V12 showed supple suspension and some oil-haze, the cheery Watson (W.J.) handled a new 12/70 Alvis tourer,. Blackford’s Essex experienced immense brake judder and roll, but held Firth’s S.S. through the bend. Later he was flagged-in and stopped very promptly to be told he was driving too fast for a Brooklands event. As one wag observed, it was a great pity the J.C.C. should stop such a patriotic drive, for this was a great display of the comparative urnstability of the American automobile. Seriously, we never saw Blackford broadside or inconvenience another competitor and when Smith’s B.M.W. locked a wheel on lap 5 and spun round in the corner, Blackford went behind the stationary B.M.W. and stopped before the flags, whereas Miss McOstrich, and Barker’s Riley ” Gamecock ” were almost involved, and Miss Wilby had to sound her horn to ensure that Smith did not restart in her path. After all, Blackford had entertd for a motor-racing event, but from an official’s conversation we gather they thought of flagging in the Hudson

as well. Retirements were fewer than usual, but before half-time Cleland’s old Ford V8 was out, by the Fork, and Whitehead’s Alfa-Romeo had finished. Pane’s 328 Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. was going beautifully, entering the Pork bend at a, prodigious speed, and to it went the prize for Best Performance of the Day. Hugh Hunter’s Alfa-Romeo tied for fastest time, both these competitors completing their 20 laps of the 2.0 mile circuit in 38 mins. 10 secs., which was 8 ruins. 40 sees. better than the required average for a Special Award in Pane’s case, and 5 mins. 20 secs. up on Special Award schedule in the ease of Hunter. The V12 Lagonda finished behind its 63 m.p.h. schedule. The afternoon was devoted to one and two-lap outer Circuit handicap races. The winners were :-Cleland (Ford V8), Doyle (Aston-Martin), Dunham (Rover Ten saloon), Miss Wilby (Atalanta), Potheringham-Parker (Lancia Lambda), Gregory (Bentley), Hunter (Alfa-Romeo), Blackford (Essex), Hunter (Alfa-Romeo), Mann (S.S.), and again Hunter’s AlfaRomeo. Hunter actually won the 2-lap final at 108.63 m.p.h., doing his standing lap at 104.41 m.p.h. and his flying lap at 111.67 m.p.b. The One-Lap Final was won by Mann’s S.S. at 85.57 m.p.h., and Gregory’s remarkable 64–litre Bentley saloon won its race at 83.0 m.p.h. On initial acceleration from the line we observed the L.N. Special to beat the V12 Atalanta, Gregory to beat Hughes’s open 64-litre Bentley, and KnightsWhittome’s Arnott-blown Riley Nine saloon to vanquish a worthy rival. A blown A.C. Six beat a Frazer-Nash, and Firth’s S.S. led Wood’s S.S. and the V12 bagonda. In one race Appleton borrowed Hunter’s

B.M.W. as Hunter was handling his extremely successful Alfa-Romeo, and in another race Place’s S.S. broke its axle on the line. The meeting concluded with timed rims up the Test Hill, best time going to Cyril NIann’s S.S. in 9.2 secs.. Perhaps Silcock’s smart Allard Special made the highest jump at the top, but it was

skilfully held, the driver displaying the usual Silcock-smile.


High Speed Trial (best performance) : A. F. P. Fame ( , 97 I C.l. . razer-Nash-B.M.W.), t me 38m. 10s.

Highest Speed : II. C. Hunter (2,005 c.c. AlfaRome) 5)„ time 38to. 10s.

Special Awards : Miss P. McOstrich (1,406 c.c Frazer-Nash): N. H. Mann (M.G. ti) ; F. R. Gerard (1,496 c.v. Riley); W. J. Watson (1,842 c.c. Alvis); R.. 0. Sutherland (1,950 c.c. Aston-Martin) ; A. F. P. Fame (1,971 e.e. Fratzer-Nash-11.M.W.); E. N. Smith (1,971 v.v. 1’razer-Nash-1.141.W.) ; E. M.

Thomas ( 1,971 e.e. Frazer-Nash-B. M ; G. Bagratouni (2,600 c.c. Alfa-Ronteo 13) ; H. C. Hunter (2,905 c.c. Alfa-Romeo 8) ; M. W. B. May (Alvis); H. It Place (2,664 c.c. SS) ; Miss M, Wilby (4,279 c.c. Atalanta); A. P. Watson (Lagonda) ; J. R. 1. esti. 8( :.3), .022 e.e. L.N. Special); J. 1). Firth (3,485

Standard Awards : J. H. Baker (Riley); • C. A. Hempson (Aston-Martin) ; M. J. H. Major (FrazerNash-B.M.W.) ; C. F. .Pope (1,767 c.c. Triumph).

No Award : Ian Mathieson (4,480 c.c. Lagonda).

First One-Lap Handicap.-Heat A : 1, J. Cleland (3,622 e.e. hard), 74.89 m.p.h. ; 2, Miss M. Wilby 3, J. 1).

Heat B : I, P. C. H. Doyle (1,495 e.e. AstonMart in), 68.41 m.p.h. ‘ 2, C. W. P. Hampton (1,497 c.c. Mercedes-Benz S); 3, R. Latimer (3,022 e..c. Ford). Heat C • C. G. H. Dunham (2,147 c.c. Rover),

67.65 ; 2, C. Mann (3.485 c.c. SS) ; 3, W. H. Lane (2,0(14 c.c. SS).

First Two-Lap Handicap.-Heat A: 1, Miss M. Wilby 84.99 m.p.h.; 2, W. .1. Watson ; 3, B. A. Blackford (3,990 c.c Essex).

Heat B : 1, J. Fotheringham Parker (2,569 o.c. Lancia), 75.46 m.p.h.: 2, W. H. Lane; 3, H. 0. Hunter (t,071 c.c. Frazer-Nash-B.M.11‘.).

Second One-Lap Handicap.-Heat A: 1, R.. 1). Gregory (6,597 c.c. Bentley), 83.00 m.p.h.; 2, J. I). Firth ; 3, C. W. P. Hampton.

Heat B : 1, H. J. Hunter (2,905 c.c. Alfa-Romeo 8), 95.78 m.p.h.•’ 2, C. P. Melly (1,496 c.c. Riley) ; 3, G. Murray Symons (1,292 c.c. M.G. 13).

Second Two-Lap Handicap.-Heat A: 1, B. A. Blackford 73.67 m.p.h.; 2, R. G. Sutherland ; 3, G. Bagratouni.

Heat B :1, H. C. Hunter (2.905 e.e. Alfa-Romeo 8), 104.41 m.p.h. ; 2, G. Murray Symons; 8, C. Mann.

One-Lap Handicap Final: 1, C. Mann, 85.57 m.p.h.; 2, II. C. Hunter (2,906 c.c. Alfa-Romeo 8); 3, G. Murray Symons ; 4, C. G. H. Dunham. Two-Lap Handicap Final : 1, H. C. Hunter (2,905 c.c. Alfa-Romeo S), 108.63 m.p.h.; 2, C. Mann ; 8, Miss M, Wilby ; 4, Cl. Murray Syknons,

Test Hill Sweepstake.-Tonring Cars : 1, (tie) B. A. Blackford and R. Latimer, 101s.

Sports-Cars: 1, (t1c), J. Cleland and J. R. Lines, 9-/s. ; 3, 11. Burton (2,070 e.c. Talbot), His.

Super Sports : 1, C. Mann, 9fs.; 2, H. C. Hunter (1,971 e.e. Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.), 91s. : 3, D. G. Slim& (4,378 c.c. Allard Special), 9s.