Ireland has given us some excellent road races in which ordinary owners have had a particularly good opportunity of doing well and enjoying life, but this year these races have unfortunately failed to happen.

However, the Leinster Trophy race was an exception. It attracted twenty-two starters, but only eight finished. The race was run on handicap over the Tallaght circuit. For a long time B.H. Talbot’s 2-litre Aston-Martin ran well ahead of handicap, but Robb (Alvis) took the lead on 15. Robb experienced loss engine tune, but the Aston-Martin also had a pit visit and lost speed. The AstonMartin picked up again towards the end, but finally it retired some 5 miles from the finish, after closing on the Alvis to the extent of 26 secs. in one lap. The

Alvis won at 64.16 m.p.h. It had a 1260 1927 Alvis engine in the Sullivan Special frame and used a Wilson box. Welch’s M.G. was second at 60.75 m.p.h. and Le Fanu’s Meadows-engined L.E.R.A was third, at 63.78 m.p.h. Fourth was David Yule’s well known, supercharged, Morris Eight-engined C.M.Y., which averaged 64.16 m.p.h., fifth, Macarthur’s ex.-E. R. Hall M.G. Magnette (70.37 m.p.h.), sixth D. C. Leechman (Ford Eight, 57.2 m.p.h.), seventh McCrea (Ulster Aston-Martin) and eighth” Hare” (Morgan 4/4). Campbell’s 11-litre Aston-Martin and McQuillan’s V8 Special were flagged in. The best lap was at 75.53 m.p.h., by Talbot’s Aston-Martin. McClure (S.S. crashed on lap one and

O’Kane (M.G.) on lap two. Stanley Woods’s Morgan 4/4 was the first to exceed handicap schedule, but he retired with engine trouble.